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It’s that time of year when we need to start fretting about tickets for the playoffs, and indeed, when they might be – well, thankfully we have a bit more information on that score.  The provisional dates for the semi-finals are Friday 9th May and Monday 12th May for the first legs, with the second legs proposed to be played on Thursday 15th May and Friday 16th May.  I would have thought if we finished 3rd/6th we’d get the Friday/Thursday combination, with a 4th/5th finish giving us the Monday/Friday combination.

The dates are subject to change however, so make sure you keep a close eye on the Forest website for further announcements, as these days are subject to approval from all manner of people.  The kickoffs for these dates should be at 7:45pm.  The final is to be held at Wembley Stadium on Sunday 25th May and will kick off at 3:00pm.

The other playoff related news Forest have released is that they’ve worked on a system of prioritisation for getting tickets for the home leg, and the (dare I say it?) potential appearance in the final.  Forest will give prioritisation first to season ticket holders, then supporters who have attended six or more home games this season, and then priority will be for fans who attend either the Luton or Yeovil matches which remain this season.  So ensure you use your client reference numbers for any ticket purchases.

It’s given me the heeby-jeebies just thinking about the playoffs!

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  1. MMMMM Let me think, am I going to buy two tickets for the next two games just so I can guarentee a play off ticket. I don’t think so. I will take my chance. After all we will get 35k tickets for the final anyhow. That’s if we make it of course

  2. it is a dilema, i dont have a season ticket but have been to about 30 games this season, home and away. i’ve got away membership on a mates season ticket and for the dozen or so home games i’ve been to, i’ve usually borrowed a mates season ticket who couldnt make it.

    i’m probably going again on saturday, on a mates season ticket. should i buy a ticket instead? has my ‘skin flintness’ come home to roost or is this just a bit of hype to sell more tickets because the next two home games will be dead?

    if we get to wembley, surely we would get at least 30,000+ tickets, even if we get Leeds so it shouldnt be an issue, i mean we didnt sell out for yeovil last year, did we?

  3. I imagine if you’re prepared to queue then there should be a decent amount of tickets available on general sale…

  4. Aren’t Cardiff and Portsmouth getting 25,000 each for the FA Cup Final?

    Its a bit annoying for me, I’ve been to four home games this season, three I booked in advance and one I bought a ticket 5 mins before kick off, even if I go to Luton and Yeovil I’m technically only on 5!

  5. Following Walsall’s defeat to Bristol Rovers at home tonight, we are officially and safely in the play-offs. Our so-called bogey team still has slim chances to be there by knocking off Leeds, whose form ended with a loss at Huddersfield. And if Leeds get their dirty 15 points back, they will be top favourites for automatic promotion, three points ahead of Carlisle, who will be probably paired with either Forest or Southend in the first round!

    Still, if Leeds are denied their points, personally I will keep the faith as long as there are even mathematical possibilities for us achieving auto promotion. Carlisle has not been in the best of shapes lately with just 4 points in their last 4 games, and they are hosting Southend on Saturday. Even if they win, they will probably secure 4th place for us, or even 3rd if Leyton Orient does us a favour v Donny.

    Needless to say, I can’t even imagine something different from three points for us on Saturday against a struggling and already relegated Luton…

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