Good news all round…

Firstly, I’ve managed to track down a copy of ‘that video’ – I’ve uploaded to YouTube and re-embedded it in the original story, and I’ve also uploaded a version of it in AVI format that you can download and keep (see original story for the link).  Given I’ve been lucky so far with my other video not being subject to the ‘cull’ of so many videos of the weekend, I’m hoping it might remain there for a while, but we shall see – so watch it while you can!

The other good news is that Sky Sports are reporting Forest have made Kris Commons a contract offer in the wake of either Derby County or his agent playing silly buggers and starting to make us worry he might be on his way.  So get it signed, Kris – you said you wanted to play in the Championship, why not enjoy the contribution you made to our season by enjoying the benefits next season whilst still wearing the Garibaldi!  Hopefully we can get this wrapped up quickly.

On a blogging front, it’s been understandably busy ’round here for the last few days – Sunday smashed my previous record day, and then Monday went and smashed that too – even yesterday was bigger than the original record day.  Which is completely awesome, past ‘spikes’ in activity had been driven by negativity, it’s great to have a fat spike for positive reasons.  There was a certain amount of help by links from The Guardian (bottom left, we’re number two on “Our favourite things this week”) and When Saturday Comes – so thanks fellas!

Of course, after a frenetic few days of posting, it’s likely that the posts will slow down over the next few days, weeks and months – but of course I’ll try to keep track of the rumours as they arise.  The other good news is that the reserves are on track for a league and cup double after winning a semi-final match today, so a huge well done to them, an opportunity for them to cap off a truly remarkable season.

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  1. I like the new banner, very good 🙂

  2. Felt we needed something a little more celebratory, and naturally wanted to include my two favourite Forest characters in positions of prominence!

  3. good work nffc. your spikes are just the fruits of some hard work and sensible writing which is very much appreciated by us who cant be around the City Ground each week.

    I look forward to continue reading next season.

  4. It’s not hard sitting here and typing bollocks really!

  5. A good little video compilation, I saved it to savour it – thanks.
    Enjoy your ‘break’ but make sure you’re back to keep us informed & entertained again next season.

  6. I’m sure I’ll still be posting quite frequently.. just not about 20 posts in 3 days like recently 😆

  7. As long as it is regular, this is the first Forest opinion site I come to. And a change of banner! My picture had been up there for nearly a year! 8)

  8. That video is great. I’ve got goosebumps watching it. If ever things get a bit hard to bear, watching that will lift any mans’ spirits.
    It all seems a bit surreal, I keep thinking back to how I felt when the whistle went. I sit front row in the lower trent, so had a great view of the players reactions when the ref blew. I’m not sure who was more emotional, me or Cohen!!

    Thanks for starting this blog, nffc. It’s been an invaluable source of information, not to mention good-humoured banter, for those of us that live outside of Nottingham and are therefore last to know whats occuring.
    I raise a cyber glass to you, chap.

  9. Love the new banner, everyone celebrating, happy, something amazing had just happened and a new era was dawning.

    Well….everyone except the man in the middle (under the ow of follow) with his arms crossed and generally looking like he’d rather be anywhere else than this? Closet Doncaster fan?

  10. I don’t know what avi is but I’ve managed to download the sound of the video to real player but can’t get the picture. Thanks for that anyway.Have you seen my video yet? It’s making me a lot of money and with all the indians and,chinese in England all wanting domains with their own names for 10 dollars a month and making big money from the site they create,you would have a massive income from the growth in China and India alone.With your computer skills you would be well paid for hopefully continuing your blog..Here it is again, You have people like Vassilis and Forest fans like me around the world who would certainly be interested. Best wishes Alan

  11. One more reason to cheer, reserves have beaten Hartlepool featuring not a small number of first-squad members, and have gone on to face Manchester City in the Pontins League final at a date TBA. Football-hungry Forest fans should make the trip I reckon.
    I’m joining my distant voice to everybody else to praise you on this blog nffc, the Hellenic Nottingham Forest Fan Club is seriously thinking to create its own in our mother tongue…………

  12. NFFC!! U’re pulling our funny bones I think – CC & ND your 2 favourite Forest Charachters. I’m cringing not laughing.

    All credit to CC for taking us up but I’ll pass judgement later. As for ND – time to put the money where your mouth is….

    Anyway, it early & I got get off here for now!!…

  13. ti les Vas; – translation – what r u on about Vas!!! That’ll be nice but how many hits u think you’ll have. Count me in that’s for sure!!

  14. I’ve downloaded the video but only get the sound – both in Windows Media Player and in Winamp. Does anyone know, what I have to do to get the actual video as well. The quality of the video on youtube isn’t as good as the original one either – can I do anything about that? Cheers and thanks for your work retrieving it… 🙂

  15. Yiannaki – I said favourite character, not favourite manager or anything like that – mainly because I have a bit of fun with the ‘Smoulderwood’ thing… whilst I have definitely been over-harsh on him over the course of the season, he still has a bit to prove!

  16. Hi Phil – the downloadable ones play okay for me, and are better quality – I can only imagine it’s something to do with codecs or similar – which isn’t very helpful… I’ll have a check about when I get home later and see if I can convert it to a different format for you.

  17. Yep, you said it to the point – a bit to prove, starting with how he can handle the transfers this summer….

    I’m trying hard not to criticise a manager who has took as up, at least for the moment., but he’s earned another shot at proving himself…

    Could he be compared to the great late ‘Sir’ Brian Clough. Never as Cloughie took no rubbish from anyone & that meant anyone. We had the cleanest teams in any league (card wise) & Cloughie wouldn’t have t any other way. Although our record this year I thin is better than last year it’s still not at a high standard.

  18. ATTN: Youtube download failures.

    A few ways to download the video……..
    You can get a free Youtube downloader from here:-

    IMHO choice is Flash & Media Capture – however this only embeds (AFAIA) into Internet Explorer and not Firefox. It can be set to automatically download videos on any webpage (they’ll go into “My Documents\FM capture” folder.)
    Get it here:-
    It is shareware, but you get a free trial and lets not get into cracks etc 😉

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