Now the dust has settled..

After digesting yesterday’s surprising turn of events, and the fact that we suddenly appear to have a much more tangible chance at automatic promotion than we thought, I’ve tried to take stock of it.  I think the bottom line is that not only do we really need to win our two remaining games, we also need to depend upon both Doncaster and Carlisle to drop sufficient points for us to catch up with them.  Whilst not beyond the realms of possibility, it still feels like a tall order.

If we take a look at the fixtures left, Carlisle dropping points isn’t beyond the realms of possibility – they’re on a self-destruct run of form that will be only too familiar to Forest fans, and with games against Millwall and Bournemouth to come, still scrapping for points, they are not home and dry.  Bournemouth in particular have started to seriously fight after their point deduction, and this is the game that is more likely to provide the upset.  From our point of view, Carlisle will remain above us if they can win and draw their last games regardless of our results.  Two draws would be okay though!

Doncaster Rovers have arguably the easiest run in, and will be getting excited at the prospect of grabbing second place themselves – a home game against our recent opponents Luton Town, who are already relegated and – on yesterday’s showing – aren’t very good, and then a final day trip to Cheltenham which, with all due respect to ’em, isn’t exactly a challenging fixture on paper.  We only have one point to make up over Donny, so any slip up by the South Yorkshire side will be enough for us to be able to catch them.

However, probably the most challenging ask in this is Forest’s remaining fixtures, a trip to Hartlepool – a scene of a last gap failure to qualify for the playoffs not that long ago, is a tough trip, and we all know what Yeovil Town are capable of achieving at the City Ground.  Forest need to take positivity into these games and get maximum points.  Even that might not be enough depending on what goes on elsewhere, but if we can go to Hartlepool United next week and win, we are guaranteed to take it to the last day of the season.

Of course, the sod’s law factor in this is that we’ll somehow haul ourselves into that improbably second spot, only for Leeds to be awarded their 15 point deduction back, consigning us back down to third!  The other potential factor in the mix is AFC Bournemouth’s financial struggles, which seem to have quietened down in the media – which I’m pleased about, as whilst we would have benefitted from this, I wouldn’t want to see an honest and decent club like Bournemouth going out of business.

So, in summary it’s certainly achievable for us – but it does put a certain amount of pressure back on to the side, pressure they probably weren’t feeling for the Luton Town game – and that wasn’t exactly an exemplary display of football.  Should we get to the final day with it still in the balance it will prove to be a tense day of checking results on mobile phones constantly, so we could all be in for a huge WAP bill!

As for us fans, it’s surely time to quell the negativity on matchdays – put an end to the half time boos, no more banners against the manager, as long as there’s even the slightest possibility of us nicking that second spot, no matter how tiny, then our role should be to get behind the team and try to spur them on to victory.  Stranger things have certainly happened, it seems silly to be formulating protests whilst a successful season is still possible.

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  1. You are right that Cheltenham is not the most dependable side to cause an upset, but if they lose at Oldham on Saturday, then they will probably be fighting for their lives on the last day given Bournemouth’s excellent run (the Cherries will certainly win against indifferent Crewe as far as I’m concerned), and the fact that Cheltenham lose to Bournemouth on goal difference. So, really, anything can happen… Provided that we are up for it and do our duty ourselves. Anyhow, would you expect less from Mr. Optimistic? 🙂

  2. I can understand why the fans have taken into there hands to introduce banners, and Ia can understand why fans want Calderwood out… but for fuck sake, leave it for now, while there is an outside chance of going up, we should be getting behind the team.

    Lots of things need to be resolved going into next season, from management, to stewards; to atmosphere/fan location… there’s a whole host of issues that are in need of addressing. Doughty and co has certainly not helped the current salutation… but for the time being it’s to be left until the summer.

    I know the fans will be great away from home so come on, but all for feelings to one side against Yeovil, and get behind the team… be it for your own sakes… ask your self, can you handle another season in this league?

    Come on guys and girls, lets create a fantastic atmosphere and show them bastards what we fans are capable of.

  3. Why am I in party mood? Well, y shouldn’t we. We’re in the top flight in football again – ok, so it maybe only the Ladies but well done on their promotion to the big guns and what a season they’ll have in store for them next year.

    Now, we need the men to emulate them & gain promotion in some way by getting themselves promoted. It’ll be interesting to see who comes down from the Championship Coventry (Best Scores, 52pts), Leicster (50), Sheff Wed (49) who now occupy the last spot, Saints maybe (50), Norwich (52) or Barnsley (52)? Any 1 of those 7 could go down. Yes, 6 teams for 1 place. Leicster – Sheff Wed next week…

    That’s just in case we don’t make it (again!).

    Anyway, 2 sets of Champions at Forest & a runner up (the Youth team), all we need is 4 us 2 go up & it’ll be the most sucssesful year for a long long time – could it really happen or will we shoot ourselves in the foot .

