Where is our motivation?

It’s come to that time of the year when football teams start to woo their supporters to get on board for another season of thrills and spills.  You have teams like Bradford offering ‘2 for the price of 1’ on season tickets, and other clubs around the country offering incentives in the form of discounts for those supporters committing to renew their season tickets for another season – it’s potentially an exciting time.

Of course, as Forest fans we’d know very little about this – because Forest never ever offer any such foresight.  Almost inevitably, there’ll be the usual nominal £20ish ‘discount’ for renewing that we can no doubt expect, we can also expect to not discover how much we’ll be expected to part with for another season until this one is finished.  Whether that’s purely because we’re still in with a shout of promotion.

That’s where it’s all wrong.  A sub 16,000 crowd – albeit on a tuesday night – should be a stark warning to the powers-that-be at Nottingham Forest, it is a portent that fans are ready to vote with their feet, largely due to the awful football being served up by Smoulderwood.  I know people who live locally with season tickets who didn’t attend, because they couldn’t be bothered – that should be setting some alarm bells ringing somewhere – yet why do I get the feeling that those that run the club would be less worried by this, since they have their money anyway.

Whatever the season ticket pricing policy is to be next season, it would be nice to know in advance what is to be expected of us – having sunk hundreds of pounds, nay, thousands into a series of disappointing campaigns (understatement!), it has started to fill me with resentment that I have to wait until the season is finished, and our fate is known, whilst mates who support other teams may have already signed up for next season for a generous discount.

The only communication we’ve had as fans from the club lately is Smoulders babbling in the Evening Post about the fans impacting on the players performance with their negativity.  Sure, I don’t like to hear the crowd booing either, Smoulds, but the boos are largely for you rather than the players – and I can understand why, you are tactically naive and you don’t understand how to get the best out of your players – you are a poor motivator, tactician and coach.

There is an earsplitting silence from a board-level at Forest lately.  It seems unless there are announcements relating to improbable 50,000 seater stadiums (let’s face it, keep going as we are we could demolish the Main Stand and still have spare seats), then Mr Arthur isn’t interested in communicating with the fans – I would like to hear him come out and speak about season ticket pricing next season, not sit on his hands and see if we somehow haul ourselves out of this league through the playoffs to justify a price hike.

It’s not a nice time to be observing Forest and writing about them, but I do feel we are reaching a watershed moment for many fans – further underachievement for high prices will see more and more fans turning their back on the club, and whilst I wouldn’t count myself in their number just yet, I can’t say I blame them.  We’re at an all-time low in terms of league standing, and the mood of the fans is starting to reflect this – we could do with some motivation from the powers-that-be.  Will it be forthcoming?  I won’t be holding my breath…

… while searching for a suitable image for this piece, I found this link, which made me feel even more miserable!

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  1. were doomed, even the reserves have lost !!!

  2. i just dont know what to say anymore god help us

  3. a friend on mine; an Norwich supporter already has his season ticket for next year..and they are in danger of going down

    The club offer supporters a generous discount to renew in Feb and (according to him) now have 19k season tickets in the bank. Money they are earning interest on, money that they can rely on when discussing player salaries. Norwich also offer 1, 3 and 5 year tickets – more money and commitment up front.

    Why the lack of inspiration and engagement from our lot? Maybe there is another agenda at play here…someone suggested that Notts are looking to get relegated so they can sell off their ground (something they can’t do in the football league). Prob a load of crap but it does make you wonder….

