Will Commons sign his soul away?..

Hot on the heels of Smoulderwood deciding to allow Commons to leave without even offering him a deal, our dear neighbours have been quick to announce talks with him are already underway to make him a Derby County player.  I imagine that a few other clubs will be trying to get hold of his agent too, I hope they can gazump the Rams because I could probably bring myself to forgive Kris then, but if he joins them then frankly, he’ll prove to be a greedy Judas bastard and a liar.

I’m not particularly adverse to the idea of him moving on, whilst I’ve said before I’d prefer it if we were able to retain his services, but not to them.  Not after he’s hammed up his supposed status as a Forest fan from childhood, not after he conceded to a year’s extension last year so that he could play in the Championship with Forest, or move on if we didn’t get promoted.  I don’t expect loyalty per say from footballers, quite the opposite, but if they go out of their way to suggest being a supporter as well as a player, then there are certain things you just don’t do.

Even though this isn’t an exactly unexpected development, the reaction around the forums is rather like that of a spurned lover; ranging from ‘he’s shit anyway’ to ‘he’s a fat useless bastard!’ – let’s be realistic, he’s neither of those, but being rational he’s not irreplaceable.  He’s played most of his career in either struggling Championship teams or in League One, and whilst on his day he’s devastatingly good, he doesn’t have those days very often.

That said, if he signs for Derby then that rationality goes out the window, of course.  I wonder if Ladbrokes will take bets on him having one of his many injuries when the Sheep are due to visit the City Ground in the coming season?  Just think, Commons joined Forest from Stoke in search of better things, and ended up getting relegated whilst Stoke have patiently developed a promotion winning team.  Here’s hoping, should he do the evil deed, history has an opportunity to repeat itself.

Of course, perhaps this is an audacious Harry Redknapp style move to join a hated rival, assist in their downfall to a triumphant return!  Perhaps that’s the way I’ll choose to view it should he sign his soul to the devil, so good luck Agent Commons – your mission should you choose to accept it is to bleed their finances dry whilst repeatedly underperforming and getting injured… this tape will self destruct in 10 seconds…

… again, assuming it does happen, I’ll keep up my part of the pretence by calling you a shit fat bastard!  So Kris, if you read this, turn down the Sheep and go somewhere else and self yourself a load of grief, because I don’t like being a childish so and so, but if you do it, you leave me and so many others no choice!

If my childish photoshopping isn’t amusement enough for you, then click here too – because it right made me chuckle, well done whoever made it!

Commons gone..

Whether it be to Derby or elsewhere, Kris Commons certainly won’t be turning out in the Garibaldi next season.  Apparently despite noises from the club about being keen to keep him, he made it clear his head had clearly already been turned shortly after the Reds confirmed promotion to the Championship, as such Smoulds hasn’t offered him a deal at all.

As I mused before, I’m disappointed because he’s a decent player – albeit an inconsistant one.  If the rumours suggesting he is going to Derby are true, then I’ll be more emotionally disappointed than in a strictly footballing sense.  This will be somewhat mitigated if we manage to get Earnshaw and Nyatanga from the other direction, both of whom I’d be very happy to see in a Red shirt.

I would reemphasise that I don’t think Commons is irreplaceable, but we must work to ensure he is replaced, because at times he provides that vital creative spark we sometimes need when we’re struggling in a game.  News that Felix Bastians and Alan Power are being released would suggest Smoulds is not looking to simply raise a midfielder from the ranks.

So fare thee well, Kris, unless you choose to go down the A52 in which case you can rot in hell!  Official Site type confirmation is here.