Season ticket prices to increase..

The club claims an average increase of 10%, I make it around 12% – casting my eye down the list of prices, then I would say I’m satisfied rather than pleased.  If we take a few of their renewal rates and divide them by 23 for a ‘per match’ basis, then it does start to look a bit of a rip off in some areas, but less so in others – but I suppose that this hasn’t really changed over the last few years.

Let’s start with renewing in the Trent End, £349 – the cheapest adult option at the City Ground – this represents a little over £15 per match which isn’t bad at all.  Take it to the other extreme and go for a new (ie, not a renewal) season ticket in C or D block for a whopping £517 and it works out at almost £22.50 per game.  Now, once you factor in the ‘everyone £5/£10’ type promotions, suddenly that doesn’t start to look like such a good option unless you can guarantee you’ll make every home game.

We would have been fools to not expect Forest to leverage their promotion as an opportunity to increase their prices, but perhaps with them achieving the unexpected on the pitch I had vainly hoped they would do something even more unexpected off it and offer a real reward to those of us who’ve stuck it out for the last few seasons whilst others have walked away.  A £25 difference (between a 5-8% discount depending on where you sit) isn’t really much of a reward when you think about it.

The full details are available by clicking here.  Mark Arthur had to say the following to announce the ticket prices:

“In setting the prices for season tickets we have taken into account several factors including other Championship club’s pricing structures, especially those clubs of a comparable size and stature, and our desire to give Colin Calderwood the best possible chance of strengthening the squad.”

Ah, the old strengthening the squad chestnut.  Mind you, if we could get (and these are completely hypothetical numbers) 15,000 season tickets sold, for an average price of £275 (once you factor in the younger fans and the senior citizen rates), then it would be worth over £4m, which isn’t to be sniffed at.  Having said that, if Mr Doughty is serious about his talk of wanting to be a challenger I imagine it would still take a fairly deep hand in his pocket to supplement the season ticket money…

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  1. So much for my loyalty idea then. Mine has gone up from £460 to £492.

    Hopefully they’ll spend some of the money on playing staff and improving the facilities in the main stand (the worst in the ground and yet the most expensive…go figure)

  2. I’ve just checked on the sheep shaggers and a Grade A ticket (I guess like where I am in the Main Stand, except with better catering) costs £410 for a renewal. That is compared to £492 for us.

    Oh well, I know where i’d rather be.

  3. I’ll say it here 2, for me it’ll be an increase in getting around to watch Forest matches & a couple more round of drinks!!! I’m sure you’ll all setlle for that!!! 😆

  4. So our most expensive ticket is 20% more expensive than Derby’s?!

    That must be what Mr Arthur meant when he said “Including other Championship club’s pricing structures” being only one of several factors! I wonder if they reduced their prices from last season?

  5. Derby froze theirs. I think we would have increased ours if we got relegated.

    Derby have sold 19,000 ALREADY and are on-target to at least match the 24,000 they got last year.

    More tickets at a lower price=more money + more programmes/pies/ale sold.

  6. So we’re 20% more expensive (simplistically, by taking the most expensive, granted) than a Premier League team (in the loosest sense of the word) was last season? Given the rises of 10-13% for us this year, this also means that we were paying more in League One than that rabble were in the top flight!

    I realise it’s a socially deprived area and everything, but even so!…

  7. You got it.

    As I said, maybe they are so low to encourage people into the football club/business park.

    They already have the money in the bank of course.

    If they spend the extra 13% putting an extra one person behind the bar or getting some kind of better system for selling food or improving the totally useless mainstand PA etc etc then I guess it won’t be too bad.

  8. I don’t get it? Yes Nottingham in relation to Derby is far more affluent etc ect but how can the club justify such an increase? Has Mark Arthur’s and is wonderful world of PR stepped into gear again…. Well anyway, the price basically means that I will pick and choose matches rather than commit. I wonder how many other fans feel this way? actually I do know the strategy behind it but surely a full ground is better than 70-80% full, ask the players, it could be the difference between a draw and a home win and we all know the fine line between success and failure. There’s still a fundamental problem with the way our club treats it supporters and at first I felt the complaints last month was counter productive but now I think the sooner supporters have more input into the running of OUR club the better. YOU REDS!

  9. The right thing to do would have been to put up the new tickets but not the renewals – repward loyalty. Alas. T’is not to be.

  10. £111 renewal price for my Trent End lower seat. Not too bad, although to be honest I’d pay anything anyway, what else would I do on a saturday?

  11. “£111 renewal price for my Trent End lower seat” Please explain this price !!!

  12. £111 is the price for a U18 ticket.

    My son has a U12 and his has gone up from £60 to £63. Mine has actually stayed the same as the renewal price is the same as the cost of a new season ticket last season.

    Does anybody know what the procedure is if I want to renew my season ticket but change seat?

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