Could we lose Ormerod?

Preston are apparently in the midst of a striker shortage – Watford have recalled Tamas Priskin, and Neil Mellor has picked up a hamstring injury leaving the Lancashire side with only two fit strikers ahead of their weekend home match against Barnsley.  PNE manager Alan Irvine has suggested a decision won’t be forthcoming until the end of the week, meaning Brett will be available to continue his impressive run in the side tonight against Bristol Rovers.

This would be bad news for us, Ormerod has brought very-welcome workrate and experience to our relatively young side – he’s impressed me a great deal in his relatively few games.  Having said that, the silver lining is that Will Hoskins is again back at the City Ground, it’s not clear how long it will be before he’s in contention for first team action, but with Tyson and Davies too knocking on the door to fitness, perhaps it’s not a disaster.

Either way, I would rather have Brett on board than not – so with a bit of luck we’ll be allowed to retain his services – he brings something different to our front line, so let’s with Mellor good luck with his recovery from injury, or hope that Preston are able to get in an emergency loan or something.  Otherwise we might have to recall Grant Holt from Blackpool!

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  1. I agree with everything said on behalf of Brett, I have never seen him play but since he has joined Forest, I have not read any bad critics about his grit and determination on the pitch either.

  2. Hes a great work-horse, a poor man’s Dirk Kuyt!

  3. He’s an intelligent striker who has played well with both Tyson and Agogo. I really hope that we hang on to him.

    Would he be eligible for the play offs if we do?

  4. Hi There,
    I am writing to you about incounter at the weekend and would be best pleased if you could give me the scores you think the match will be!!
    My heart tells me 2-1 tranmere but my head says 1-0 forest you just never no with tranmere they always make it hard for themselves!!But when we play you we just dont no as your always stuffy tw*ts when you play us!!
    Well best of luck for your bid for the play offs and hope you injoy your do out at prenton park!!Does anyone no how me you lot are bring down???

  5. Alright feller, I’m expecting a draw from our trip to Tranmere, I think. I’d love to be surprised by more, but can’t see it!

    Cheers for the comment, I’m looking forward to the trip, never been to Prenton Park before.. I imagine we’ll be close to selling out our allocation if tonight’s result against Bristol Rovers is good…

  6. Hi
    Thanks nffc i would be happy with a draw but we need to win to get in the play offs we were robbed by the ref at walsall we should of had a penalty there played kicked are skipper when he went to cross the ball!!Well best of luck for to nights game keep an eye out for it!!
    Ohhh yeah there will be some wanna be hooligans in the paddock or the johnny king stand there dick heads they kick off but dont fight like when i went fightin when yh kicked off you had a fight!!!!
    Who do you think are best player was when we played you at your place i think yours was Nathan Tyson when came on as a sub never stopped running!!
    Welll you get a good result to night and look forward to seeing.

  7. I just remember spending the game being infuriated by Gareth ‘the elbows’ Taylor 😆 If memory serves it was a pretty poor showing from Rovers that day, and we ran out pretty comfortable winners after a scrappy first half, and better second.. but it seems like an age ago!

    If we play on saturday like we did tonight then you could well be looking at a win.

  8. Gareth Taylor is shit made up he left in january a wast of wages a lazy cunt who wouldnt run only a target man an not a very good 1

  9. Ohh just a lil shout about youth player danny moran who was in a car crash on sunday night now on a life support machine!!!!

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