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Whether it be to Derby or elsewhere, Kris Commons certainly won’t be turning out in the Garibaldi next season.  Apparently despite noises from the club about being keen to keep him, he made it clear his head had clearly already been turned shortly after the Reds confirmed promotion to the Championship, as such Smoulds hasn’t offered him a deal at all.

As I mused before, I’m disappointed because he’s a decent player – albeit an inconsistant one.  If the rumours suggesting he is going to Derby are true, then I’ll be more emotionally disappointed than in a strictly footballing sense.  This will be somewhat mitigated if we manage to get Earnshaw and Nyatanga from the other direction, both of whom I’d be very happy to see in a Red shirt.

I would reemphasise that I don’t think Commons is irreplaceable, but we must work to ensure he is replaced, because at times he provides that vital creative spark we sometimes need when we’re struggling in a game.  News that Felix Bastians and Alan Power are being released would suggest Smoulds is not looking to simply raise a midfielder from the ranks.

So fare thee well, Kris, unless you choose to go down the A52 in which case you can rot in hell!  Official Site type confirmation is here.

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  1. Bye bye, you showed where your heart lies – definatly not what you were saying last summer. Goodbye & thanks for telling us the truth – eventually. You can go to the Rams now & move in there as well.

  2. I can’t help wondering if CC has a part to play in it (with his tactics)….

  3. Agree with your sentiments. A good player who will be missed unless a replacement is brought in this summer. However all this does confirm is that Commons is not a Forest fan at all – there is absolutely no way any of us would choose to go to Derby, whatever the money.

    Must admit to being disappointed. The club need to now move quickly to get Sammy Clingan to sign his new contract, otherwise we suddenly look extremely light in midfield.

  4. I am confident that Sammy will stay. As for Commons, he can go anywhere he wants – it’s not anymore a game of romantism – but he shouldn’t expect a warm welcome when he comes back to the CG, especially if he agrees to go “there”. For one thing, I am happy for Arron Davies, whom I like very much and will at last get his chance. I hear he has been called to the Welsh squad for friendlies, which will help him get back on track after injuries and five-minute appearances.
    Now the dangerous part is: Don’t get players from D***y just to reciprocate, only if we need them. We need a good Earnshaw for sure, I don’t know anything about Nyatanga but I have confidence in nffc’s flair 🙂

  5. I for one feel that he will not be missed that greatly as he was inconsistant, injury prone and we have Davies and McCleary to step up.

    Please though, all you boo boys, do not turn round and blame Colin or the club for not offering him a contract earlier – the club was not in a position to do so until we knew what division we would be in. As it happens we did get promoted and he made it clear that he would’nt be staying anyway.

    What disappoints me, is that when he signed the year extension he came out and said he would stay if Forest got promoted ? Played on the fact that he was a Forest fan ? His head has been obviously been turned and sadly most footballers have little loualty these days, so good luck and goodbye.

  6. Surprised he hasn’t even had talks. I assumed it was a “if we get promoted, we’ll talk” situation, but obviously not. Can only assume that CCs tactics and losing an automatic selection spot has made him think the grass is greener elsewhere. A tad harsh though Barrow, he hasn’t signed for the sheep yet!

  7. Oh please Yiannaki and Mat, we all know that it’s got nothing to do with CC’s tactics. The guy just went for the money, that’s all, even a child could understand that as long as he did not engage in any kind of talk after promotion but just left. A Forest fan? Give me a break. Just compare him to Julian Bennett and you know the answer.

  8. Vassilis, the OS states he said he wouldn’t be staying with us before we even offered him anything. If it was the money, surely he would of at least asked what we were prepared to offer?

  9. Mat, he just was giving us no hope of being promoted and had agreed to take the Sheepshaggers money long ago. If he was in talks with them two weeks before the end of the season, it makes sense, doesn’t it? We would have never been in a position to offer 9k a week if we were to stay in League 1 (we all have seen it coming from the beginning who is going to be promoted via playoffs havent we? 😉 )

  10. Its interesting that the club chose to use that particular photo of him for the story on the official site!

    It’s like they want to highlight him as a traitor, celebrating one minute but then not even prepared to have talks to explore staying.

