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The pieces have almost come together, with the Championship play off final being decided by a Dean Windass strike sending Hull City into the top flight, it means we will have Bristol City to play this season.  We just await this afternoon’s League One encounter at Wembley between Doncaster Rovers and Leeds United to complete the list of opponents we will face next season.  I must admit that tempting as it is to follow the bandwagon of backing Doncaster, I do have some sneaking sympathies for Leeds too.  Should be an interesting game.

The last week has been a case of lots of rumours and no news at all; it would seem that Derby are pretty unimaginative when it comes to targeting players – being linked with obviously Commons, and also now Nathan Tyson.  Given the delay in any announcement, I would think that Kris is seeking options elsewhere rather than sign for them – I hope so, because it would be hard to stomach a supposedly self-confessed Forest fan going to that lot.  I don’t mind the idea of him leaving – because I don’t think he’s worth the kind of money being bandied about.

Similarly it would appear that Earnshaw is weighing up his discussions with Forest over his move in the opposite direction, as it’s all gone rather quiet on that front too.  We’ve also been linked with attempting to permanently sign Paul Anderson from Liverpool for £750k, competing with a season-loan move by Swansea (where the player spent time previously), which is at least a different rumour if nothing else!  He’s a winger, which immediately sounds suspicious since Smoulders’ preferred formation doesn’t involve wingers!

Off the pitch then you’ve probably had your season ticket renewal packs through, a swanky affair in red cardboard with a Forest tree and two silver stars.  I believe this is part of the emphasis on the 30th anniversary of our first European Cup win rather than acknowledgement in the form of Michelin Stars for the Chicken Balti Pie offering available in the concourses of the City Ground.  I was impressed that the carefully selected photos didn’t feature Kris Commons, as well as with the pack in general – well done Forest’s marketing team!

Certainly a marked improvement from the days of us being Serious About Promotion!

The remaining news was confirmation of another pre-season date with neighbours Notts County, this time it’s a late one – August 2nd at 3pm – which will be the week before the season kicks off.  Last season we won the fixture 2-1 thanks to two Luke Chambers goals, although the game will better be remembered for the hordes of pitch invading chavs scrapping with one another – so let’s hope that isn’t repeated this year, indeed, this week too the Post reported on the punishment meted out to a couple of chaps involved in the incident.

Speaking of Notts County, a reader sent in this picture they took when walking along a road in Mapperley, it perhaps is amongst the saddest sights you could imagine, and worst of all, the vessel in the picture hasn’t even undergone its wheel falling off… just a flat tyre!

And then finally, also from the Nottingham Evening Post, a kind reader sent me in this picture of Reds player of the year Julian Bennett clearly playing pool with Shaun Wright-Phillips – amazingly this hasn’t been picked up on the rumour-mills but clearly the Reds must be planning a shock loan move for the England player, perhaps taking advantage of Avram Grant’s departure from Chelsea and the subsequent confusion this will cause…

Okay, perhaps not.  It’s going to be a long summer, isn’t it?

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  1. It appears there is a God!! Forest up, Derby down, Leicester down, Leeds staying down.

    It doesnt get much better!!!

  2. Unlucky Leeds you cheating gits! 😀

  3. Good game was loving giving stick to all the Leeds fans in the bars over here who did not realise how good Doncaster were. I think a lot of us would agree the 2nd best team in the division due to not being hindered by the wooden one!


  5. Just got my renewal package through the post, like the idea of having the 2 stars on the badge, which I’ve been hoping for for quite some time.

    As for the Commons saga, I say f*ck him. There are so many better in this league, this Anderson many Swansea fans have said is a stunner. Whittingham from Cardiff City, also springs to mind.

    I hope Leeds enjoy another season in that league, they’ll love Leicester 🙂

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