Highlights of an amazing day..

It only occurred to me when watching the highlights that it was three local lads who scored all our goals, which resonates rather with the ‘putting Nottingham back into Forest’ comments Nigel Doughty made after the game.  Hopefully the YouTube police don’t notice this little infraction and allow the clip to remain, as it’s fantastic viewing, I’m sure you’ll agree!

For those of you wanting to download the video, you can do so by clicking here.

There’s a nice reminder in there about how tense it was over the course of the day, for those of you who watched ‘The Championship’ this evening, you’ll have seen from the footage of The Championship games how it looks the other way too; I resisted the urge to make videos of the Leicester slide into League One oblivion, preferring instead to bask in our own celebrations!

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  1. Thanks for that.As I obviously can’t get this programme here inIsla Margarita,I’m grateful.Thanks for all the comments and work you have put in during the season and I wish a good break and news of some good signings!!!!! Best wishes Alan Alansan@alanwood.ws

  2. My e mail is alansand@alanwood.ws

  3. A great link NFFC thanks alot!!

    One quick question, does the Donny Chairman thinks he’s The Terminator??? Check out those shades….dude!

  4. Thanks for that video link . I ‘m from Sydney Australia and have been following Forest since 1978 . It has not been easy being a Red’s fan . All my mates are either Arsenal or Liverpool or Everton fans and they always joke with me that i will be a Great Grandad before i see Forest back in the Premier League . ( i don’t have any children)The last couple of years have been rather difficult to live through as a the only way i could get any video or news of the reds has been through your website and a some odd youtube posts .
    Last season there was one highlight in that we got the live telecast on the Chelsea FA clash and as poor a display as that was , it was still a treat to watch my boys on the screen.
    Our TV only shows Premier League and only in the last couple of years have they started showing Championship games.

    It was actually a bit nervewracking on saturday to get the results as i had no internet of all days and I had to wait till sunday morning (sydney time) to get the scores from the football on our ABC radio. The only way i got myself to sleep on Saturday night (remembering that we are 9 hours ahead and the 3pm matches are always at midnight and at 2a.m in the summertime) was to have a really big piss-up and get completely knackered.

    The first result to come through was Carlisle and that was favourable, then after a few others it was the cheltenham result which i just could not believe could have happened(i was hoping for a draw at best) and then the last one was our result and they announced Nottingham Forest 3 ( and in that split second so many thoughts flashed through my head , the most notable one being that surely we could not have let Yeovil score more that 3 goals which we all know did occur in one notable clash last season with the glovers and i all i could think was not again) and Yeovil 2 ….i literally jumped through the roof and celebrated wildly all day ( it’a bit funny to think that you guys would all have been celebrating for hours alreadyand here i was on 7 hour delay)

    I did not get access to the net till i went back to work today and only then did i feel like you NFFC that it was not just a dream but a wonderful reality…..
    I know we will do well next season and really push for promotion.
    In the meantime i am so looking forward to watching the team on TV regularly in the championship starting August …..and still dreaming of one day coming to watch a match at the city ground.(hopefully in the top flight)
    Come on you tricky Trees….

  5. I know what its like RedTrees. Here in the US I can only watch Premier League games, so I’ve had to use YouTube to get my Forest fix. It does make for a unique experience. It’s like I’m a guerrilla fan. You Reds!

  6. Thanks ofr the effort put into organising the video. I am in New Zealand and would be very interested in how others watch / listen to games

  7. Great clip of the final day drama. Only footy on kiwi TV is premier League stuff so only get to watch Forest on youtube clips when the dodgey NZ internet allows you.
    Thanks for the posting.
    Heres to the reds in the Premier League in a seasons time!!

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