Will late Freedman strike put Leeds United back on course?

The League One playoffs jumped into life tonight with a pulsating game between Leeds United and Carlisle United at Elland Road.  I was set to start to draw parallels between us being 2-0 up after the away leg at Yeovil last season, and of course ultimately failing dismally, which would have offered Leeds some solace for their trip to Bruton Park.  However, a goal in the sixth minute of added time (only four were added, mind!) by Dougie Freedman perhaps gives Leeds renewed hope.

Westwood in the Carlisle goal was undoubtedly man of the match, he kept out a plethora of Leeds chances which would have put the game well beyond doubt despite goals from Danny Graham and Marc Bridge-Wilkinson that looked to be giving the Cumbrians a surprising 2-0 lead to take back with them to the north.  A surprising turn of form for them given their remarkable collapse in the final stages of the regular league season (much to our benefit!).

Following on from the somewhat disappointing first semi-final between Southend and Doncaster, it’s been good to see some decent end-to-end football; controversy wasn’t far away – not least with the amount of time allowed at the end of the game – it leaves a tantalising fixture for the return game, Carlisle won’t feel comfortable to sit on their lead, and of course Leeds will need to attack to overturn the existing deficit.  After both first legs it remains in the balance which sides will be battling out for the final promotion spot at Wembley.

I can only reiterate what a relief it is to watch the playoffs as pretty much a neutral; whilst many folk I know are clamouring to see Leeds lose, I find myself just out for seeing a decent game of football to be honest – and tonight that’s certainly what I’ve seen – and I’m hoping for more in the next leg!

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  1. as you say, great to watch as a neutral but was still nervous, gutted by the late goal but was already worried about carlise “doing a Forest” for most of the second half

    dobie to score the winner after prutton sent off for second yellow card anyone?

  2. Exciting stuff. Leeds inexperienced players probably overawed by their own massive crowd. Carlisle saved time and time again by their keeper Westwood. Carlisle luckily score first from a corner that never was. Off former Leeds player Graham`s posterior. Then Carlisle score again. Carlisle sit back and are inevitably punished for it.
    Massive goal for Leeds in injury time which could prove crucial on Thursday in front of Carlisle`s smaller crowd and dodgier pitch… The Yorkshiremen never make it easy for themselves as we saw in their last playoff semi-final against Preston in the Championship?
    Ah well-can`t wait for Thursday.

  3. Bovvered?

  4. exciting stuff.

  5. I work with a Leeds fan and he reckons their man deliberately raked his studs down the back of the Carslisle mans head in order to ensure an extra minute at the end. Dirty buggers!

  6. Yes, Yes, Yes, Yesssssssssssssssssss!!! Leeds lost at home!! Even a 1-0 win away is not good enough (after extra time i.e.) I tell you what guys, 0-2 is a lot more dangerous that 1-2. How many times have we seen that!!!

  7. It is music to my ears (or should it be eyes?) to see a blog devoted to Notts Forest, after so many years…

    I belong to the generation that remembers the days of Brian Clough, the rivalry with Liverpool, and glories of Europe — amazing days.

    Aaaa, I’m comin’ on all nostalgic…

    Kudos to you, I’ll be following with anticipation

    David, now in Canada

  8. at least leeds lost but still cant work out why they always score on 90 minutes!!!!!!! think it will be a good game at carlise but carlisle will be going to wembley to play doncaster but you just never know it could be a forest – yeovil play off match and swing entirly the other way! lol

  9. So earnshaw has cleared off on holiday.That enthusiasm for you. Sounds like we might be better off having another go at Best”?I hope carlisle come up with us.With our strengthened squad???we should get 6 points from them . Leeds go up and they have money to strengthen their squad too ..and would present more of a challenge. Blackpool got into the playoffs so why not us !! YOU REDS !!!!

  10. The Cherry on top of the cake if Leeds muff it up. Not because I have any dislike for Leeds but Ken Bates has got to be the most arrogant and dislikeable man in football. Blaming all the other teams in league one for Leeds not getting their points back, accusing us and others of ..’persuing their own selfish interests…’ the irony and hypocrisy lost on him. Come on Carlisle!!

  11. Leeds fan in peace. Well done, Forest, after yeovil I thought you deserved a bit of luck and you got it this year with donny’s self destruct. Good luck next season – maybe we’ll see you there ???

  12. Hey John, txs for your wishes – it’s upto your players if they can turn the game around tonight but I don’t understand that you play the 2nd leg before the others. Only 4 days rest for both teams compared to a week for the other semi. Stupid FA muffed that up well….

    It was tough decision in the court but it took far far to long to clean up a mess created last summer. Whatever’s been done has been done but they must keep that line from now on, for better or worse at least for a while.

    Well played to your team throughout the season but the lottery of the play offs is never easy. At least if u don’t go up you won’t be the team to beat so much as Leicster will be the new team to beat!!!

  13. Coventry after eastwood..Forest back for best??????

  14. Well, Freedman’s goal did indeed put Leeds back on track… They won 2-0 at Brunton Park and are on their way to Wembley!!! Of course the second goal was scored in the dying seconds!!! In Greece we say for lucky bastards like them that they have a wide ass……….lol

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