Lewis McGugan’s goal at Hartlepool..

If a picture paints a thousand words, this video clip is the equivalent of a million – huge kudos to whoever had a steady enough hand, and fortunate enough timing to capture it.  If you click the video itself it will take you to YouTube, where you can view a high quality version of it which is significantly better (I couldn’t work out a way to embed the higher quality version into this post).

What a goal, well done Lewis!

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  1. great goal from mcgugan did well to catch it on video what a match its going to be at the city ground next week!!!!

  2. isn’t it amazing how much things can change in a couple weeks? unless you’re in derby obviously…

  3. Thanks for posting this NFFC. A great goal and it sets it up really well for next weekend.

    Donny still must be favourites but we need to make sure we take care of business against Yeovil.

  4. that guy jumping around on front row behind the goal is me!! also notice that wen we scored the goalie goes back to give some glasses to a fellow supporter when they fell off after going mental when we scored..quite a nice gesture especially seeing he was getting the full brunt of ecstatic reds fans!!! UUUU reds

  5. Lets put our missgivings about the club, manager etc.
    to one side and fill the CG creating an atmosphere second to none for the lads and the manager (credit where credits due – inspired substitution).


    Don’t forget that 30,000 Reds can easily make more noise that 70,000 mancs so never underestimate the power of our support.


  6. That is quite simply the BEST video ever. I was just to the left of the camera – I have honestly watched it about 10 times now and it still gets better every time.

    There’s no better way to win a match than a late goal. Everyone needs to pray to Sir Brian Clough before the match for some divine intervention.

    Bring it on!! This week is going to drag soooooooo much. Keep the Faith.

    PS – I agree with URED

  7. Don’t know about you lot but I’m nervous as hell already!

  8. Great goal from Lewis, and if he hadn’t already won Goal of the Year for his trick against Huddersfield, again in the dying minutes if I remember well, he certainly should have won it for this one! Takes a lot of composure and scoring flair to try this banana from the edge of the box at 84 mins instead of trying to kill the keeper with a thunderous blast! You are right Boozehound it gets better every time you look at it!
    I don’t know about your nervousness mattyboy, but I can’t help remembering Sir Brian’s last-gasp promotion from Div II to Div I, so many similarities! Hey CC, why don’t you take the whole team to Spain for a few days during the week? Just kidding…

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