Poetic justice for Pierre!

It was with no small degree of amusement today that I picked up a copy of the Nottingham Evening Post to find the front page emblazoned with a picture of former Reds striker Pierre van Hooijdonk.  Of course, he needs no introduction – a talented striker and basically a guaranteed goal-from-a-freekick merchant who subsequently had a bit of a tantrum and then went on strike, only to resurface later demanding a loyalty bonus!

To return to the striking situation, I do have some sympathy with Pierre’s reasoning – Forest were basically being asset-stripped by Scholar and his fellow shysters, with Kevin Campbell and Colin Cooper having been sold off (albeit, in Cooper’s case, due to a clause n his contract should Middlesbrough come a knocking), he was rightly pissed off that the squad wasn’t being developed to compete in the coming season.  However, his actions were inexcusable and he’s rightly remembered for being a bit of a bastard by Forest fans.

Well, it transpires that a while back he decided to invest some of his not inconsiderable wages in a Chinese textile company.  Two million pounds is the figure being bandied around in the press; perhaps given the growth in exports from China lately it would seem like a sure deal, but unfortunately for Pierre it turned out that the company he invested in was a complete work of fiction.  Tough luck, Pierre!

Now it’s not nice to gloat over the misfortunes of others, even if they’re buck-toothed bastards who screwed you over in the past, but I couldn’t help but have a wry smile about it.  Given that arrests have been made in Holland and Belgium already, I suppose there’s a possibility he may be reimbursed – but well, the spiteful person in me can’t help but hope he doesn’t!

Oh yes, and a little bird whispered to me that the much vaunted ‘surprise’ Premier League preseason opponents at the City Ground might just be a side from the north-west of the country, one with a sweet tooth.

Of course, I could have been misinformed, but you never know, you could’ve heard it here first!

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  1. Your 100% correct with who the friendly is against

  2. Well I guess you at least heard it here second! 🙂

  3. I thought it might be them 🙂

    Looking forward to it, along with the friendly againt the Counteh boys.

  4. I take it I am not gonna get lucky with them coming to scotland again ? does anyone know ?

  5. I’m having a retard moment and I always hated geography at school.. Might need it spelling out .. Literally..

  6. wigan……………only joking Everton

  7. The blue side of scouseland

  8. The toffees.. of course.. panic over! That’s a pretty good tie.

  9. Back to PvH – I seem to remember that before joining Forest, he dismissed Celtic’s contract offer by saying something like: “£15,000 per week might be enough for a homeless person, but it is not enough for Pierre van Hooijdonk”. It seems that you reap what you sew!

  10. On the subject of strikers, Earnie’s now officialy a Red. NFFC I beat u to it for once!! 😆

  11. It’s 9.18 your time, 11.18 here in Sunny Cyprus

  12. HoyDonkey was a superb attacking forward and was totally correct in his criticism of Forest’s failure to recruit new players. Of course his chosen way to demonstrate this accurate assessment was stupid. Celtic got pissed off by his tantrums and that’s how we got him.
    I have fond memories of him – like Collymore – receiving the ball in the centre, turning on the spot and charging at the opposition defence which invariably backed-off.

  13. Pierre was a great player, had a superb career, and deserves none of the stick idiots give him. He was 100% justified in doing what he did.

  14. John, have a word with yourself! He may have had a point about recruiting players but the way he demonstrated it was way out of order. And take a moment to look at his attitude to money (for example see Rish, above). The guy should expect a certain amount of stick if he makes public comments like that.

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