Doughty is talking the talk..

Nigel Doughty came out immediately after promotion to congratulate Smoulderwood and the team, but given the plethora of things to comment on this one slipped through the net ’til now.  He obviously spoke of his pleasure in the achievement, but there was to be no gloating from the opt much maligned Forest chairman.

Upon taking over the club he set himself three targets, to put the finances right (which – despite involving debts, just to Mr Doughty rather than less sympathetic creditors – are apparently to his satisfaction), the mysteriously vague ‘putting the Nottingham back into Nottingham Forest’ – unless he means purely employing a decent proportion of players who hail from local areas, then I’m not convinced that’s been entirely achieved yet.

I would read that as Forest being a welcoming place for supporters – which I don’t think it has been.  I’ve seen stewards treat home (and away, to be fair) supporters very shabbily with no obvious provocation, the club are still one of the last to announce season ticket prices and endless other quibbles.  So if they mean by putting Nottingham back into Forest they will be providing exemplary service to the fans who have stuck by them through some turgid times, then I still think there is room for improvement.

His third pledge was the one that got all the headlines – to regain and retain our Premier League status.  Now, I’ve spoken before of my disillusionment with all things top flight before, it isn’t a competitive arena – but I must confess the thought of just being a league below it makes it a tantalising prospect again.  Doughty claims he won’t celebrate until we get to that level – and indeed, has spoken of not settling for mere consolidation next season either.

It’s great to hear him speaking so soon after the game and so ambitiously, of course he leaves himself open to criticism immediately – but equally he would have done by remaining silent.  Of course, this sets a target for Smoulders and his team from the get-go – consolidation is not enough, the last time Forest spoke up of lofty ambitions was the ‘We’re serious about Promotion..’ campaign – and we know how that ended.

Personally, a couple of decent results against the Sheep and a finish in the league at least four places above them (incase, surely I can’t be that lucky, they finish bottom!) would do me, and that sounds quite unrealistically ambitious right now!  I hope that Mr Doughty’s much loftier ambitions prove to be more realistic – let’s face it, it wouldn’t be the first time Forest were capable of achieving heights vaster than I believed!

An appeal to make Forest the biggest team in Mongolia!

Sometimes something completely random pops into your email and leaves you lost for words because of the sheer unlikeliness of it.  I had a few of those last week, they involved Forest getting automatic promotion, and that happened!  Today I received this from Rich Fisher, who is appealing for your old Forest shirts so that he can put them towards a very good cause, which certainly does sound like the most random thing ever… read on…

Dear NFFC Blog,

I’m hoping you can help me out by making mention on your fine site of a truly noble mission that I am undertaking this summer…. and which I need Reds fans to help me with.
Yes, this may sound crazy – but I’m going to attempt to make Forest the biggest football team in Mongolia!
Allow me to explain!
Basically, I’m a lifelong Reds fan – and this summer, a friend and I are taking part in a charity event called the Mongol Rally.
For the benefit of anyone who hasn’t heard of this, this will basically involve us attempting to drive all the way from the UK to Mongolia in a really crap car – and getting people to sponsor us.
All of the money we raise will be going to charities who support orphaned street children in Mongolia – some who we will hopefully be visiting when we complete our epic 8,000 mile journey and arrive in Mongolia.
And in addition to raising cash and having an amazing adventure, we’ve decided we want to take the opportunity to spread the word of the mighty Reds – by accumulating as many old Forest shirts as we can, and dishing them out to the street children of Mongolia.
So, if any fans have any old shirts that they no longer want festering away in a drawer somewhere, I’d be very interested in hearing from them.
I’m sure there isn’t a single Forest fan who wouldn’t be amused be the idea of lots of young Mongolian children running around the streets of Ulaanbaatar wearing the famous garibaldi red.
If any visitors to your site can help, please tell them to get in touch with me via email at
Meanwhile, anyone wanting to find out more about me and my mate’s Mongol Rally adventure, go to
Rich Fisher

So, if any of you have any old shirts lurking in a cupboard somewhere that either don’t fit or won’t get used, then please get in touch with Rich.  I’ve sorted out a couple from the back of my cupboards to send to Mongolia, because, as Rich quite rightly states, it would be great to think of some little Mongolian tykes running amok in Ulaanbataar (I had to look that up!) wearing them.