Playoff place at least for Forest guaranteed..

With both Walsall and Leeds losing tonight, that means that regardless of any reallocation of points to Leeds this week will not prevent Forest from finishing inside the top six of League One this season.  There is, of course, still the slimmest of slim chances of automatic promotion (read: not a chance in hell!).  So, the fear we have had recently of dropping out of the playoffs altogether is quelled, and no matter how our remaining league games go, we will have a shot at promotion until the very end.

So thank you Bristol Rovers, and Huddersfield, who inflicted 1-0 defeats on Walsall and Leeds respectively.  Of course, it could be a veiled thank you if our playoff track record is to be continued; but for the superstitious types amongst us, let’s hope it’s a case of third time lucky for the Reds in playoff related endeavours – because I dread to think what another term in League One will do to our season ticket sales this time around, and probably the long term fortunes of the football club.

So, whatever is to happen we will be around with an opportunity to the end of the season – or at least the game before the end of the season, depending on whether we do enough to reach the final this time.  Onwards and upwards, I’m going to try out a bit of positivity to see if it makes me happier than being a grumpy sod!

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  1. Yes, following Walsall’s defeat to Bristol Rovers at home tonight, we are officially and safely in the play-offs. Our so-called bogey team still has slim chances to be there by knocking off Leeds, whose form ended with a loss at Huddersfield. And if Leeds get their dirty 15 points back, they will be top favourites for automatic promotion, three points ahead of Carlisle, who will be probably paired with either Forest or Southend in the first round!

    Still, if Leeds are denied their points, personally I will keep the faith as long as there are even mathematical possibilities for us achieving auto promotion (don’t give me this “not a chance in hell” stuff nffc, because I’d rather serve you moussaka or souvlaki than humble pie!!! lol). Carlisle has not been in the best of shapes lately with just 4 points in their last 4 games, and they are hosting Southend on Saturday. Even if they win, they will probably secure 4th place for us, or even 3rd if Leyton Orient does us a favour v Donny.

    Needless to say, I can’t even imagine something different from three points for us on Saturday against a struggling and already relegated Luton…

  2. Yes Vassilis, it’s not as if Luton have beaten us twice already this season is it!

    Am just popping open the bubbly to celebrate us reaching the play offs again….

  3. Thank God we are definately in the playoffs.I have a feeling we are going to make it this time and am actually looking forward to the games. Looking at our squad with all our fit players including Hoskins and McCleary and of course Tyson we can put the fear up anyone.They certainly won’t want to meet us.A bit of experimentation with Hoskins and Bryne in the last games. Come on you REDS !!!!!Attack and score goals in the last 3 games PLEASE !!!!!!

  4. P>S> Please rest Tyson so he is fit for the playoffs !!!!

  5. Forget the playoffs, I still think we will be 2nd. I know I shouldn’t but I can feel it!!!

  6. Joe, as long as it’s mathematically possible (although unlikley) I think all us Trickies ‘ll keep hope until the end. Glad Leeds lost more than Walsall. It means Leeds have an even harder task to catch us without getting pts back (which they don’t deserve from what I understand).

    Hoskins scored last night but the biggest day in the football season is today when we’ll ee if Leeds get anything back. Sky reports Leeds only go a 30% chance of being sucsesful. Clubs are lining up to decide what next should Leeds get pts back.

    It could be Sunday, if Milwalls request is accepted for a delay in making a public announcement on the panels decision.

    The football world in the lower leagues in England (at least) are in crisis….

  7. WTF, all the comments are really positive!

    You forgot about the Bournemouth thing too, if they go under, Carlisle loose points, and that could still happen. Didn’t a buy out of them just fall through?

  8. UR all right ~ we should be positive (for a change).
    I just hope that Tyson stops being a tampon* because he can be our match winner in the play-offs.

    * in one week, out for three.

  9. Wrap Tyson in cotton wool and lock him in a padded room until the middle of May. He is our best chance of getting through this play off debacle!

    Changing the subject but I have to comment on this. On Sky Sports news today. Apparently Liverpool hstill have to play Fulham and Brum and Mugson comes out with this….

    “We would hope that Rafa Benitez will retain the integrity of the Premier League with his squad selection,”

    Now, I watched a few of Bolton’s games in the UEFA cup this season and against teams such as Atletico Madrid and Sporting Lisbon he played the reserves & kids!

    How about retaining the integrity of the UEFA cup Mugson?

    I hope Bolton go down and he gets the sack.

  10. Lets all get behing the reds guys even though the campaign has been not what we wanted.We can do it this time fan power affects players im an x player the players will feel it COME ON U RED UNS

  11. In a way I hope that Leeds are given their 15 points back, in the hope that we are paired with Carlisle. That way, they cannot play the assassin Scott Dobie, who seems to be hitting home the last minute winners for them!

  12. Ok time to bring e’one down 2 earth, we aren’t able 2 win 3 games in a row this season – what makes us all believe we can do it now? I’m sure Calamitywood will come up with some way of botching up again at home to relegated Luton thus simultaneously duffing up our chance 2 have home adv n the PO (not that it helped last year!!). Maybe that’s a good thing. (Damn, messed up the negativity!! lol)

  13. Easy, win one, draw one, win one – that’ll do me!

  14. expecting that!! lol or we could do draw 2 & win the final!!

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