    I think he didn’t like that he was not an automatic selection when fit last season and
    I will be fascinated to see what he says about Forest / CC when he signs for…. whoever!

  11. Agreed 100% Aylesbury Red, nice choice of photograph 🙂

  12. Pretty disappointed really after all the “I’m a Forest fan” noises he made. Whilst he is a creative player he’s also too inconsistant, with the targets we’ve already been linked to this close season I’ve no doubt we can find a better replacement.

  13. oh and one more thing, it wouldn’t suprise me to see Tyson playing from the left next season if we do bring in two quality strikers.

  14. bye bye kris you’ve been a great player for us some fantastic goals will be sad to see you go. still cant work out why you are looking at the option of derby when we are in the same league as them and great rivals????? frewell kris

  15. The last player that went from Forest to Derby was Gary Charles in 93 – look how he turned out!?! Let’s hope Kris turns out this way as well after pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes since last summer. Money grabbing Judas if you ask me.

    What’s the point in signing a one-year deal in League One then leaving when the place you wanted to play in the first place (Championship) has now been reached? (except for more money and signing-on fee from a bosman) Blatantly a money-based decision and nothing to do with Colin Calderwood. Commons is an idiot and has probably ruined his personal life now with all the abuse he is bound to get. Cheerio and Goodnight.

  16. “So fare thee well, Kris, unless you choose to go down the A52 in which case you can rot in hell!” – errrr my sentiments exactly NFFC!

    Something is not right here or we dont know the true story……..he stayed last season hoping we would get promoted and now we have, hes going. It might be simply down to money as Boozehound suggests! Or maybe a bigger incentive in the way of a better sponsorship deal with Pukka????

    BTW I saw Gary Charles last year on Exchange Walk – staggering merrily along which I suppose we have all done at sometime – just not at 10.15am in the morning!

  17. Come on Vas, have you turned into a CC suporter because he took us out of that damn league, se parakalo (please) tell me it’s not so. He didn’t even wait to see if we were going up any old how, he was already jumping ship before the season ended. Replaceable he is, but time & time again I see CC shoving his own words into the fire – how can you let go of an International player at U-21 level & claim I want youth. No idea what I’m on about, well Powers has been released as well as Bastinas (a German U-21 international I believe). Midfielders the trio of them & NFFC have offered contracts to all 3 youth GK’s.

    Then, they ask me why I don’t see CC as a good manager – because he talks the talk but can’t pull the wool over my eyes.

    He got his chance for now but I’m waiting for the time when I’ll start picking on him again – the time is not now but it’s coming…… & with KC & the other 2 going the balls started rolling again….

  18. Some good news @ last,

    Nottingham Forest striker Junior Agogo has reiterated his desire to stay at the City Ground, despite continuing uncertainty over his future.

    The Ghana international was speaking from Australia where he is preparing for his country’s friendly in Sydney tomorrow.

    The striker admits he is still on a high after the Reds’ 3-2 win over Yeovil on the final day of the season.
    “I am so pleased for the fans that they have finally got their promotion, Nottingham has been a party city since the game,” he said.
    “I want to get this international out of the way and I will see what happens when I fly back into London, but yes, I would like to stay at Forest.
    “I have had a great season. Hopefully I can carry on in my role for Ghana and Forest, but I will see what happens. At the minute I am a Forest player.”

    Earnshaw was at the City Ground yesterday for further talks and Agogo says he would welcome the competition.
    “He would be a good signing. Robbie is a great finisher and he can only bolster the squad that we have,” he said.

    Y in “Light amonst the darkness of the Judas!!” mode.

    P.S. As you’ve guessed – I’m in no mood to work – v. rough night last night, partly due to Man Utd!! – No, I wasn’t celebrating thier win!! lol.

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