From dour to Dowie?..

Normally I wouldn’t hold much truck with rumours printed in the Sunday People, particularly not when it didn’t even seem newsworthy enough to make it onto their website – but (as has been pointed out in the comments), it does bear a bit of scrutiny..

Dowie set to be Cald into action at Forest

Alan Nixon, 13th April 2008
Sunday People

IAN DOWIE is the red-hot favourite to be the next Nottingham Forest manager – if Colin Calderwood fails to deliver promotion, writes ALAN NIXON.

Dowie has been out of work since splitting with Coventry.  The experienced and highly rated boss could take on Forest in League One shortly as Calderwood fights to keep his job at the City Ground.

There has also been talk of Sam Allardyce being in the frame.

Personally I find this pretty alarming, admittedly Dowie had a fantastic season at Crystal Palace – taking them from near the bottom of the Championship into the playoffs, during which his momentum hauled them up into the Premiership thanks to a win over West Ham at the Millennium Stadium, but well, meh – he’s not exactly done much other than that, has he?  And mentioning Allardyce as an afterthought seems odd too, I can’t imagine Big Sam wanting to operate down at this level again.

I wouldn’t normally give much credence to rumours from the gutter press, although I had heard whisperings prior to this report suggesting the same thing – not that whisperings are any more reliable, but cumulatively it can become enough to start to make you paranoid!  Interestingly the whispering suggested that Smoulds was destined to leave regardless in the summer – make of that what you will.

Certainly any anti-incumbent manager utterings I make are always tinged with the worry of replacing them, because frankly if one thing can be blamed upon Nigel Doughty and his direct reports without much fear of debate from any fans, and that is is managerial appointments.  So right now I’m hoping that Milan Mandaric starts flexing that uncomparable impatience of his, and sacks Ian Holloway and nips in and hires Iain Dowie before we get the chance.

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  1. Hmm, Dowie as the new boss? Nothing would surprise me from the guys in charge at the moment. Plus, if anything was ever going to piss off the ‘pies, it’d be employing their greatest manager ever! 😀

  2. Would £2 million of guaranteed funds for Leon Best be part of the deal?!?!

    Dowie’s failed in the majority of his jobs and strikes me as a tw@t – so NO THANKS!

    Sam Allardyce – I don’t think his brand of football would be given a chance by the majority of our fans even if it delivered instant success and so would be a less than ideal match for Nottingham Forest. I’m not sure he would even want a division 3 job seeing as though he was touting himself around as the next England manager not that long ago.

    I have said it before and will keep saying it until all hope is gone of appointing him – our man has to be PAUL INCE. The problem would be with our chairman and chief executive, as they would need to sell themselves and the club to Ince as he is ambitious to achieve greatness in the game.

  3. Whilst I’d love to get Paul Ince, the fact is he’ll be managing a team in the same division as us next season (barring the most unlikely turnaround in form) and so he’s unlikely to be interested in taking a sideways jump.

    For me it’s got to be Pemberton.
    1)He’s proven this season that he knows what it takes to CONSISTENTLY win football matches at a lower level.
    2)He’s done it using youngsters many of whom he would undoubtedly bring through next term which would save us money and bring something fresh to the squad.
    3)It would also cost far less to promote him than to bring in a ‘big name’ such as Dowie.
    4)He’s been at the club long enough now to know what the club is all about and what the fants want/ expect in terms of style of play etc.
    I could go on and on but much like Wacko’s wish of getting Ince, it’s pretty futile as Arthur etc will never think so logically.

    Pretty depressing really isn’t it?!

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