Will he make it?

A nice surprise today was to discover that injured-presumed-gone Will Hoskins has returned to training with the Reds, which is tremendous news, particularly given the fact that we still seem to be stuck with the imposter who returned from the African Cup of Nations up front at the moment, it would be good to have some decent competition for him.

Coupled with Tyson’s proclivity to get injured, some added depth upfront is going to prove a pretty vital ingredient to our run-in, and probable appearance in the cursed playoffs.  Hoskins has appeared twice so far for the Reds, and whilst he didn’t score he has looked skillful and a very useful addition to the team, so I’m thrilled we might actually see him in action again this season.

In other news, the Forest Reserves go on from strength to strength – smashing Oldham 6-1 today – even scoring the goal against us in the form of an own goal by Hamza Bencherif, the first goal being scored in a mere 90 seconds.  This is made all the more miraculous when it transpires that Oldham had Jesus on their team!

Back on to Hoskins, let’s hope Junior will give him his garish orange boots back!

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  1. Agogo is bob, thank the gods this bloke is back 🙂

  2. It would be great to have Hoskins back available, we know what he can do if he is fit.

    I think Tyson should be wrapped in cotton wool until the play offs. His pace gives us a cutting edge that we really need but it’s a sure bet that if he keeps playing he will do his hamstring again and that will be a big loss to our promotion hopes.

  3. Apart from perhaps the first half of the Southend game (which could be put down to poor tactics), is there any real evidence that Aggogo has stopped trying, or are people just jumping on the bandwagon? May be he’s just out of form. He did score the winning goal against Leyton Orient. Everyone might be proved right if he demands a move in the Summer but I think that at the moment people are just rounding on him as a scapegoat on the playing side. On the evidence of recent performances, you could make an argument that certain other players haven’t been trying, but with them its usually just put down to poor form.

    Also, if he wants the stardom, there will be a great stage for him at Wembley to score the winning goal!

  4. VERY WELL SAID Wacko Jacko. “Imposter”, nffc? Not so fast, mate. (btw check your mail, I have sent you something).

  5. Proclivity !! excellent word

  6. AGOGO bob?? He is our leading scorer.

    What does that make the rest of the team?

    Serious answers please, I’m particularly interested in this one.

  7. He’s most certainly not ‘bob’ – but he’s a shadow of his former self lately 😦

  8. I don’t know about anyone else but personally, I’ve not seen anything from Agogo that indicates he could play at a higher level. If he feels differently then lets see it on the pitch.

  9. On the early evidence, Hoskins is the best signing we’ve made in 2 seasons, so I hope he comes back and gets sharp PDQ.

  10. I have to agree with both Stevie and Husky. On past performances Agogo has earned the right to a fair trial. He’s still our top scorer, and before the Africa Nations he was in every Forest fans starting 11. If he want out then fine, but he needs to start performing again if he wants the big clubs to start bidding. Maybe thats what his agent should be telling him.
    As for Hoskins, the 2 games he played so far proved what most Forest fans had been telling ND for 2 years; sign him!

  11. By the way, I see Neil Lennon has taken a coaching role at Celtic…..

  12. Lenny was not in the team at Wycombe which suggests Calderwood was not alone in thinking he was no longer an asset.

    Perhaps we’re all wrong about Smoulders. We’ll all be sorry we called for his head when he’s managing in the premiership along with Megson.

  13. Reads first goal in the reserves 6 1 win wasn’t bad either. I liked John’s comments about McCleary wanting to learn and improve..All good stuff !!!!

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