  4. I simply cannot believe the articles the Evening Post comes out with. How can it constantly come out with this rubbish about the fans being to blame?! Its frankly disgusting,

  5. Yes NEP, we fansare to blame, we are the cause of Forest failing to go up and we will cause the players to become brilliant players when they leave this club because of the pressure from the boos coming frpm us. Get real – how much is Calamitywood paying you to print this rubbish. Look at it this way – Dobbie scores… Jack is a 20+ striker, want more? Mr Calamitywood is the disease and a certain Doctor needs his license revoked as he can’t see it. Maybe fan power can explain to that Doc what it means to be a Nottingham red. If not, we might be writing history again next season when we fall another division. As for our reserves, I hope that’s there only defeat – now only the Ladies are unbeaten & their fate is still in their own hands even if Lincoln win that game in hand. At least we could be seeing double Champions at the club & a promotion… Not the 1st team though with CC in charge, oh b4 I forget that might be 3 titles if the U18’s can grab the title back from Sunderland & by a twist of fate their last game is vs Sunderland away….. (Sunderland who also play Lincoln @ home in the final match of Lincoln’s ladies team.)

    Says something about the club doesn’t it…..

  6. Hi,

    Much as I dislike them, I have to drive past Pride Park every day to get to work (and to make it worse, it even has a huge banner on there advertising the company I work for)

    Anyway, they have been relegated, are crap and have big signs saying “4 days left for season ticket price freeze” and people have been queueing up to get them.

    They did similar last season and had probably sold their 20,000 season tickets before Forest even thought of it.

    If even Derby can get it right, why on earth can’t Forest.

    The organsation at the club is shocking, I sent a letter to complain about catering about 2 months ago and not even had a reply, despite the website saying we have a “Fans Charter” and I will get a written reply within 14 days.

    What a load of rubbish.

  7. Was there ACTUALLY 15,600 there the other night? It didnt look like it to me? Or do they automatically count season tickets holders whether they attend or not???

    Great article NFFC and bang on the money.

    But its so “same old same old” – we dont have foresight and NEVER put the fans first. Surely you can’t expect the club to change now?

  8. I’ve often wondered that, Egor. Although many years ago certain clubs used to artificially lower the official attendance, something to do with VAT and brown envelopes I believe…!
    My mate has just bought a Peterborough United season ticket for next year, cost him almost £400 to STAND. So it’s not just Forest that rip off their fans.
    I can’t believe we’ll playing them next season again, but without Pearce and Collymore in the team. Mind you, we’ll have Holt and Breckin, so thats all right then!

  9. Spot on NFFC.
    Deadwood is as thick as two short planks if he can’t work out that the abuse is aimed at him!
    The NEP are trying to build a story around his comments, lazy journalism because they can’t find anything better. They should be focusing on why the fans are so angry!.
    The club has been poorly run for all of the 35 years I’ve been supporting them and it won’t change in the near future.

  10. The NEP is absolutley dire when it come to reporting any real journalism. What is relevant is the negativity within the club and its supporters, and there’s good reason for this. If the team started to play with passion, we woudl really stick up for our team, even if they do lose. Winning and losing is part of the game. Souless perormances, inpet tatics are the sourse of the problem. Being only as strong as the weakest link, and my god do we have a few weak links in our club

  11. The silence from the boardroom is deafening.Arthur and calderwood have definately got to go but has doughty got the guts to admit he made a mistake hiring these two clowns. I thought he was a Forest supporter.Lets hope the players wake up at tranmere……………………….Good article and comments as usual.I know I am not suffering alone ………Strong letters have to go to the sports editor at the n e p.

  12. The problem is the media are scared of Forest (I think)

    Look what happened to Larry Lloyd?

    They will all pussyfoot around Forest and never be too critical.

  13. Chris is spot on – access to sellable news is dependant upon relationships at the source – Forest PR is now so lacking in real substance the NEP prints made up garbage that wont piss off Forest – even if it pisses off the readers – maybee we should vote with our money and not buy the NEP until it starts to reflect what we want, not just Forest ! Boy would it be good to see the NEP with “FOREST PROMOTED” & “CALDERWODD GONE” – no hope at the moment ?

  14. I heard the tranmere left back hopes McCleary’s not playing.I’m sure cc will oblige .Come on you REDS !!!!!!!!!

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