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I’m really enjoying this almost close season but we’re not involved in it, certainly from an on-the-field perspective, anyway!  Leeds booked their place at Wembley for a final date with either Doncaster or Southend tonight with (shock, horror!) another late goal at Carlisle this evening.  On balance, they deserved it I think.  Whilst Carlisle offered plenty at Elland Road, the Cumbrians were found lacking on their own turf and Leeds persevered to grab a well earned late winner – so unlucky Carlisle, I think I might nip down the bookies and have a bet on a late Leeds winner at Wembley.

The transfer rumours and nonsense continue to circle and we’ve, largely centred upon a certain Robert Earnshaw.  Did he have talks with us?  Did he feck off on holiday?  Was he really seen mowing his lawn in Bramcote?  The truth is, I haven’t a bleeding clue, and frankly I’ve given up trying to find out.  Trying to get the inside scoop on transfers only ever seems to lead to looking foolish, so I’ve opted to wait it out and just see what happens.  Smoulds has said he wants to move quickly, and when he’s said that in the past he generally hasn’t, so we’ll see!

Fans of Earnie’s former clubs I have spoken to seem to have mixed reviews, there are persistent suggestions of attitude issues, and a fondness for drink, which is consistent from numerous unconnected friends of mine who follow Derby, West Brom and Norwich.  Most agreed he’d bag goals at Championship level, and at least one Derby fan out there was man enough to admit he’d be gutted if he were sold to Forest as he could see him doing well here – so we shall see, as ever, the appraisal of football fans is nothing if not inconclusive.

The ‘will Commons go to Derby’ saga doesn’t seem any clearer either; whether he’s put his house on the market or not doesn’t really seem to swing the suggestion either way in my book – so again, I think I’ll just wait and see.  It is frustrating at this time of year, but I’ve learned from years past that so much shite gets touted across the internet (not least here!) that it’s best not to believe anything until it’s confirmed via official sources otherwise you’ll just end up with egg on your face!  It’ll probably take about a year to sell his house given market conditions, anyway!

I was thrilled that Paul Smith picked up the golden glove award though – he’s been an invaluable contributor to our results this season and comes in for an outrageous amount of stick from certain quarters; amusingly the very next announcement on the Official Site was that Smoulderwood is after a new goalkeeper.  Of course, it was merely comedic timing – I completely agree that, much as I rate Smith, we do need to have credible competition for him, and loaning out the youngsters to get them some experience is a sensible move.

Bunn from Northampton again seems to be the media’s keeper of choice for us to target – ably assisted by the Northampton Town PR machine desperately trying to bump up his value by revealing we’ve apparently bid a number of times for him in the past, but some way short of the staggering £1m valuation they seem to place upon him.  I rate Bunn, and would welcome his signing, but spending that much on a ‘keeper who is basically going to end up on the bench would seem somewhat fanciful.

A preseason friendly with Sunderland is a decent move, I think – a reunion with Roy Keane and Andy Reid as well as a decent standard of opponent to pit our new-look (hopefully!) squad against; given that they were promoted last season and managed to survive their first season back in the top flight, it should give us a good indication of our progress and certainly areas for improvement.  Whilst I despised him at his time of leaving, I do have many fond memories of Keane so it will be nice to see him back at the City Ground, and I’m sure I’ll muster a round of applause for Reidy too.

The latest rumour I’ve encountered (literally seconds ago) was that The Daily Mail are linking us to Sheffield United’s James Beattie.  With a supposed price tag of £4m!  Normally I’d write that off immediately as bollocks, however the Daily Mail, according to Football Transfer League are the most reliable newspaper source when it comes to Forest rumours (admittedly still with a hitrate of 2 out of 7 rumours correct, but still!).  Needless to say he’d be an excellent signing too.

Isn’t the summer break fraught with frustrations?!  I’m off back into semi-hibernation until something actually happens, I think!

