Earnie signing finally confirmed..

All those folks who’ve been insisting ‘it’s a done deal’ can feel smug, because Forest have finally confirmed that they’ve completed the capture of Robert Earnshaw from Derby County, for a fee of £2.6m.  The Welsh striker has signed a three year contract after completing the formalities of his medical etc yesterday, before having an amusing picture with Nigel Doughty being taken.

So, the song wasn’t premature afterall, and I’m thrilled we’ve signed him – regardless of whispers of him liking a drink or two, Smoulds has been pretty careful at not upsetting the balance of the squad in the past, so I’m sure he will have done some checking on this front, Earnie is a proven prolific striker at this level, exactly the kind of player we need.  It’s also reassuring to red Nigel Doughty stating the aim is to bring in 2-3 more signings.

So well done Forest, and welcome on board Robert – I’m very pleased and pretty excited by this news!

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  1. 2.65m is a lot for a new right back, isn’t it 😉

    Only kidding. Welcome Earnie, you are exactly what we need as we progress to a division where pace is all important. Good luck for the season ahead and lets hope you bag a shed load.

  2. Fantastic news. Who will be his strike partner?

  3. I thought the photo with Doughty was a promo for the new series of Diff’rent Strokes…

    We can but dream…..

  4. Now NFFC has put up the article!! (I broke the news 15 mins earlier!!) I can post a proper comment. Earnie (as you have been christened) welcome to the City Ground. We Trickies hope & wish you the best. You’re a proven goal scorer (which accounts for nothing – yet!) who has a point to prove.

    You have at your disposal a number of strike partners (should CC choose 2) to work with (Tyson, Agogo, Holt???), a great lot of youth who got experience (McGughan, Clingan, Thornhill), a Welsh team mate (Davies) & a mixture of other internationals – Agogo,Clingan & Davies again).

    We also have a tough reserve team full of upcomming kids who have kicked old masters (- Lennon) out of the club.

    So, welcome & hope you live upto expectations.

  5. I can’t believe you used the picture above NFFC. instead of the one with Doughty.
    Is Doughty some sort of giant or is Earnie Alan Wright mark 2?

    The sheep are promising to reveal signing no.6 for them on Monday. What are the odds it is some fat bloke from north Notts?

  6. I’ve heard that Agogo is in advanced talks with Zamalek (a side from their “Top Flight” league). I’m sure Earnie will more than fill the gap left by him even given his diminutive size 🙂

  7. I am concerned it took so long to sign him, was he waiting for better offers ? did we have to up our bid to keep others away? he should be good for us though playing along side tyson. I just hope his heart is in it and he really wants to be here.

  8. At last it is done. Indeed I can sleep a little easier now. I think he will be o.k. personally. He will need time to settle down, particularly after the topsy turvy season he had last year. I’m sure his eye is not “in” as they say and will need some game time to get going again. He will finish, the only concern I have is will be actually give him the ball. Service, though much better last season is still not Man Utd esk. I hope we can bring in a midfielder/winger with some magic. Whittingham they talk about though I read he loses concentration towards the end of games and doesn’t defend well. Matt Oakley, steady but nothing special and David Bell who it looks like we will have to fight a lot for and now doubt he has better offers esle where. Also the Liverpool guy, that has gone quite but I personally think if we get him in, we have a bit of what Kris Commons will leave behind. Also a right back. Is it me or are the powers that be not watchting the same games. We neeeeeeedddddddd a right back!!!!!!!

  9. Well, he has a good reputation, so I hoep it will be alright. I just can’t help wondering about buying a striker that can’t get into a side that only scored 20-odd goals all season. CC needs the benefit of the doubt in this case. So welcome, Earnie and prove yourself!

    I agree with Pachuca, though – he needs the service. We need to replace Commons, that’s for sure. I wonder how many more millions Doughty has to spend this summer?

  10. Im with Pachuca – we DESPERATELY need a right back!

  11. Davies should be happy with another welshman.I have a feeling Davies is going to have a good season for us. Macleary needs more experience but with more time on the ball could excel. if agogo goes which looks likely we still need a big stiker to partner earnie.Could Holt revive himself???I still think there will be another bid for Best… I can’t wait for the start of the season !!!!!Regards Alan www. freedom.ws/alansand

  12. I think he is a brilliant signing but on the other hand i dont because nearly every club he has played sent down!!

  13. Jury’s out for me on Earnshaw. Everywhere he’s played (bar the sheep) he has got a good goals ratio, so provided his heads right he should do well for us….
    Pachuca, the reason that our service is not Man U esk is simple, we are not Man U! We haven’t got Giggs or Ronaldo on the wings, and though I rate Cohen and Clingan highly they’re hardly Scholes or Hargreaves. In this division however, they’ll do well.
    I do worry about both our full-backs at this level though….

  14. Matty, u brought up a point nicely for me – Clingan is no longer officialy a Red – he’s got no contract & we haven’t heard anything about him signing a new contract & he’s been linked all over…

    OK, CC’s been on his hols (2 Scotland probably) so we wait till Wednesday when he’s back @ “work”.

    SIGN HIM ON WEDNESDAY to end all this uncertainty because if we were to lose him as well, that’s 2 strikes CC…..

  15. Lewin Nyatanga’s agent …. Derby is expected to fly back to the Premier League cough. cough – more like fly straight down to the 1st Division & join Notts County there!!! 😆

    And plays down the kid wants to come to Forest. Yeah right – sounds like another agent meddling for the worst!!!

  16. Despite ian Dowie ,backed by billionaires determined to return to the premier league next year, wanting Clingan ,it reinforces the fact that we have to give him a better deal to keep him so he doesn’t want to join one of our main rivals next season. Keep Him !!!! Alan

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