I’ve seen it in print, so it must be true!

I’m sure I’m not the only one to have awoken this morning (okay, this afternoon – just!) with an incredibly sore head and a strange feeling that I might have just had a rather fantastic dream.  I was quite grateful that, upon stagger to the local shop I was able to grab a Football Post which rather clearly confirmed what I believed I had experienced yesterday.  Indeed upon picking up my ‘phone and seeing numerous text messages from Reds fans and other teams alike, it dawned on me we’d really done it.

The best part of around half past noon ’til now has been spent perusing the forums and news sites, just taking in the fantastic pictures and videos Forest fans took from all corners of the ground, it’s fantastic and I guess the ubiquitous nature of the camera phone, and YouTube means this is the first celebration of this nature for the Reds where we’ve had the opportunity to see this wonderful myriad of ‘real’ footage taken by regular people as they leap for joy.  Heady stuff.

So here’s a few links that might make for pleasurable reading for you..

  1. Celebration photos on the Official siteincluding one of Terry the Kitman (I think there might be two – there’s one of a Terry-like figure having champagne poured on him, with his back to the camera, but the shocking thing about it is – if it is Tel – he’s wearing a vest!!).
  2. Pitch invasion photographsa thread on the LTLF forum inviting members to share their photos from the pitch invasion.
  3. Pitch invasion videos – as above, but for videos this time.  I’m sure a general search on YouTube will yield many more besides, everywhere I looked yesterday people were recording stuff!
  4. Post-match reaction – most of us obviously missed these at the time!  Links to interviews with Nigel Doughty, Mark Arthur and the players as they did their lap of honour.
  5. The goals! thanks for this link, Dazzler, I’m going to attempt to get hold of the goals from ‘The Championship’ tonight, too.

Thanks to the organised members on LTLF who collated them so neatly!  I’m currently investigating ways of getting hold of the goals to post later – so watch this space, likely to be late this evening or in the early hours of tomorrow – I really can’t wait to see ’em again, particularly Bennett’s opener, I’m still tingling from that one alone, let alone all that was to follow!

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  1. That link doesn’t work for me, Dazzler 😦

  2. YOUUUUUUUU REDS. Can’t waiit for next season.

  3. That’s awesome, thanks so much!

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