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The ballad of Kris Commons plays on, on recent bulletins of Sky Sports News the Derby County chairman Pearson confirmed they were in talks with him over a move down the A52.  He also said that Kris was still considering the options open to him, so unless some crazy mind games are on the go, you can probably forget all of these “I know his hairdresser and they said he’s off to Derby” type rumours that are springing up all over the place.

Obviously a player deciding to defect to the Sheep is never a good thing, I would be churlish to deny that I’d be pretty disappointed.  I would be disappointed if he disappears somewhere else full stop, but it would add insult to injury if he chose there.  Particularly as someone who paints himself (or allows the media to) as a supporter of Forest.  Now, I realise that the emotions that us irrational supporters have will be very different to those of a player – nay, an employee, but still, surely there must be other offers?

Being rational, the chances are Derbynil are offering better wages than us – on the face of it, it’s a bit of a no-brainer.  If a rival company to my current employer gave me a ring and offered me more money to do the same job, then I’d be a fool not to at least hear what they have to say.  Factor in the locality too, ie, the rival company are easily commutable from my current abode, and whatever loyalty I might feel for my current employers, I would certainly check out what’s on offer.

Also being rational, on his day Commons can be one of our better players – he’s capable of changing games with five minutes of brilliance, he has shown that he’s capable of stepping up to Championship level in the past – and indeed, has stood out against Premier League opponents in cup appearances (against Spurs most notably).  I would undoubtedly prefer us to be able to keep hold of him for next season, because I do see his value to the squad.

However, he’s not worth breaking the bank for – if he’s holding out for the kind of money that we can’t budget for or would cause dischord within the squad, then I’d be prepared to wave a regretful goodbye to him, because whilst he’s good, he is somewhat of a luxury player who blows hot and cold (cold too often), and I certainly don’t think him to be completely irreplaceable either.  Picking up the likes of McCleary has shown there is match-changing talent out there at a much better price.

Of course, if he defects then I reserve the right every Forest fan has to give him enormous amounts of abuse should he manage to be fit for any of the games between us.  One of the things that will stick in the mind will be that he’s not always found the grass greener upon moving – he joined us from the then relatively-lowly Stoke City on the quest for a ‘step up’, we of course were subsequently relegated to the third tier, whilst Stoke are on the verge of their first season in the Premier League for some years…

… so hopefully you’ve learned from this, Kristian, the grass isn’t always greener, young man.  Sign a new deal with us like a good lad!

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  1. He may be frustrated that he has not always been guaranteed a starting place this season and I’m sure the money is a temptation.

    But how could you ever go out in public in Nottinghamshire again and risk all the abuse he is bound to get?

  2. Mr NFFC Blog!!

    I am somewhat surprised at your story. Being the site that is sensible I think everyone it taking this out of context…

    Mr Adam Pearson is merely point scoring with the fans. Commons’s AGENT is in talks with Pearson but not Commons himself. Purely because he is a free agent and it would be a dereliction of duty had the agent not talk to all interested parties….

    I am confident that Kris wont go to the Sheep… He may or may not stay, but I doubt he will be off to Sheepland!!!

  3. Poh-tay-toh, Poh-tah-toh… Commons’ agent = Commons to all intents and purposes, so aside from a possibly misleading headline the story itself hangs together quite well – I don’t think I once took anything out of context (I never said he was going, for example)…

    .. hope you’re right re: The Sheep at least.

  4. Commons has just told his agent to show him all interested parties and what the offers are…. Pearson made that public deliberately to stir the pot and score points with the fans.. Funny how he kept the others quiet?

    Just the agent doing his job mate… I doubt very much he’ll join sheepland… I’d lay a few pounds on these new signings they have at being either old has beens on a final pay day or young unknowns.

  5. Commons left signing a new contract untill last minute last season,hoping a so called bigger club would come in for him,it did not happen,he then commited for another season.when he played not to many times ,he never really set the division alight,he thinks he is a lot better than he really is just ask any Stoke fan ,he behaved the same just before he left them to join us,the only sad thing about this saga is we wont get any cash from the sheep for him,

  6. knowing how fickle Forest fans can be, i dont really see anyway back for commons, if after all this he does sign for us, he’ll still get booed anyway and perhaps rightly so. Theres no way he would be stupid enough to okay his agent to release those sort of details if he was just trying to broker a deal to stay with us, he’s off somewhere and if it is derby, hopefully he’ll become part of the ever amusing derby demise, especially if mc claren takes over.

  7. Years and years of following football have taught me the obvious: ABSOLUTELY NO ONE IS IRREPLACEABLE. To just cite an example, my Greek team Olympiacos won the double again in Greece and was qualified in the group phase of the Champions League despite getting rid of none other than Rivaldo last summer.
    What worries me a little bit though, is that play-offs come to a close next weekend and we don’t seem to have taken advantage of these two weeks over our competition to make any new signings. I’m saying just a little bit, because usually CC strikes good deals in the summer – contrarily to his unbelievably bad luck as far as loan signings are concerned 🙂

  8. I think people need to be patient with Commons. If Forest have only just started negotiations, which is likely due the situation we were in, then negotiations won’t be half way through yet. These things aren’t like Championship Manager, taking 3 days to sort!