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  1. Indeed Beattie would be a great signing. He has done very well after having a number of non-performing seasons with Everton (though I think he was injured for a while at Everton). Anyway, if they managed to get him together with Ernie, we would definitely be a force to be reckoned with, at least up front. I have a few reservations about our defence, especially right back, but if we can score more than the teams we have to play, there won´t be a problem. However good Beattie may sound as a signing though, I think it a little wishful thinking. I cannot see it happening somehow. As for a new keeper, we have needed one for pretty much the whole of last season, more to keep smith on his toes than anything. 1m sounds a lot but if we do end up throwing 4m at Beattie, maybe Doughty’s wallet has expanded a bit and is more willing to use it. Who knows? Like you NFFC, I shall wait until I see it in black and white on the official website before I waste any emotion on these speculations. As for Ernie, I got the impression we would speak to him when he comes back off holiday. According to the Official site, the players will start their own personal fitness training at the end of next week. If I were him, I wouldn´t be in too much of a hurry. Have an excuse to relax for a week or so longer. Keep up the great blog nffc, love it. Uuuu rreeedddsss!

  2. Hi,

    Unless Earnshaw is going for a fortnight in Burton on Trent (and why not), then he’s not gone anywhere. I saw him, his shiny hummer complete with spinny wheels, lights on the top etc, heading down the A38 yesterday afternoon.

    I do know that Derby are desperate to get-rid of him (and so are their fans), so i’m not sure what to think about it.

    I think we’ll go for Beattie and then Earnshaw will go the blades.


  3. Lucky Leeds or Carless Carlisle? I reckon carlesss Carlisle as Leeds have shown to the whole league time & time again they don’t stop untill the final wistle goes. If any team drops their heads before that wistle goes you can be sure as sure that Leeds can, and most often do, punish you.

    It was done agan last night & 5 live said an interesting fact – only 2 teams have lost a 2-0 away advantage. Anyone knows who they are…. 🙂

    We await to find out who face Leeds for the righr to join us & Swansea in the Championship…

  4. Just saw Forest Ladies have brought yet another piece of Silverware to the club by retaining the Nottinghamshire trophy.

    What a season for all of the Reds teams, from top to bottom. Well done to all, 2 promotions, 2 runner up spots, 2 titles, 1 cup & still 1 title to play for – the reserve Cup Final.

    You reddddddddssssssssssss!!!

  5. Beattie sounds an exciting prospect, if a little far fetched. The only way I can see us signing Beattie is if we unload Agogo for a few £m, cashing in on his African Cup of Nations success.

    If the rumours are true and we’ve had some interest already I’d cash in on the £125k we paid for him. It’s not often we sell a player for profit, unless it’s from our academy.

  6. I think you’re right nickl, cash in now. Am I alone in thinking Beattie and Tys up front together sound very exciting?
    Well done Donny. Just got to play to final whistle next sunday…..

    And cheerio to Matt Lockwood. I know lots of you had reservations about him, but I didnt hear you moaning when we signed him after he had just won ‘left-back of the year’ at the players awards…? All he needed was a good run in the team, problem for him was he got injured and Bennett took his chance. C’est la vie. Shame he’s gone though, because I think he would have made a better left back in the Championship than Bennett will do. Time will tell if blood and guts defending will work against better wingers…..
    Shout me down, lads…!

  7. I think Lockwood has been an important member of the squad, but unfortunately for him, it was mainly by giving Jules the impetus to become the most improved player in the squad. Shame for Locky, good luck to him in the future.

  8. Yeah good luck to Lockwood. Thought he stuck it out and actually did well when JB was injured. Just hope CC has cover in mind??

    Talking of full backs, we need a right back as Im convinced now that Chambers isnt the man for the job. Any news on the rumour mill?

  9. I must be the odd-one-out. Thought Lockwood looked good for the first 10 minutes against Bournemouth on his debut and total pants thereafter. And I quite like Chambers! Needs to improve his defensive positional play a bit but overall, I rate him.

  10. Veteran Cole…Sounds like a good description.Could he really make a good partnership with Earnie? As a target man? Can he still move?Certainly a Nottingham man and experienced..Any comments?Alan www. freedom.ws/alansand

  11. Absolutely not, Alan.
    He’s had a shed load of clubs look at signing him on loan this season and virtually all have decided not to. Why should we?
    Let Tys have his chance, he’s earned it, and look at someone young and quick who will scare defenders. And I also believe Ormerod has earned a crack at the Championship with us too, he was the difference between automatic and play-offs in my humble opinion.

  12. Anymore news on Kriss Commons ??

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