    All 2 see & play for in the 2nd 2 last weekend & we still await 4 Leeds verdict…

  4. Spot on Matt, no real Forest fan wants another retched season n this league. We can only win our last 2 & hope for both teams 2 drop more points….

    Otherwise, we need to take this form into the dreaded promotion lottery….

  5. Once again, we will be punished for a few points when we lost games when Calderwood put out odd formations and strage subs….this is when you understand that the 3 points dropped months ago come back to bite you on the bum…….

    I hope we do it…I so do…but if we do or we don’t Calderwood should go…we have the best squad in this division and we have still struggled at times…imagine life in the Championship under CC, it will be a Division one return ticket…if we get there.

  6. Cheltenham did the double over Leeds this season…

  7. A fair assessment of the situation as it stands NFFC.

    I think Sick as a Tree is right about games where we have lost or given away points but its all a game of ifs, buts and maybe’s and Im sure every team in the league can point to some games where points have been let slip.

    And yes we ALL need to support the team, come what may over the remaining games. We all have our feelings about CC and tactics and formations but once the dust has settled, Im hopeful these will be resolved, one way or another.


  8. If we can get six points I think there is a more than fifty percent chance we will go up.
    I can not see Carlisle winning both of their games. I also think to a lesser degree Donny could also fail to win both. There is no doubt about it we can still go up, we need to believe along with the players. We also need both Carlisle and Donny (fans and players) to know that we believe!!! Come on you reds !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I know it’s not a game of if’s Egor, but I can’t help thinking that we lost to Carlisle on a goal which for me (I said it back at the time but no one seemed to pay attention despite the video being available on World and elsewhere) was a clear foul on our goalkeeper by the player who kicked him from behind to make him fumble the ball. If it wasn’t for that, now three teams would be tied for second with Forest having by far the best goal difference and holding their fate in their own hands.
    I’m not talking about a game that was lost by sheer luck (like the one against Donny where our wall was caught napping and the ball went right through them) but about a match lost due to shitty refereeing. Haven’t seen Wes’s penalty against Leeds but I understand it was a dubious decision too to say the least.

  10. forest have deserved plenty of the stick that has come their way this season, but CC and the players suddenly seem to have found out how to get results even when we are not playing well.

    two defeats in 15; four wins and a draw from their last five. these are statistics worthy of a side chasing promotion and simply make a mockery of much of the negativity surrounding NFFC.

    i’m not saying everything is perfect. but what i am saying is this group of players AND the manager deserve every bit of support we can muster at this stage of the season.

  11. When we do finally get up, are we gonna get rid of CC? Or just assume that everything will be fixed once we’re up? I appreciate that we need to be behind the team and the manager at present, but are we still going to make this joker go away when we do get promoted?

  12. I have many thoughts about that, but I think we should save ’em until we know where we are next season..

  13. Regardless of results, CC has shown us he is incapable of bringing anything positive to Nottingham. He’s paid to get us promted. He has 2 games left at Forest..

  14. Yep, we have GOT to get behind the team. Negative vibes are not whats required now, despite what most of us still think of CC.
    Vassilis, I respect what you say, but don’t lose sight of the fact that against Doncaster we were very lucky not to lose 5 or 6 nil. That score-line would not have flattered them, believe me. And against Carslisle yes you’re right it may have been a foul, but as we barely created a chance worth mentioning (at home in a ‘must-win’ game) maybe we deserved the luck against us.
    So, yes, decisions have gone against us. But that shouldn’t hide the fact that for most of the season Calderwood has played wrong formations in important games which has ultimately cost us automatic promotion.
    Don’t worry, I’ll carry on singing and chanting (if the stewards let me). But only because I’m passionate about getting out of this league. I’ll leave the anti-Calderwood protests alone til the end of the season…whether we go up or not.

  15. I guess that’s pretty much settled then. He’s a goner…

  16. Mattyboy, let’s not talk about the Donny game. We hit the woodwork three times in the opener vs Bournemouth and still drew 0-0. I’m not talking about that, but rather about the fact that the Carlisle game SHOULD have ended goalless. It’s not about missed chances or ball possession here, it’s about an injustice, that’s why I stressed the Carlisle game as an example.
    In any case, I still believe we can make it for reasons stated in my first post on this topic.

  17. Quick pnts: A) NO MORE NEGATIVITY UNTIL THE END OF THE SEASON – NONE B) Martin, he has 2, 4 or 5 to take us up. 2 if we go up auto, 5 should we get 2 the final. C) Forget the games gone, let’s concentrate on the games left…. D) Let’s hope the team can take encouragement from our two title winning teams & 2nd placed kids. Well done to the Reserves for cleaning up the title with only 1 defeat & well done to the Ladies for going up unbeaten. Well done to the kids who proved time & time again they can mix it wth the Premier league counterparts. E) Again I ask NO MORE NEGATIVITY untill the end of the season. It’s almost there….

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