    His agent is listening to all interested parties and rightly so. If we offer him £9k per week, and Derby offer him £20k, then he’ll go because ultimately he has to make enough money from his career to last him the rest of his life. I would work for a company I didn’t like if they paid me enough to make it worth my while – I’m sure we’re all the same.

    Personally I think Commons will re-sign and stay for a few years. He will leave however if he can get double his wages elsewhere, and that is fair enough.

    As for him blowing hot and cold, give the guy a break. He is our most creative player. If he was brilliant all of the time he’d not be playing for us. The thing that narks me is that when he tries stuff and it comes off, we love him. When he tries stuff and it doesn’t, he’s crap. Forest fans can never seem to appreciate that players try to be creative but that not all of their attempts come off. I’ve seen Commons have a shocking game, but never stop trying to create for his teammates. That is all we can ask – effort and the bravery to try things and not go for the safe option every time, even when its not working for you.

  9. I’ll be gutted if Commo leaves, wherever he may go. Played in the correct position, with half a yard of grass in front of him he can be devastating. And in the Championship he should get more time on the ball.
    I sit close to pitchside so get a good view of players reactions/body language at corners and throw-ins. In my opinion the guy was desparate to do well for his team last season. And did you see the way he celebrated after the Yeovil game?
    As a Forest fan brought up watching teams generally playing skilfull passing football, on the ground, not arguing with refs etc, Commo fits the bill. And if the odd pass goes astray, well those of you that want to moan and groan naff off and queue up for a Man U season ticket, where mistakes are never made.
    Our problems last season revolved around Calderwood playing our best players out of their best positions, thus costing points. But as we’ve all been saying, we have a very good side. and if he plays the likes of Tyson, Davies, Cohen and Commons in their comfort zones I reckon we’ll be fine.

  10. a)Commons off 2 Derby, please sto pulling our legs!!. Derby can’t offer him 20k a week after coming out of the Prem with the worst history EVER!! and joint worst wins ever in a top flight league season. So please, if he does by some amazing twist of fate go to the Sheep he might as well leave Nottingham.

    b) CC good signings – mmm, who? Lennon who got lost as soon as he lost his place lumped off 2 Wycombe? Lockwood who played a dozen games? The Yeovil duo who somehow delayed their start to the seasons. I don’t know what some people call a good signng. For me though, the first 2 definatly are not.

    c) As MICKF points out, should he leave – we lose out wherever he goes. As he’s a free agent he can talk to anybody & everybody but I still expect Commons to show he’s a man of his words and stay with us.

    d) Andy Cole – y r the press linking hm with us considering our supposed standards?

  11. e) Money doesn’t always = better work circle ….

  12. Hitting at your fellow Greek-speaking mate huh Yiannaki? 🙂 Well dont forget his very first transfer signing was Paul Smith (need I say more? Far better than Giorgallidis last night lol), whereas Cohen was one of the most hardworking players this year. Lockwood and Davies were both troubled by injuries, but I believe Arron hasn’t said his final word yet. He’s a terrific player who on his day can devastate opposing defences, and we know that well dont we? And you forgot to mention Mr Dependable Kelvin Wilson now havent you?
    Hehehe, just pulling your leg my dear koumbare. Really hope we meet one day, either dame in Athens or chame in Cyprus (or in Nottingham..?)

  13. opote & opu 8es Vasills. Whenever & wherever u want for the rest who most don’t have a clue about Greek!! & that goes to all trickies 2!!! Like I said, good signings has a different magnitude to each person but I agree fully with you that Smithy has been his best signing no matter the stick people have given him & last season (not this which has passed) a lot were saying get rid of him. How many remember that?

    I admit, I was suprised he managed to sign Lennon but even more supprised that he often left him out as the seson drew on before Christmas…

    Anyway, just read we’re after a Wolves player now….. who else will they throw into the hat!! Rivaldo!!! BTW Vas, I follow the yellow side of Athens…..

  14. Ela Vas, now I got your remark about Giorgallidis – was he that bad last night? I was fearing worse that a 2-0 defeat against your lot last night. For the rest who got no idea what we’re on about it was the 2-0 friendly win for Greece vs Cyprus last night & the player mentioned is the CY GK. Soz for the chat here but anyway…

    On the topic of GK who do the trickies think we should get as a reserve GK? The problem here is who might be willing to come here & play 2nd fiddle 2 Smithy? It’s obvious that CC want’s our other Keepers to get 1st team experience outside of the CG… (Again, going with the policy of playing our youth – yes., I’m being sarcastic again 🙂 )

  15. commons can be a great player but as you said he’s not irreplaceable i think if we get another player in that is as good as him i wont mind!! i have to say he dosnt score the same type of goals as he did a couple of years i.e against preston and QPR nevertheless he can be a fantastic player! and i hope he dosnt choose to leave

  16. Any news on Terry the kit mans contract negotiations?

  17. It’s on the official site that he’s going:,,10308~1316820,00.html Admittedly it doesn’t say where, but if it is the sh**p, then I’m sure he’ll get a ‘warm’ reception next time at the CG…

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