April fool?

Smoulderwood pledges to come out fighting.  I mean come on, I know it’s traditional to try to fool people with a far-fetched story today – but at least try to make it vaguely believable!

Oh, it was serious, was it?  Oops, I was supposed to be being positive about things, wasn’t I?

I’ve been at work this morning and everyone is immensely confused as to why I would take up a days holiday (this afternoon and tomorrow morning, to give me a chance to get back to Nottingham of course!) going to watch a game I’m convinced we will lose – I suppose that, in itself, is a perverse form of positivity!

Carlisles amazing 14 game run of wins at home has to come to an end sooner or later, and whether or not I seriously believe Smoulderwood will deliver a fighting performance he promises, but perhaps the players can get a result despite his tactics, despite his odd selections, despite his (I imagine) uninspiring prematch and half time ‘rousing’ speeches.  Just perhaps.

Now who’s the April Fool?