Not quite had enough of scenes of jubilation?

No? Me either!  Here are some more to enjoy – no goals this time, just the aftermath of the game and what it meant to the players and staff alike, not to mention the fans.  Keep an eye out for Terry the Kitman who makes a fairly prominent appearance!!

Whatever would we have done without YouTube?!

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  1. Great stuff NFFC!

    Love the voice overs of the radio commentary in the background – gave me goose bumps just listening to that!

  2. Something has been bothering me about all the images and videos of the celebration scenes and I’ve finally figured out what it is… Tyson is not taking part!

    His only appearance in any of them is in this photo: and, quite clearly, he is not joining in.

    Whats going on?

  3. Well he did have his two children with him. He always seems very grounded does our Nathan. I dont THINK its anything sinister????

  4. I’ve seen pictures of Tys celebrating, and also with his kids. Nothing to worry about.
    But have you seen the way Commo is celebrating? They are not the celebrations of a Nottingham lad on his way to D**by!

  5. Yes, Tys had his two daughters in tow which is probably why he’s less prominent in the celebrations. He’s in the Post today saying he is after signing a new deal and staying.

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