Something exciting happened today..

Well, comparatively speaking given the general lack of excitement in the world of Forest news.  However, if you click on the NewsNow link, Forest have been magically moved from the League One news feed into the Championship one.  It’s little things like this, and when we move into the Championship section on the BBC football site, that make things seem more real – things that made me thoroughly depressed when we left that league!

Simple things please simple minds; and it’s a good job, because there’s been no real developments at all on our bid to bring Earnshaw to the City Ground, nor on the opposite move of Kris Commons.  Lots of rumours, of course, ranging from ‘they’re done deals‘ to ‘he’s off to Stoke really‘ (Commons) or ‘he failed his medical at Derby!‘  It’s an absolutely infuriating time of year for this; seemingly everyone and his dog knows somebody ‘in the know’, yet despite these all these contacts seem to know something different!

Something of genuine interest to Reds fans is Forest’s release of a DVD of the final game of the season, which includes such treats as commentary by the BBC Radio Nottingham team of Colin Fray and John McGovern, including plenty of footage of the ensuing celebrations.  So I’m told, anyway, I’ve yet to avail myself of a copy, but will be doing next time I have a chance to pop down to the City Ground.  You can also buy it from the Forest website should you so wish, for the reasonable sum of just £8.

Hopefully they’ve overlaid any footage of Commons with a big black box (he says jokingly, I’d quite like to see that goal again, to be fair).

The only other news of late reported in the world of the official Forest site are a couple of job opportunities to either be an Account Manager, whatever that is, in the Corporate Sales team, as well as a role to do with Forest World – which appeals massively to me, although I don’t doubt that a combination of my lack of expertise in media things as well as the likelihood of Forest paying peanuts would preclude me from even considering pursuing it!

I’ve not watched anything on Forest World for a long time, long since having had my free year’s subscription (which lasted about 3 years!) expire on me – my memories of it weren’t particularly great, hence not paying up to renew it; particularly pertinent given Virgin Media showing footage of goals online within a few days of our games now too.

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  1. I completely agree. The little things, just continuing to confirm our status as a Championship team. I would also like such little things to be accompanied by bigger news articles, especially the Earnshaw story which has gone awful quiet. Please please please don´t change your mind Robbie and bog off to those South Yourkshire b*stards! Also the rumours running through the mill and coming thick and fast. I would love to see some real confirmation of some signings soon (though I hear Nyatanga is not going to leave the Sheep), but for now, much like you NFFC, I will have to make do with Newsnow, hopefully followed soon by ESPN, SkySports, etc. making sit pretty in the middle of the table in the Championship league.

  2. Come on lads how long have you been Forst supporters has it not always been the case that there is always alot of talk coming from FOREST BUT NEVER ANY ACTION .I seem to think that that Forest get a kick out of winding there fans up. why dont they just keep there mouths shut and when and if they do sign someone then release the information instead of keeping the fans on tender hooks. Did you know that forest are supposed to be the ninth richest club in the uk they must be higher that that because they never spend just talk

  3. ps it didnt take long to announce the new ticket increase prices they didnt just talk there did they

  4. To be fair to Forest, they’ve not said that much – there’ll always be rumours, and sadly I’ll always hunt for them… although I did hear something about Mark Arthur advising patience on the local radio station as I was drifting into wakefulness this morning…

  5. seems to me there is still a few sour grapes;
    to get over it i decided to look at this;

  6. xa xa xa xa, Leeds keeper still pi**ed!! Tough, take it out on Bates not us.

    Well moving to the Championship pages on websites is excellent news – we’re no longer dreaming!!

    1 tree on our shirt, we’re no longer dreaming,

    We’re in the Championship and we’ve started healing!!

  7. Good luck next season and agree about the little things as News Now & Sporting Life have Stoke in the Premier league section. Come on BBC catch-up!
    PS Kris Commons = money grabbing s***

  8. The BBC have moved promoted/relegated teams this morning. Feels good, especially clicking the League One link and seeing Leicester City in there immediately underneath Leeds 🙂

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