Where is our motivation?

It’s come to that time of the year when football teams start to woo their supporters to get on board for another season of thrills and spills.  You have teams like Bradford offering ‘2 for the price of 1’ on season tickets, and other clubs around the country offering incentives in the form of discounts for those supporters committing to renew their season tickets for another season – it’s potentially an exciting time.

Of course, as Forest fans we’d know very little about this – because Forest never ever offer any such foresight.  Almost inevitably, there’ll be the usual nominal £20ish ‘discount’ for renewing that we can no doubt expect, we can also expect to not discover how much we’ll be expected to part with for another season until this one is finished.  Whether that’s purely because we’re still in with a shout of promotion.

That’s where it’s all wrong.  A sub 16,000 crowd – albeit on a tuesday night – should be a stark warning to the powers-that-be at Nottingham Forest, it is a portent that fans are ready to vote with their feet, largely due to the awful football being served up by Smoulderwood.  I know people who live locally with season tickets who didn’t attend, because they couldn’t be bothered – that should be setting some alarm bells ringing somewhere – yet why do I get the feeling that those that run the club would be less worried by this, since they have their money anyway.

Whatever the season ticket pricing policy is to be next season, it would be nice to know in advance what is to be expected of us – having sunk hundreds of pounds, nay, thousands into a series of disappointing campaigns (understatement!), it has started to fill me with resentment that I have to wait until the season is finished, and our fate is known, whilst mates who support other teams may have already signed up for next season for a generous discount.

The only communication we’ve had as fans from the club lately is Smoulders babbling in the Evening Post about the fans impacting on the players performance with their negativity.  Sure, I don’t like to hear the crowd booing either, Smoulds, but the boos are largely for you rather than the players – and I can understand why, you are tactically naive and you don’t understand how to get the best out of your players – you are a poor motivator, tactician and coach.

There is an earsplitting silence from a board-level at Forest lately.  It seems unless there are announcements relating to improbable 50,000 seater stadiums (let’s face it, keep going as we are we could demolish the Main Stand and still have spare seats), then Mr Arthur isn’t interested in communicating with the fans – I would like to hear him come out and speak about season ticket pricing next season, not sit on his hands and see if we somehow haul ourselves out of this league through the playoffs to justify a price hike.

It’s not a nice time to be observing Forest and writing about them, but I do feel we are reaching a watershed moment for many fans – further underachievement for high prices will see more and more fans turning their back on the club, and whilst I wouldn’t count myself in their number just yet, I can’t say I blame them.  We’re at an all-time low in terms of league standing, and the mood of the fans is starting to reflect this – we could do with some motivation from the powers-that-be.  Will it be forthcoming?  I won’t be holding my breath…

… while searching for a suitable image for this piece, I found this link, which made me feel even more miserable!