The secret diary of Terry the kitman.. PROMOTION!

Terry rightly took his place at the centre of celebrations with the players and staff of Nottingham Forest, as we’ve seen from all the photos – after all the champagne and partying what does he make of the things he witnessed on that magical saturday afternoon?

Disclaimer time: this is, of course, entirely a work of fiction – largely for my own amusement.  Any resemblance between the characters portrayed, and any real person or persons – be they an employee of Nottingham Forest or otherwise – are entirely coincidental!

An apology to Smoulderwood..

Now I’ve (almost) calmed down from a few days of madness, I would like to offer an apology to Smoulds.  I initially was very fond of our bronzen manager, and had a great deal of fun constructing an imaginary lothario loosely based around him – at times this season, though, I have howled with rage and derision and posted numerous times that I’d like to see him vacate the helm at Forest.

He has every right to feel both very smug and very vindicated as he and the team celebrate snatching automatic promotion.  When he said a few weeks back, as the gap to Carlisle was 11 points, we called him mad for saying we still had an opportunity.  As Doncaster were closing the gap but we weren’t, we called him mad for saying it kept the pressure on Carlisle.  Some of us called him a lot worse.

I certainly stand by my more lucid criticisms, because whilst this season has undoubtedly been a success – the target was automatic promotion, and that target was met, it hasn’t been entertaining.  I started to see glimpses in the first half against Yeovil about how Smoulders’ system might work in an entertaining fashion, and maybe with some new recruits and with less defensive opponents it might.

The constant ramming of square pegs in round holes will also be something I can’t bring myself to forget – despite his run of goals at the start of the season, Chambers has never looked comfortable at fullback, particularly with no covering winger infront of him.  But for all those criticisms both fair and unfair, Smoulds has stuck to his guns and delivered – and for that he has my heartfelt thanks, and a genuine apology for any criticisms I may have levelled that were unfair.

At the very least he has earned the right to take us to the next level – as Nigel Doughty pointed out post-match yesterday, he’s a relatively young manager – five seasons of management have yielded three playoff finishes (and failures), and two automatic promotions.  I’ll tell you what, I’ll take that for next season in a shot – even the playoff failure part.  So I’m prepared to wipe the slate clean for next season.

Thanks for all your hard work, Smoulds, and thanks for putting up with fickle boggers such as myself – in a ground where the ecstatic feelings were palpable at the weekend, I imagine there were few feeling better than yourself – and you’ve earned it, along with the team.  Of course, there was a slice of luck, but we’ve had enough slices of bad luck earlier in the season too – it’s true these things generally balance out.


Another great video of Saturday..

Whilst I was lazy and just recorded ‘The Championship’ and stuck it on YouTube and went to bed, I’ve just found the below video which is much more lovingly compiled, complete with commentary overlaid by our very own Colin Fray which is much better!  It’s ultimately the same footage, but I’m sure you can stand to see it again, I know I’ll be watching it a few more times over the course of the afternoon!

You can also download the video in AVI format by clicking here. Or in WMV format by clicking here.

A day of joy for us facilitated by JJ ‘Tina Turner’ Price hitting the post for Doncaster at a point when it would have given them the lead, and of course a day later misery was to heaped upon Leicester by the woodwork too.  To cap it all off, it’s Bank Holiday Monday and the weather is glorious!  I’m off to enjoy the garden for a change!

Surely Krissy won’t sign for the Sheep?

Of course, as the joy subsides a little it was inevitable the rumours would start to surface, and not all of them would be nice.  I’ve heard a few whisperings about the Sheep being interested in Kris, but it wasn’t until the Evening Post picked up the ageing rumour and ran with it that I saw fit to comment myself, particularly since there were so many more important things to be focusing on in terms of on-the-pitch action!

The reports are suggesting he’s already agreed terms, for wages outside of our structure (having said that, since we’ve attained promotion, presumably our wage structure will be adjusted accordingly?).  Now of course, you don’t have to go back too far to find movement of players between the two clubs that perhaps wasn’t expected, indeed, John Robertson did just that and partly destroyed Clough/Taylor’s already fragile relationship, yet is still revered here.

Now Commons is no Robertson, but I would be disappointed if he were to seek pastures new now the Reds have been promoted.  Had we languished yet again in League One I think he would have been perfectly entitled to seek football at a higher level; and since it’s unlikely a Premier League team will come in for him, I would hope that Forest will – sooner rather than later – make him a sensible offer and get him signed up (and Sammy Clingan too, for that matter).

If he is to leave, then so be it.  On his day he’s fantastic, on others not – I was looking forward to seeing him play for us in the Championship because he should have more opportunity to flourish without being clattered every five minutes by some lower league clogger – but we shall see.  If he leaves, to someone other than the Sheep, then I wish him well.  If he does deign to sign for Derby then he’s dead to me!

Of course, the Evening Post are not famed for their insightful journalism nor accuracy of rumours, so let’s hope that unlike Forest, they haven’t undergone a miraculous turnaround in form!

Highlights of an amazing day..

It only occurred to me when watching the highlights that it was three local lads who scored all our goals, which resonates rather with the ‘putting Nottingham back into Forest’ comments Nigel Doughty made after the game.  Hopefully the YouTube police don’t notice this little infraction and allow the clip to remain, as it’s fantastic viewing, I’m sure you’ll agree!

For those of you wanting to download the video, you can do so by clicking here.

There’s a nice reminder in there about how tense it was over the course of the day, for those of you who watched ‘The Championship’ this evening, you’ll have seen from the footage of The Championship games how it looks the other way too; I resisted the urge to make videos of the Leicester slide into League One oblivion, preferring instead to bask in our own celebrations!