Remember to wave to Leicester City on the way up…

Because, thanks to a mere draw with promoted Stoke City and Southampton winning 3-2, for the first time in their history Leicester will be getting to sample the delights we have endured over the last three seasons.  It may take a while, but karma does seem to be working for me this weekend – and finally the Foxes seem to arrive at where they should for their administration-cheating shenanigans all that time ago.  Overall, it caps of what has been a terrific few weeks in football for me.

Let’s have an approximate look at a kind of timeline of things that have happened in the world of football that have filled me with delight over the last few weeks…

  1. Derby confirmed as the first ever team to be relegated from the Premier League before the end of March.  A bittersweet one this, it’s funny to laugh at the Sheep of course – and I am looking forward to our reacquaintance with them next season – but their laughably poor showing in the top flight this season really underlines the gulf between the Championship and the top flight.
  2. Notts County ensure they remain a league side.  I’m genuinely gutted for the Stags who didn’t manage to stay up, but am pleased that County have retained their place – ideally I would have liked Dagenham to go down and both Nottinghamshire clubs to survive.
  3. Liverpool get knocked out of Europe.  I don’t particularly like Chelsea or United, but I loathe and despise Liverpool so I was happy to see them fail to reach another Champions League final.
  4. Forest get promoted. I’m not ashamed to admit that I would have traded all the other things on this list for this one – by whatever means – but to have nicked automatic promotion on the last day was a momentous occasion and achievement by the boys in Red.
  5. Cheltenham survive relegation.  My desperate hunting of stats and information made me develop a real soft spot for the team we were pinning many of our hopes to.  The Robins didn’t let us down, and although a draw would have been enough for us, them beating Doncaster gave them a platform to survive too – which I’m genuinely happy about.  Up the Robins!
  6. Derby confirmed as worst Premier League team ever.  We knew it was going to happen anyway, but upon losing to Blackburn yesterday, it became impossible for Derby to level or better Sunderland’s previous lowest point record of 15.  The most Derby can get is 14 in the unlikely event that they actually win a game.
  7. Leicester City relegated to the third tier for the first time.  They’ve spent their history in the top two divisions, until now.  I never really concerned myself with them until their immoral exploitation of naive Football League rules to get out of their debts – so I’m happy to see them struggling to the level they should be at had the correct rules been in place back then.

It’s been the kind of few weeks you joke about with your mates; realising that it’s just not possible that nearly everything you want to happen in football generally doesn’t.  Particularly concerning our own team, which is why – as I noted above – I would happily have traded anything on the list for the day we had yesterday, or even hauling ourselves up through the playoffs.  Now I find myself slightly gutted that I didn’t buy a Lottery Ticket yesterday, as surely it would have won?

As we recover from our foray in the third tier, brought about largely by honestly dealing with our financial mismanagement in the past (ie. selling players, and paying our debts), it’s good to see that eventually it comes to those who deal with matters in a less moral fashion.  Enjoy the splendours of League One, here are my top five tips for things you can look forward to:

  1. The Johnstones Paint Trophy.  You probably don’t know what it is, you don’t want to either!
  2. You’re not famous anymore.  From every set of fans, every week, ad nauseum.
  3. The first round of the FA Cup.  Probably away at Backwater United, maybe even on telly.
  4. Frozen pitches.  Games between November-February have a 50:50 chance of going ahead at many grounds.
  5. Shilton reborn every week.  Opponent goalkeepers will become worldbeaters when they play you.

I’m sure a few fellow fans might come up with a few more things for you to look forward to as you navigate the third tier for the first time.  Huge congratulations to Stoke City who confirmed promotion to the Premier League today, and of course to a Stern John – of all people – inspired Southampton who managed to win 3-2 to secure their safety at the expense of Leicester.

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  1. Im still in dreamland….!!! What a weekend. Fantastic stuff!!!

    And…..what is this going to do to our local TV (Central and East Mids Today) sports coverage??? They are, and have been for many years, SO nauseatingly pro Leicester, this news is REALLY going to bugger up their running order!!

    Im with you NFFC, Im glad the Foxes have gone down. As you said, all this crap with dodgy finances with they got away with and I hate Lineker, who is so sickly sweet he makes me want to vomit!!

