Another great video of Saturday..

Whilst I was lazy and just recorded ‘The Championship’ and stuck it on YouTube and went to bed, I’ve just found the below video which is much more lovingly compiled, complete with commentary overlaid by our very own Colin Fray which is much better!  It’s ultimately the same footage, but I’m sure you can stand to see it again, I know I’ll be watching it a few more times over the course of the afternoon!

You can also download the video in AVI format by clicking here. Or in WMV format by clicking here.

A day of joy for us facilitated by JJ ‘Tina Turner’ Price hitting the post for Doncaster at a point when it would have given them the lead, and of course a day later misery was to heaped upon Leicester by the woodwork too.  To cap it all off, it’s Bank Holiday Monday and the weather is glorious!  I’m off to enjoy the garden for a change!

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  1. Amazing vid, will keep this for the bad times!

  2. Hi whats the video code for that clip so i can find it on youtube please

    what a day! yoooouuuuu REDS!

  3. Click on the video and it’ll take you right there 🙂

  4. Brilliant video, for a brilliant day.

  5. 2 days later and listening to/seeing this still brings tears to my eyes.
    Great job mate.

  6. I looked forward to the Yeovil highlights on the official site and for the special day they have put in the zombie commentator who yawns through his script.Was everyone else drunk? Please get rid of him whoever he is………….He is awful !!!!

  7. Thanks for THIS video FANTASTIC. Use Colin Fray on the official site PLEASE !!!!

  8. What a cracking montage

    It’s nothing to do with anything, but have you seen the Cheltenham man doing a swallow dive over Donny’s keeper as the winning goal goes in? V funny!

  9. Who made this superb video? Apparently it has now been removed from youtube, so I’d love for someone to put it up on a website, so others can upload it… 🙂

  10. I’ll try to track it down, in the meantime the thought police don’t seem to have come down on my video yet…

  11. No, and that’s good as well.

    However, how can I download it?

    Thaks for trying to track the other one down…

  12. If you stick ‘Download YouTube videos’ into Google I believe there are browser plugins which will do the job for you, it will save it in FLV format (which you can then convert to something else using a converter tool)…

    … it’s a bit of a faff, I’ll try to find a way to upload the video to somewhere in a downloadable form for folks…

  13. Right, you should be able to download my video here:

    I’ll add the link to the page on which it’s featured too.

  14. Brilliant! I hope, you find the guy, that made that video… 🙂

  15. […] down a copy of ‘that video’ – I’ve uploaded to YouTube and re-embedded it in the original story, and I’ve also uploaded a version of it in AVI format that you can download and keep (see […]

  16. My Video 😀

    I’m trying to upload it again myself but p.c is playing up !!

    Thanks for rescuing it !:)

  17. Alright Tom! It’s a great piece of work – really cheered me up, hence the inclusion! I think I’ve got away with my videos so far because I cunningly didn’t label them as sport 🙂 Top tip for the future!

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