Pictures speak a thousand words..

I’ve just spotted a gallery feature in the software used to create the blog… and I quite like the idea, so I’ve gathered a bit of a montage of pictures that some of you kindly sent to me, some of them I’ve blatantly pinched, and they’re available below for your viewing pleasure.  There’s loads of photos doing the rounds, I’ve not tired of looking at them all afternoon so far!

Although the pictures above are awesome and emotionally charged, you can’t beat a bit of comedy too – and I don’t think I’ve seen a funnier picture than this:

Erm, I’m afraid you’re not, mate!

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  1. Brilliant pics mate. You reds!

  2. Seeing all these pics I’m still buzzing!!! The fans set a new standard for support – everone was singing their hearts out. Even in the BC upper – I couldn’t tell you the last time i heard em sing in there. When the second Cheltenham goal went in I almost went over the seat in front.

    I cancelled going to my sisters wedding rehearsal to see this game – best decision i ever made.

    The nightmare is over – roll on Derby, the Prem and most importantly some good times back at the City Ground.


  3. Fantastic …you reds!!!

  4. Don’t know what to say! Still pinching myself and I have no fingernails left! All I can do is say ‘thank you’ for this blog – what a rollercoaster it has been, but it has been just fantastic to communicate with you all (in good & bad times!) Here’s to a red hot summer & the prospect of the mutton molesters next season!!!!

    UUUUUUUU REDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. What a day!

  6. Was the whole ground singing ‘stand up for Brian Clough’ at one point or was that bit a dream?

  7. Yes, they were. It was bizarre really; nice sentiment and all, but in what way was it relevant? I think it was the Lower Bridgford who started it, but it was taken up more widely.

    A fair few Yeovil fans stood up during it too 🙂

  8. By the time it got round to the Trent End the lyrics had bcome muffled in the noise, but it got everyone up and the atmosphere turned up another notch when the ground was already jumping. I suppose those that started the song were hoping for divine intervention!

  9. still cant believe it, best weekend of my life, just got back from wealdstone’s 50th anniversay dinner, stuart pearce guest of honour. Forest’s london supporters had a table of ten, ours was the only table decorated in red ballaons,napkins etc, we got a special mention from the chairman, the main man and some bloke sent us a bottle of champagne to celebrate with, that and stuart talking Forest and Clough, and calling a spurs fan a wa**er topped off the weekend, and its bank holiday, what on earth is going to happen tomorrow?

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