    Good stuff! LOL

  2. how about gillingham going down,? not being in the same league as them would have been good enough but putting two divisions between us is even better. i hate that ground, 8 times i’ve been but never again!

    up the reds, down the fox n sheep, life doesnt get any better

  3. i agree its almost too much ! …there is one more to hope for of course
    Leeds ….come on Donny, Carlisle or southend
    round it off for us good and proper

  4. What more can you say? Brilliant! You’re right NFFC karma does take it’s time, it rare that you can say that there is any true justice but it seems to have been served up good and proper this weekend. I’ve wondered why I support Forest a few too many times this season too but being there yesterday was worth everything, my ears are still ringing!
    Enjoy your summer everyone, I think it’ll take quite a while to lose this loving feeling!!!!

  5. No more trips to Walsall – at least for one year!

  6. I still can’t believe the weekend I have had, I keep thinking I am going to wake up shortly and it’s all been a dream.

    You Reds, you have done it the hard way but what a way to do it, yesterday was one of the best days of my life being a forest fan and I remember the good times. We have risen from the ashes which I think why it tastes all that more sweeter.

    The sheep have gone down, Leicester have gone down, to all fans of those teams who have called us for 3 years,….what goes around comes around, we will see Derby down here next season and we might see Fester in the third round of the Fa cup if they get that far,

    Priceless and for everyhing else theres nottingham Forest, you reds.

    PS I apologise Colin Calderwood, I have ate my humble pie and I would like to say well done.

  7. I went in 1979 to Coventry the day we won the league and I enjoyed yesterday far more it was absolutely fantastic.. Here is too next season. We are on the champaine tonight. You reds…….

  8. Correction I meant 1978

  9. Calderwood has managed a small but beautiful miracle. I should also eat pie but I won’t as CC had a big help by other teams. All credit to him but a whole much more to all the players who finally got it right-))))) Here’s to the Championship -)))))

  10. First off all, congratulations to Forest on their promotion. I must admit I was surprised that they spent three seasons in Division Three, because I thought the side that went down was a good one. You should have been back before now.

    But please don’t continue spreading the lie that Leicester City immorally exploited League rules to get out of their debts. I’m a City fan, and I remember it all too well. We didn’t volunteer to go into Administration (which, incidentally, happens to businesses all the time). We were put in that state by a High Court judge, as an alternative to the liquidation for which Eric Hall had applied. He was suing City for a million pound fee which he claimed he was owed following our signing of Dennis Wise. Eric Hall is a nasty little shit, even worse than Wise (which is saying something) and he didn’t deserve a penny.

    Leicester’s administration didn’t raise a murmur at the time: it was only when it looked like we would be promoted (as we were) six months later that people like Neil Walnut among others started whinging about the club ‘cheating’. As far as I am aware, most of the outstanding debts have since been paid, although a lot of backroom staff lost their jobs.

    Administration is not a soft option: for a time it really did seem as if City would go out of business, and it was only rescued by a coalition of former players, local businesses and the fans. It is not something I would wish on any football fan, and I hope Forest never has to go through it.

    Having said all that, our relegation to Division Three is richly deserved. Since Martin O’Neill, we have had a succession of incompetent managers, couldn’t give a stuff players, and crap directors. To be honest, we are not as good as Forest were when you went down, and I don’t see us bouncing back any time soon. I’ll still go and watch them, of course. Like you do.

    Enjoy Division Two.

  11. You’ve shown a lot more dignity than I have with that comment, so thanks for that!

  12. LanguedocFox, for a change, I did NOT enjoy your going down. As I have written time and time again on this site, your fair-play gesture in the League Cup was enough for me to wish you well for the whole season. It wasn’t meant to be. Try to get back as soon as possible, but for God’s sake don’t hire Mugson again!

  13. Thanks to nffc and vassilis for your comments.

    I should have added that it is fair enough for you to take the mick out of us going down. We did it to you guys (twice – your last match in the Premiership was at the City Ground against us). It’s just that the ‘cheating Leicester’ barb over the administration bothers every reasonably intelligent City fan (how about THAT for a contradiction in terms).

