April fool?

Smoulderwood pledges to come out fighting.  I mean come on, I know it’s traditional to try to fool people with a far-fetched story today – but at least try to make it vaguely believable!

Oh, it was serious, was it?  Oops, I was supposed to be being positive about things, wasn’t I?

I’ve been at work this morning and everyone is immensely confused as to why I would take up a days holiday (this afternoon and tomorrow morning, to give me a chance to get back to Nottingham of course!) going to watch a game I’m convinced we will lose – I suppose that, in itself, is a perverse form of positivity!

Carlisles amazing 14 game run of wins at home has to come to an end sooner or later, and whether or not I seriously believe Smoulderwood will deliver a fighting performance he promises, but perhaps the players can get a result despite his tactics, despite his odd selections, despite his (I imagine) uninspiring prematch and half time ‘rousing’ speeches.  Just perhaps.

Now who’s the April Fool?

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  1. Your love of our club is as misguided as mine……

    I Know its bullshit, I know Mark Auther is having one over on me, and Calderwood has swallowed an old copy of “Charge of the light brigade”…..we can all see it except him….but I will still be at the remaining games and next season thinking this will be the year……this is when it makes me mad because they know this and thats why we’re fed crap and conjecture week in week out.

    Time to be bold Doughty, a full scale change and we may just be famous again.

  2. http://www.stressandpie.co.uk

    This is the biz I found it on another website and it sums it up in tune!! Take alook.

  3. That’s brilliant, and has got me some odd looks in the office whilst watching with the sound down very low!

  4. Glad you liked it. Safe journey this afternoon

  5. Thanks Rob. Great Video – The only laugh I’ll get today !!!!!!!

  6. Yes Thanks Rob ,I hope we do shock them by attacking them today .Records do have to be broken.We live in hope !! I hope today I can listen to more than 10 minutes of the commentary without switching it off because Forest come out fighting with Mcleary on the right wing causing them problems!!!!!

  7. To all you brave hardy (foolish?) souls going ooop north today, I wish you and the team well.


  8. pledges to come out fighting..

    OK, This will be quoted after the match

    he’s totally out of his depth

  9. fair play we came out fighting and won… but can we do it again?

    either way – good to see some passion at last – YOUUUUU REDS

  10. Yoooouuuuu Reds!

    Attacking formation away from home. What’s going on? Shame about Tyson but well used to it by now.

    Well happy for McCleary knew he’d do well if given half a chance. Did you see his badboy skills for the reserves? Ronaldo – esque! Hope to see more from the lad.

    I’m unsure wether I’m happy or not that Leeds beat Donnie. I think it’s bad news cos we don’t wanna have to face Leeds at any point in the Play-Offs if that’s where we end up.

    For now, much better and I still can’t quite believe we won….long may it continue!

  11. Well, maybe CC is an April’s fool and out of his depth but HE BROKE CARLISLE’S HOME RECORD OF 14 STRAIGHT WINS.
    Now gentlemen please stop moaning and GET THE HELL BEHIND THE TEAM. We still have a chance with two home games in a row coming our way.
    PS: Sorry for the language but I’ve been fed up with all the moaning and groaning. The only people I like to hear moaning is ladies, you know when.

  12. Dare I say it!

    Forest vs Leeds at Wembley, now that would be a game…

  13. Well I never…

  14. Well I got it right 2 0 to Forest with Mcleary scoring his first goal for Forest.Now lets have more of the same on saturday.This win will have done wonders for the players confidence.They should NOW feel they can beat anyone in the playoffs WELL DONE !!!!

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