Will Commons sign his soul away?..

Hot on the heels of Smoulderwood deciding to allow Commons to leave without even offering him a deal, our dear neighbours have been quick to announce talks with him are already underway to make him a Derby County player.  I imagine that a few other clubs will be trying to get hold of his agent too, I hope they can gazump the Rams because I could probably bring myself to forgive Kris then, but if he joins them then frankly, he’ll prove to be a greedy Judas bastard and a liar.

I’m not particularly adverse to the idea of him moving on, whilst I’ve said before I’d prefer it if we were able to retain his services, but not to them.  Not after he’s hammed up his supposed status as a Forest fan from childhood, not after he conceded to a year’s extension last year so that he could play in the Championship with Forest, or move on if we didn’t get promoted.  I don’t expect loyalty per say from footballers, quite the opposite, but if they go out of their way to suggest being a supporter as well as a player, then there are certain things you just don’t do.

Even though this isn’t an exactly unexpected development, the reaction around the forums is rather like that of a spurned lover; ranging from ‘he’s shit anyway’ to ‘he’s a fat useless bastard!’ – let’s be realistic, he’s neither of those, but being rational he’s not irreplaceable.  He’s played most of his career in either struggling Championship teams or in League One, and whilst on his day he’s devastatingly good, he doesn’t have those days very often.

That said, if he signs for Derby then that rationality goes out the window, of course.  I wonder if Ladbrokes will take bets on him having one of his many injuries when the Sheep are due to visit the City Ground in the coming season?  Just think, Commons joined Forest from Stoke in search of better things, and ended up getting relegated whilst Stoke have patiently developed a promotion winning team.  Here’s hoping, should he do the evil deed, history has an opportunity to repeat itself.

Of course, perhaps this is an audacious Harry Redknapp style move to join a hated rival, assist in their downfall to a triumphant return!  Perhaps that’s the way I’ll choose to view it should he sign his soul to the devil, so good luck Agent Commons – your mission should you choose to accept it is to bleed their finances dry whilst repeatedly underperforming and getting injured… this tape will self destruct in 10 seconds…

… again, assuming it does happen, I’ll keep up my part of the pretence by calling you a shit fat bastard!  So Kris, if you read this, turn down the Sheep and go somewhere else and self yourself a load of grief, because I don’t like being a childish so and so, but if you do it, you leave me and so many others no choice!

If my childish photoshopping isn’t amusement enough for you, then click here too – because it right made me chuckle, well done whoever made it!

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  1. As long as we replace him i’m not overly fussed.. and with someone of better quality Eg Peter Whittingham and the like.

  2. I’d agree with that, but it’s a worry… we lost Nicky Southall, and didn’t replace him until the following season! Hopefully the gaffer has learned from that…

  3. You kind of covered my first thought, that is he goes to the Sheep and they end up having another shite season whilst we cruise on to greaters heights. Here’s hoping!

  4. Why? I just don’t get it – why? If you are a Nottingham lad, why the blinking whatsit would you go to Derby – sorry for my language. Surely you would want to see “your ” team beat their local rivals and finish the season above them – wouldn’t you? This can only be about filthy lucre, in which case he should not expect any respect.

    I am not churlish enough to suggest he’s no loss – on his day he’s our best playmaker. But I agree, nffc, he has too few days. Too many games he turns up for 10 minutes or less. I just hope we ignore Earnshaw – he sounds like much the same, to me. Let’s have some of our reserves in – they know how to win.

  5. Commons sense (get it ?) goes out the window I am afraid. If the git goes to the Sheep I will not see any common sense, he will get it every time he plays against us, local lad my arse, money chasing greedy git ! Sorry it may not be reasonable but that’s how I feel, as was said above in reality as long as we replace the git with better quality I too am not that fussed, however remember what happened to Paul Hart when he had a bit of success the team was sold from under him ! Let’s just hope the club invest our gate receipts wisely, I am really looking forward to next season – you reds !

  6. Forest Forest, obviously you missed the part of releasing to of our reserves (and U-21 international btw) apart from Commons devastating turn around sticking 2 fingers up in the air but not in the V sign for Victory.

    I’ll drill this in again & again – I can’t help thinking CC’s 2 blame. Y? the facts r, Commons has been left on the bench so many times this year and he’d already jumped ship b4 our season was decided.

    If you claim to be a Forest supporter @ least show it – not jump ship b4 the seasons over. Agent, no agent KC is a lier & not a man of his words. It don’t matter where he goes, every time he’ll visit the CG from now on he’ll hear what Forest fans think. Any one supporting him might just be a Ram instead- he’s not a man of his words & deserves – in my strong opinion – no applause whenever he returns to the CG except, yes there’s an exception, if he comes out & appolagises for being an ass-hole & has not signed for our not so friendly neighbours.

    So, KC goto wherever u want but don’t expect to be welcomed @ the CG no more. Forest fan you are NOT!! (unless u can come up with a good damn excuse & I mean a GOOD damn excuse – not any pathetic 1 like I want 1st team football, u have to earn it & many times you haven’t!!)

