The Premier League draws to an inevitable close..

Whilst Manchester United are celebrating an unsurprising title, despite putting four goals past their respective opponents, Reading and Birmingham City will be joining Derby County (whose fate was confirmed back in March), and of course joining us, in The Championship next season.  The UEFA cup place that Villa had a slim chance of snatching remains with Everton as the top of the table resumes a very familiar shape to end the season.  

The usual suspects sit in the top three, Liverpool occupy the ‘not quite good enough to be contenders, but better than everyone else’ slot in fourth, with Everton again in fifth, but in no danger of troubling their neighbours for that ‘Champions’ League spot.  Derby of course was always an inevitable position at the foot of the table, indeed, if they’d been given nine points for a win and three for a draw, then they would still be bottom of the league, that’s how piss poor they’ve been this season.

Despite an element of drama at the foot and the top of the table, it really didn’t compare to the final run-in for both The Championship and in League One, where so many uncertainties lead to a number of surprises happening; mostly pleasing to us Reds, I might add.  It does lend weight to Smoulderwood commenting on The Football League website that the Championship is arguably the best in the country – for competitiveness… it’s hard to argue that point when you see the likes of Stoke City finally gracing the top flight again.

So as well as the obvious fixture we relish, we can also looking forward to a reacquaintance with Birmingham City and Reading; a part of me was hoping Fulham would drop as it’s a ground I’ve not visited whereas I have been to the others before – but nonetheless it does make for slightly more talented opponents that we’ve had habitually for a while.  Let’s hope we get the assorted outstanding contracts and new signings sorted out in time to have a solid preseason with a full squad!

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  1. It been a good year, I support Forest (enough said) I also know people who I dislike that are, Chealsea, Leicester City, Derby and Reading fans…..I’m sure if I look hard enough there is a Birmingham fan in there…

    But putting all the silly things aside it hard on any fan to go down, we all know that but its clear we are going to have to be tip top next year as the Championship has some tough fixtures….

    All I say……bring back Marlon Harewood……..

    And bring on August……..

  2. NFFC, i had the misfortune of visiting Craven Cottage to watch Fulham v Derby this season. I was hoping for a good stuffing of the sheep, but ended up seeing a dreadful 0-0. Nice enough bars and food under the stand, but the rest of the place is pretty rubbish! So you are not missing out on much!

    (Having said that, some quality boozers on the banks of the Thames for a few pints before and after the game!)

  3. I see we can add Birmingham to the Derbies we’ll be playing in the Championship (of course!! 🙂 ). My count makes it 4 – Wolves, Coventry, Birmingham & the stuffed Rams!! Have I forgoten my geography & missed a team out. Does Sheffield count or r they a little bit further than the Midlands as I remember?

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