Could it be tight at the top after the final league run-in?

Vassilis kindly sent me a table breaking down the run-in for the teams at the top of League One, which might help you try to ponder the likely outcome from our point of view come the end of the season.  It’s certainly suggestive to me that Swansea, despite their blip, have an ‘on paper’ run-in which should see them retain their place at the top – although there’s a few tricky away trips in there.

Carlisle have a tough run-in, although if they can rekindle their home form following their defeat at our hands on tuesday, then they’ll be laughing as they have four home games remaining them.  Indeed, Doncaster and ourselves are also enjoying home advantage in the majority of our remaining fixtures.  Certainly so long as there’s a mathematical possibility I can’t generally stop myself from trying to work out the permutations.

Leeds have four away games in their run-in, which could prove to be a tricky for them – although of course the appeal over their point deduction is due in a little over a week (I think), which could see them leapfrogging their way all the way into the automatic promotion spots depending on the outcome.  Which is one of many reasons it is critical we have a good run of results over the last six games.

The other interesting complexion on the league table is the sad crisis that Bournemouth seem to find themselves in, according to the BBC they are in serious danger of closure.  A quick bit of research on this suggests that should this happen, then their results would be declared null and void, meaning points won against them would be removed from the league table – which, perversely, would be good for our league standing since we managed a meagre one point from them over two games.

That said, I would prefer it if they were able to find a way to continue rather than gain a bit of ground at the expense of a football club going out of business – so personally I wish all the best to the Cherries in a tricky time, particularly since their administrator bears a disturbingly uncanny resemblence to sleazy former-MP David Mellor!