Commons in talks with Derby..

The ballad of Kris Commons plays on, on recent bulletins of Sky Sports News the Derby County chairman Pearson confirmed they were in talks with him over a move down the A52.  He also said that Kris was still considering the options open to him, so unless some crazy mind games are on the go, you can probably forget all of these “I know his hairdresser and they said he’s off to Derby” type rumours that are springing up all over the place.

Obviously a player deciding to defect to the Sheep is never a good thing, I would be churlish to deny that I’d be pretty disappointed.  I would be disappointed if he disappears somewhere else full stop, but it would add insult to injury if he chose there.  Particularly as someone who paints himself (or allows the media to) as a supporter of Forest.  Now, I realise that the emotions that us irrational supporters have will be very different to those of a player – nay, an employee, but still, surely there must be other offers?

Being rational, the chances are Derbynil are offering better wages than us – on the face of it, it’s a bit of a no-brainer.  If a rival company to my current employer gave me a ring and offered me more money to do the same job, then I’d be a fool not to at least hear what they have to say.  Factor in the locality too, ie, the rival company are easily commutable from my current abode, and whatever loyalty I might feel for my current employers, I would certainly check out what’s on offer.

Also being rational, on his day Commons can be one of our better players – he’s capable of changing games with five minutes of brilliance, he has shown that he’s capable of stepping up to Championship level in the past – and indeed, has stood out against Premier League opponents in cup appearances (against Spurs most notably).  I would undoubtedly prefer us to be able to keep hold of him for next season, because I do see his value to the squad.

However, he’s not worth breaking the bank for – if he’s holding out for the kind of money that we can’t budget for or would cause dischord within the squad, then I’d be prepared to wave a regretful goodbye to him, because whilst he’s good, he is somewhat of a luxury player who blows hot and cold (cold too often), and I certainly don’t think him to be completely irreplaceable either.  Picking up the likes of McCleary has shown there is match-changing talent out there at a much better price.

Of course, if he defects then I reserve the right every Forest fan has to give him enormous amounts of abuse should he manage to be fit for any of the games between us.  One of the things that will stick in the mind will be that he’s not always found the grass greener upon moving – he joined us from the then relatively-lowly Stoke City on the quest for a ‘step up’, we of course were subsequently relegated to the third tier, whilst Stoke are on the verge of their first season in the Premier League for some years…

… so hopefully you’ve learned from this, Kristian, the grass isn’t always greener, young man.  Sign a new deal with us like a good lad!