Forest to wing their way to playoff joy?

A frankly bizarre piece in the Evening Post today from Smoulders, he’s decided he’s going to make use of our wingers – particularly Commons and McCleary, but also mentions Davies who should be fit within the next couple of weeks.  This does seem strange since usually our formations usually seem custom-built by our manager to create a widthless shape with our widemen forced inside (or resolutely played inside either in ‘the hole’ or as a striker).

It’s incredibly reassuring though, I don’t know how long I’ve been banging on about our lack of width, but frankly it’s already started to bore me silly – so it must be similar for any other readers; and it’s not like I’m the only Forest fan who sees the problem either, judging by the message boards and indeed even comment in the local media.  Maybe Smoulderwood has finally started to realise – and not before time, if he does play a sensible formation with wingers – preferably without this ‘swap the wingers over’ nonsense, then it would do wonders for my attempts to stay positive during our final promotion push.

The idea of a conventional 4-4-2 formation with Kris Commons actually deployed on the left, and Garath McCleary on the right – both of them told to hug the touchline – is an incredibly appealing one indeed, it should open up the centre of midfield too preventing our games becoming a scrappy midfield battle that we’ve seen so often.  Oooh, I can honestly say that the prospect is genuinely exciting – let’s hope he’s not just talking a load of rubbish in the press!

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  1. Funny how McCleary has jumped up from nowhere to become first choice in no time. Somehow something reminds me of when we first signed him I mentioned where he came from and if I’m not wrong a certain N. Wiggley (or def. some ex-ace Forest player from the past) came from Bromley Utd…

    History seems 2 repeat itself @ times….

    Who knows, we might not need PO after all (nah, I prefer a trip 2 Wembly)..

  2. You are deluded……Wes at left wing, Commons at centre half, Breckin in a holding mid field role….

    Dont let the CC media hype fool you…..YOU KNOW (deep down) he is an idiot!!

  3. Deep down? I’d say shallowly on top we’re all painfully aware of it!

  4. Whether or not wingers are the way forward, it seems incredible that CC is even considerating an untried formation so close to the playoffs.

  5. Considerating!! Now there’s a word to consider!!

  6. NFFC, I think in theory having the wingers swapping positions during a match is a great idea. Poses the full backs and centre backs totally different problems, and enables the wingers to come inside and shoot on their stronger foot (remember Duff and Robben for Chelsea, they actually preferred playing RW). Now I do admit there is a bit of difference playing for Chelsea with world class players and our current predicament, but the same principles apply.

  7. I don’t disagree with that principle, but let’s at least just try ’em on their correct sides for more than five minutes first!

  8. Here here NFFC!

  9. He’s got 3 games now to try it……Let’s see !!!!

  10. I see Becks and Tom Cruise want to buy a football club.Anyone got Becks number to pass on to Doughty?????

  11. He’s doing a Fergie with the winger swapping thing, Ronaldo and Giggs or whoever seem to end up doing that a lot on the telly.

    Bet Smoulds is mindlessly aping his countrymen’s tactics … in fact, haven’t Man U been playing 4-3-3 recently? Its a conspiracy!

  12. I hope we do see some classic wing-play. I agree whole-heartedly with what you’ve written nffc.

    I hope for Saturday it’s Commons on the left, McCleary on the right, Tyson and Hoskins up front.

    To me this is quite a mouth-watering prospect having these four guys on the pitch at the same time, I see good things to come. I, like the majority of fans, am trying to be as optimistic as possible.

    3 points on Saturday, I can’t even fathom the possibility of anything less.


    p.s. Let’s see what this “Trust” meeting brings on Monday, I hope to attend.

  13. Not too sure about Hoskins Pavlo, he looked sluggish for the reserves and was holding his back when he came off. Probably needs a few more reserve games under his belt before he’s ready.

    In fairness, anyone who has scouted us will be expecting a lack of width, so going with out and out wingers now may well be devastating.

  14. Your probably right about Hoskins, still not fit enough, but I think he’ll get a brief run out on Saturday.

    No problem though, Ormerod’s been playing fairly well. I think there’s perhaps a little more to come from him.

  15. Commons is not a bloody winger! If you think he’s going to spend 90 minutes hugging the touchline, you are deluded! He will spend more time drifting into the middle than Smithy will inside his own penalty area!

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