  7. i find it hard to believe, even in this day and age, that commons will sign for derby but it looks like its going to happen. i’m with most people in as much as he’ll be a loss but he’s not irreplacable

    i think perhaps some fans should remember what they’ve been saying all season about CC, basically that he plays players out of position (KC) doesnt always play his best team (KC) and concentrates too much on defence and stifles attack (KC again)

    so we could put this down to a footballing decision, but to be honest i’d much prefer to tar and feather the little shit and send him down the A52 with a big kick up the a55.

    At least we’ll have a decent pantomine villian for a while, prutton doesnt do it for me personally and we havent had a player to pour hatred on since the likes of collymore and lars boheinen (how do you spell his name?) collymore was subbed 1st time back at the CG although he tore us to shreds at anfield, actually when i think about it i went to ewood just to shout abuse at lars and if memory serves me right, we lost 7 nil, but that wont happen against derbyshite next season, especially if they’ve got commons in the side.

  8. Can you imagine it – in the BC trophy match half the stadium boos at the announcemnet of KC in the D-team & continues through out the whole match every time Judas touches the ball….

    Welcome to hell the banners will say!!! xa xa xa!!!! Maybe even some bold person will unveil a flag with KC on the Guillotine!!! Xa xa xa xa!!!

  9. The fact that Commons was not even interested in discussing a contract with us, suggests to me that it is not just about money – although that has to be a factor.

    I really hope that he explains his reasons for leaving sometime soon!

  10. We want players with ambition who want to play for Nottingham Forest.
    He clearly has no ambition if he wants to move to any other club especially the sh*ep (sorry for the bad language there !)
    He was a good player when he felt like it but we can get better quality, if we start moving on the transfer market NOW !!!
    Commons is history lets move on only stopping to remember him if he appears for the opposition – can’t wait, that will be fun !!

    I think Jim Royal would put it this way
    ‘A Forest fan – MY AR*E’

  11. Everybody!! Far bigger players have left Nottingham Forest and we still go on. We all suffered heart ache when we lost Stanley Victor Collymore, or even when the likes or Jenas, Reid or Dawson left. Frankly who cares, a player who struggled to hold down a first team place in the third division is leaving and as far as i’m concerned out with the old and in with th new!!

    I hate Man U, but that Ronaldo song is almost hypnotic and I can see the City Ground jumping to its tune next season for McLeary….


  12. A D***y fan I work with has the opinion that if Commns does go there, he’ll have to perform week in week out, or they’ll be straight on his back.

    Forest fans forgave him his many bad performances, his inability to track back effectively, his greediness, his lack of consistency, his ability to pass the ball to everyone in the Lower Brian Clough on a regular basis because he was one of us, a Forest fan.

    D***y fans won’t be so forgiving.

  13. I think we, as fans, are still seeing CC through our rose-tinted spectacles we donned after gaining automatic promotion.

    KC is obviously a lot closer to the man who has been his manager for the past 2 years than we are and I suspect that his opinion has not changed. KC may feel he simply cannot work with CC anymore and moving to Derby (if indeed he does go there) could be more of a two fingered salute towards the miserable Jock than anyone.

  14. Agogo did get the ball in the net for the Black Stars, but it was disallowed for off side. It’s unknown if his agent was at the game, but if he was you can be sure he was doing his best to sell him off to the highest bidder.

    Now there’s a player who said & wants to stay with us but his so called agent needs shooting!! 😆

  15. this link here is so funny & nasty but seems about right!! uncyclopedia.org/wiki/Kris_commons
    ‘nough said!!! Baah!! 😆

  16. I have not written for a while now, as our suprise automatic promotion made me speechless but now the dust has setteld i feel like saying something again.According to Tyson all the supporters that had a go at Calderwood shoiuld all say sorry ,well not me it was only in the last 7 matches that Caderwood woke up and changed his tactics to the team that most fans had alresdy suggested anyway much earlies in the season good luck to him but i still dont rate the man but would love to be proved wrong. Lots of speculation again about who we are going to sign ,but all i see is players leaving and once again Derby leeding the pack straight in for Commons no messing. I would love to wish Commons good luck at derby but soory i just cant ,but i believe that there is much more to his departure than meets the eys .Why would Forest not want to keep such a valuable player and why would Commons want to leave? needs some thought. Forest youn did well to get up although luck surely played its part dont dissapoint your fans again with just talk lets see some action .

  17. Terry, you’ve obviously been missing but you’ve reiterated my thoughts exactly. CC has earned another shot FULL STOP. He’s done nothing to convince me he’s the man, we’ve lost Commons without even talking to him – mmmm, more than meets the eye – yep, see my previous post when 1st announced Commons was off.

    Doesn’t matter – Judas has done the u-turn & no matter what he says he can’t convince me easily that he really is a Forest Fan… Y’s he offf 2 De-rby then?

    Oh well, usual talk from CC – I suport the youth – my backside you do – you let 2 U-21 international midfielders go & offered contracts to 3 GK’s (at least there youth). 4 into 3 doesn’t go…. I’m sure they’ll know that 2….

    Gosh, need more. For the moment I’ll leave it as that, I’m still celebrating….

    But come July we should have our squad fully ready if we’re to avoid any mess….

  18. Bloody judas.

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