Manager of the month for the bronze one!

It’s no great surprise really, six wins out of seven – and a draw – have been enough not only to snatch Forest automatic promotion, but enough to snag the manager of the month award for April/May; an award he’s not picked up since November 2007.  So a big congratulations to Smoulds, who quite prophetically said back in November that he wasn’t celebrating too much as the April/May award was typically indictative of the success or failure of a season.

He said to the Official Forest site:

“I remember saying when I won the award in November that it didn’t really mean too much at that stage of the season and that any manager who wins it in April and May would really have something to smile about.

“Managers who win the award at this stage of the season have usually done something right in terms of getting their team promoted or clear of relegation.

“It’s nice to get the award but it’s not all about me. We won promotion as a team and a club and have celebrated likewise since Saturday.”

Also on the Official Site is a rather nice wallpaper they’ve put together of the assorted celebratory shots taken at the weekend – perfect for that work computer if you happen to sit next to a Leicester City or Derby County fan!  You can download them by clicking this link.

Not quite had enough of scenes of jubilation?

No? Me either!  Here are some more to enjoy – no goals this time, just the aftermath of the game and what it meant to the players and staff alike, not to mention the fans.  Keep an eye out for Terry the Kitman who makes a fairly prominent appearance!!

Whatever would we have done without YouTube?!