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Hats half-off to the powers-that-be at Forest, I was anticipating the usual wait ’til some time at the end of May or the start of June until they announced season ticket prices; but apparently they’ll be available on the Official Site at some point tomorrow.  Given the residual feelings of euphoria most of us are probably still feeling, it’s a prudent move, although of course it leaves us cautiously anticipating whether they’ll opt to fleece more cash out of us or reward our loyalty over some pretty dismal seasons.

I do think there’s some way to go on this front from Forest, our neighbours down the A52 released season tickets for sale some time ago, and have reportedly already shifted just under 20,000 of them.  Whilst I can understand that economically Forest might want to consider their promotion status, other clubs in the same situation are able to offer details – and solid incentives – to get renewals tied up with these things still unconfirmed.

The idea that promotion should also mean an increase in price is a bit of a simplistic stance – promotion to the Championship is worth £8m, so arguably a price increase would be less justifiable than if we’d failed to go up again – particularly since a higher league of football should increase demand and therefore sales of the magic booklets; which ultimately, when you consider the £5/£10 games etc, don’t really offer that much of a saving – particularly if you sit in the Main Stand.

But it will be welcome to know a bit further in advance than usual, I’m still holding my judgement until I understand exactly how much I’ll be expected to part with – will it be a cynical attempt to cash in on those fantastic feelings at the weekend?  Will it be a sympathetic reward for the loyalty so many of us have shown by continuing to renew through seasons of turgid rubbish?  I suppose it’s likely to be somewhere in between the two.

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  1. I still believe they should honour the “no price increase if we get promoted” that they made when we first came down.

    We’ve been patient (well, kind of) so they should repay us.

    It can’t be hard to just freeze the prices of the people who have had tickets for all of the league one seasons…can it?

  2. It’s all a bit 1970s with the coupons isnt it? Why dont we have a credit card swipe to speed up the entry process and keep in yer wallet?

    And why not do the S. Tkts by direct debit?

    Mind you, the ticket office, refreshments and general club ethos is in a time warp so why should the season tickets be any different.

    But of course I’ll be renewing come what may.

  3. Oh the joy of renewing your season ticket – a feeling I’ll never feel personaly. 😦 Oh well, that doesn’t stop me being a devoted Forest supporter to the death (& beyond should there be!!).

    It will def. b a v. int. sit. (I know – what the heck is he on about – definatly, very, interesting, situation – happy now?!).

    So, you lot await with agony (maybe) whilst I await to see how many more times I can see our beloved reds over here!!! (hello – we get Sky too!!).

    Not long now… & We”re all ready enjoying the Championship & it ain’t started yet!!!

  4. You’re right Husky, it’s a bit Life on Mars at the City Ground.

    Maybe they will bring us kicking and screaming into the 80’s this season.

  5. Freezing Ticket prices?

    Not likely – we should all expect inflationary increases (say 3%) for each year they have not gone up

  6. That’s almost psychic Scott – 3 years x 3% = 9%, 3% to capitalise on the feelgood factor = 12% – that’s about it!

  7. Me, again – news in about 10mins ago say you lot gotta cough up an average of 10% more 4 the new season – the excuse – to give CC more dosh for players. So, translate that!!

    For me, a) It’s a broken promise & b) Doughty is not coughing up that much dough (dosh/money)

    Look at the bright side, we got Coventry, Derby, Shefield & Wolves away. A lot closer than last season!! & We don’t play MK Dons or Leicster & maybe even Lucky Leeds & Scott Dobie!! (Funny how the later has started scoring again!! – deja vous? Yep, see Jack Lester!!

  8. Not far off NFFC & Scott you were!! 😆 Oh well. For me it’ll be an increase in trips to find Forest games & a couple of extra round of drinks!!! I bet you’ll all settle for that!! 😆

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