Commons finally turns traitor..

Much like our signing of Earnshaw, it’s taken a while, but the seemingly inevitable defection to Derby County by Kris Commons was formalised today, as he took his thirty pieces of silver and signed a three year contract with the newly crowned worst Premier League team ever.

He makes up the sixth signing for them, which is quick work from Paul ‘sex pest’ Jewell after his well publicised desire to rebuild his side from scratch after last year’s shameful showing.  It’s interesting his targets seem to be players who’ve plied their trade in League One and below for most of their careers; hopefully Commons can follow in an illustrious line of players who’ve left us for them on not really gone on to greater things.

Now, on to Commons.  I am naturally disappointed that a self-confessed supposed Forest fan could ‘do the dirty’ on us.  Clearly he wanted out, since he didn’t even stick around to listen to what Forest might offer him, and equally Smoulds was quite quick to release him too; methinks there is more to that particular relationship than simply a desire to get paid more.  Although I’m sure that helped.  Residual bitterness about frequent appearances from the bench perhaps contributed to make him want to move on.

Make no bones about it though, on his day Commons is a cracking player; anyone who needs reminding then take a look at the first half of the Forest v Yeovil game on your DVD (if you got one before they sold out!) to remind yourself of what he’s like at his best.  Not only did he snag a great goal, he tackled back, he passed well, and he was the epitome of team player.  He worked hard, he – like the rest of the team – was clearly desperate to register a win for the Reds.

Now try to count how many times you’ve seen a performance like that from him; there lies the consolation.  For all his talents, Kris is a very inconsistent performer.  Whether that be due to managerial motivation or just his natural state, I’m unsure, but he’s played under a number of managers for the Reds, and of course at Stoke, whose fans gave us similar feedback upon us signing him.  On his day he’s a devastating, match-changing talent.  Most of the time he’s a frustrating, ball greedy so and so – or he’s injured, of course.

So I can, hand on heart, say that whilst I would have like to have kept him on, I don’t believe he is worth the kind of wages that are being bandied about that Derby have supposedly offered him.  If he decided to follow the pound signs, then I would have wished him well had he chosen any club other than Derby County.  If he hadn’t hammed up his supposed love of Forest in the past, it would be easier to swallow, but those words just seem so hollow and pathetic now.

Not that I really believe a footballer can ever really be a fan in the true sense; it’s too much of a conflict of interests.  The problem is is when players make such claims, many regular fans will latch onto these comments and assume it means the same as it does to us.  It really doesn’t.  In Commons’ case though, I can’t believe he couldn’t have secured a similar move elsewhere if he really wanted away, in which case I would have wished him well… as it is, clearly I hope he rots!

Even before the fixture list is out I might nip down to Ladbroke’s and see if they will offer me odds on him being unavailable for the fixtures next season against Forest through either injury or a strategic suspension.  What with Earnie moving the other way, it will certainly add much more barely-needed spice to the eagerly anticipated reacquaintance with our dearest of neighbours.