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We all know what happens when the season finishes, the rumours start in earnest – you only need to check one or two of the forums to see some outlandish claims being made.  My favourite (and quite persistent) one at the moment is the return of Marlon Harewood next season.  Not that I believe it, generally the flippant ‘99.9% of rumours are bollocks’ statistic is probably something that isn’t entirely unreasonable (unless you’re talking about the Fleetwood Mac album, which is probably about 50% bollocks).

Michael sent me the following link though, which tries to quantify press rumours by club; so not only does it list who is reporting on our players who may be leaving, and those we may be targeting – they also supply us with the % hit rate for each of the publications!  So, if we see the Daily Mail reporting that Commo might be defecting and travelling the wrong way up the A52, we will know there’s a 29% chance they’re right – they currently have a hit rate of 2 transfers happening, out of 7 rumours printed.

As far as I know the News of the World is the latest paper to suggest that he’s definitely going, well they have a hit rate of a big fat 0% so far!  Indeed, the only papers to get any rumours at all right for Forest are the previously mentioned Mail, the Daily Star who’ve hit 3 out of 18 rumours printed, and the Sun who have just 1 correct from 14 printed.  So ultimately, it seems that the national press are just as reliable as the resident ‘guru’ with a source on your forum of choice.

So it’s definitely worth sticking this page in your bookmarks; I shall add it to my links section as well – if nothing else it’s a one-stop shop for finding rumours rather than sifting through the papers, their websites or trying to glean that crucial bit of information from one of the many Forest forums.  Having said that, you may still have to do that as well, because there’s no mention of Marlon Harewood coming back in the press at all, which perhaps demonstrates how realistic that particular one is!

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  1. ive actually been using this site since the january transfer window and ive found it totally useless most of the time with irregular updates and the squad section seems rather depleted with no mention of tyson etc

  2. Only 1 thing 2 say – lol!!! 😆

  3. Not gossip!! : June 16 Programme is released for the new season starting Sat Aug 9 as said on the Official NFFC site. 🙂

  4. I often use http://www.newsnow.co.uk/h/Sport/Football/League+One/Nottingham+Forest

    Although the link will need updating in a couple of months 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. i use newsnow though that is brilliant! lol

  6. The most online news collector (which is how I found ths blog) capturing just about every tiny corner!! News-now. Most of my info comes from there although it doesn’t always pick up Skysports headlines. Maybe now we’re in the Championship it’ll find us more often!! 😆

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