    The pity is that the season was well set up for a series of needle matches against you, Derby and (for us) Cov. I’ve always enjoyed Forest/City matches. I’m from Loughborough, so I had a bit of a choice. My best friend at school was a Forest fan, so you can imagine how I had the piss taken out of me in the 70s and 80s. And like most City fans I remember the respect shown by Forest fans during a one-minute silence for some City fans who were killed in a car accident at Christmas 1996: not just inside the ground, but outside as well.

    Like I said, enjoy Division Two. We’ll be back there with you in six or seven years.

  14. We have had our more positive moments – the allowing-us-to-score incident this season was a great gesture (as indeed, was Forest’s immediate agreement to call the game off – however it was undoubtedly the right thing to do given the circumstances).

    League One’s gonna be tough if our experiences are anything to by, but not impossible – cheers for your considered and good-humoured posts, in the face of not insignificant provokation – you must be hurting right now, so to show such humility to a bunch of smug so-and-so’s is worthy of great credit.

    I still can’t bring myself to wish you luck, though 😆

  15. As you say, the reaction of Forest to Clive Clark’s heart failure was good and entirely appropriate. Whether City sacking Martin Allen 24 hours later was also appropriate is another matter.

    Looking at your blog, you and a lot of your posters have been wrong about Calderwood – he’s been a great manager for you. For Christ’s sake don’t do what the Shaggers did with Billy Davies, or you lot did with Laws, if you aren’t in the top ten of Division Two by Christmas. Stick with the man. Give him time and he will take you to the Prem and keep you there.

    I mean, why do I care? We’re going to be playing in the Johnson Paints Trophy next season.

  16. The JPT ain’t so bad – it could be a good day out if you get to the final… I found myself strangely warming to it despite our abject showing in it.

    Agree I’ve had unfair words to say about the manager with hindsight, he’s got a clean slate from me for now.. he’s definitely earned a sensible go at the Championship!

    We’ve never had Lawsy here as a manager, though! Wish we had, he’s awesome!

  17. Apologies, I thought Laws managed Forest. He is brilliant, and I hope Wednesday stick with him. Maybe the best manager in the Second Division. As if I care!

  18. please can “nffc” and “languedocFox” stop bumming each other. Stop going on about
    how the Johnsons Paint Trophy aint too bad, and congratulating him on his good humour. You should be revelling in such an unbelievable weekend of football, and not exchanging sympathies and compliments with this clown. We’re up and they’re down (as are the sheep) Get a grip son!!

  19. Steady on Forest Bob, why cant fans chat and talk to each other, its whats this website is for.

    Just because you are probably a balding old man stuck in the 70’s (Bob, what an OAP style name!)

    We’re all Notts Forest fans at the end of the day, just get on side! People like you are what keeps the country stuck in the old ages, why dont you try paying taxes and moving forward!

  20. I missed the comment by Forest Bob. In a changing world it is sometimes a relief to realise that some things remain the same. Mind you, every club has its Neaderthals, and we have our own share,

    As you say, NNFC, we can talk to each other, appreciate what it’s like to be a football fan and enjoy life. No problem with Forest (or County, or Derby, or Cov) fans taking the piss out of City getting relegated. We’d do (did) the same. But at the end of the day, we should be grown up enough to have a beer together, smile and say “what the f***”.

    At the risk of bumming you and everyone else on this forum, I still say “Enjoy Division Two”. And if Forest Bob doesn’t want to accept my good wishes, fine. Deal with it.

  21. Oh my, I missed this fun!! 😆 So, I’m joining in – Bob, are you a single colour minded where every other colour is wrong?

    I’ve missed a lot of chapters in this Leicster saga, I 4 1 don’t know what really happened, I don’t really care 2 much- footballing wise Forest play Sheep & Owls amongst the Sky Blues where as the Foxes miss out on all 3!! JPT – a way to Wembly or a way to humiliation (to the short term memory Reds – who close have we come to being kicked out by a non-league team, VERY close!!).

    We’ll be enjoying life in Div. 2, whilst you dulge in the league below us & fight off the likes of AFC Wimbledon, Yeovil (no disrespects to them), Chelthnam (txs for sending us up), Millwall, Northampton, and maybe you’ll meet Notts County or Mansfield in the JPT!! 😆 so you can aquaint yourselves with local derbies again!!

    All the best for life in Div 3, remember this, your now the team to beat not us or Leeds.

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