“We’re shit, and we’re sick of it”

Doncaster Rovers – 1
Nottingham Forest – 0

The anguished and pain-ridden cry of a frustrated supporter gives me my headline, and it was taken up by a fair proportion of the travelling Reds fans as an apt anthem for the performance, and how this season is turning out to be.  Indeed, it should be a fitting epitaph to Smoulderwood’s last game at the helm of this once proud and now so bedraggled football club.

How silly those words of a target for 100% win ratio between now and the end of the season must feel to him now, as he shuns the media after leaving the field with his ears burning from a tirade of chants demanding his removal from the travelling Forest fans who have reached the end of a very long tether – and whilst Smoulds may be a very nice person, he is rapidly turning himself in to a figure to be pilloried.

With a sacking seemingly unlikely, I find myself like so many other desperate souls craving for him to do the decent thing and quit with what little dignity he has remaining intact.  I’m not irrational enough to say I hate him, to call him a wanker, or whatever other choice words I heard him described as today on a chilly night in Doncaster, but I can say I hate him being our manager – and I sincerely wish he wasn’t any more.

It’s a relatively short drive to Doncaster, but I bet there’s not one of the 3,000 fans who went there in reasonable spirits to support the team who felt that the performance on offer tonight was in any way worthwhile of the travel – yes, we can bang on about tactics and formations (argh!) but there wasn’t really a performance that stood out throughout the squad with much merit – perhaps aside from Smith who made a few decent saves, but equally had a scary night distribution-wise.

For the first ten minutes or so the fans were up for it, after Forest set the tone for what was to be a pathetic performance we were quelled – with a few pockets of backing well into the second half, but to travel to an away game and hear chants struggle to get off the ground, to have the majority of the fans voluntarily sitting rather than standing, and just the general malaise that has now infected our travelling support as well as our home support is deeply worrying.

Smoulderwood spoke still of going for automatic, well surely even he can concede that isn’t going to happen now – on current form we’ll be lucky to make the playoffs at all, Southend could overtake us at the weekend – and then of course we have an impossible-seeming trip to Carlisle to contend with.  You might have noticed I’ve not actually mentioned the match at all – because, frankly, it isn’t worth reporting on.

The only shot on target we had was blown up for a foul, and it was a Chambers header practically straight into the floor that never looked like going in anyway.  McGugan had a great opportunity after Thornhill fed the ball to him but conspired to miss the target (Thornhill too could have had a shot I thought), other than that, we created bugger all.  To compound matters Ormerod received lengthy treatment before going off with some kind of injury.

That really is about all there was to cheer about – and whilst I’m not a fan of berating the team or manager during play, I do confess and unshamefully that I joined in the chanting tonight.  We were dire – we were shapeless in formation throughout the game, we had no width, the strikers had no service and despite supposedly having 5 men in defence were completely overrun by the lively Doncaster side facing us.

As it stood their goal was a bit poxy, a soft freekick that appeared to be hit low but nestle in the far corner (it was at the other end so my visibility was poor), but they had plenty of chances that they should have done better with, most of which fell to Jason ‘Tina Turner’ Price who managed to miss in an array of spectacular and, were it not for our own shitness, hilarious attempts on goal.

I can’t seem to find the words to express the kind of mixture of despondant rage I’m feeling – the taunts of the Doncaster fans were water off a ducks back to us tonight, we’re so low now that we can’t be drawn any lower – all the hope, optimism and pride for this season has finally been extinguished leaving us feeling like empty shells, with insults and jibes bouncing off us, unfelt – because the team we support has beaten all feeling and passion out of us.

Like so many Forest fans this evening I will take to my bed desperately hoping that I wake up in the morning to Smoulderwood’s resignation.  Sad in many ways, because I have enjoyed constructing a character around him, but unfortunately the caricature of a clueless buffoon that he has cultivated for himself has become much more compelling than any bronzen womaniser I could try to poke fun at.  If you’re reading this, Colin, please do the decent thing.

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  1. Yes the playoffs are under threat now, I am amazed we are still in the top six given how poorly we have played all season.

  2. I want to congratulate you and the 3000 supporters who went to the match.I was fortunate in the fact that for the first time this season I turned off the radio commentary after 10 minutes.You were there to suffer. I hope we make the playoffs but with Doncaster and Leeds to beat,I am now dreading the consequences.Why the chairman has not acted I do not know.Is he watching this Fantastic Club dying and doing NOTHING.I notice Mr ARTHUR is remarkably quiet now.Why can”t they bugger off and give us our club back !!!!

  3. Excellent piece, unfortunate it has to be this context, but you have summed it up mate. I am at a loss.

  4. same old same old ………. how long will it take us …….. far to long we are a very big club so lets sort it out ……forget the past and go for it come on forest

  5. From afar here in USA, this is dire stuff. For all that Calderwood HASN”T done – some flak must be given to the players themselves. You mentioned Agogo briefly in a match report – why is he not bothering and why not give him crap??? And others!!!

    The thing is Forest are a Division Three side now – get used to it. Who wants to manage a side liek that with dodgy owners and loyal yet fickle and depressed fans?! Forest fans are traumatized with PTSD since Clough died and Arsenal beat the game without a loss streak and we went down here to “league one” (ie. Div 3)

    I just hope lady luck waves wand and we some how make it up. Thats as a good a strategy as any right now!!!

    PS. Your blog is great and much appreciated by me – thanks for all your insight. I check it regularly and would not get the “real” forest news otherwise.

  6. Thanks Eliot. The players are certainly far from beyond criticism, they let us down as much as the manager… if I were to list every gripe I had with the game then I’d be here all night and you folks reading would have fallen asleep! It was a dire dire game from our point of view, in every department on the pitch (with the exception of the fine saves Smithy made to keep the scoreline ‘respectable’ from an outside perspective).

    I think we’re all depressingly used to our status as a division three side these days – and yes, like all footy fans Forest fans are undoubtedly fickle – but I think they have generally reached the bottom of the barrel now – Smoulderwood is bearing the brunt of years of underachievement by his predecessors, and our patience has undoubtedly been thinner with him perhaps than previous managers (with the exception of Megson, I think).

    Either way, it’s a right pickle we’re in and no mistake!

  7. Surely we deserve better than this. again outplayed, one or possibly two attempts on goal in 90 minutes, well done to all the Forest fans at Doncaster I am proud of you all.
    If Nigel Doughty feels the same about Forest as we do then he must ensure Calderwood leaves now!
    Like the articles above I am at a loss to find more words, what a shambles

  8. it says a lot for how poor the standard in this league is , seeing as we are still in the top 6 after performing so shite. it dawned on me that we are in the position of 2/3 years ago of being scared to go up for the fear of coming straight back down, only now its to the championship….

  9. What makes the fans frustrated is the constant recurrrence of mistakes
    and unwillingness to invest to strenghten at crucial times . So Calderwood is getting
    the backlash for not handling January’s window …2 years running …but as I always say we have to go higher to see the root cause …the failiure of Arthur to guide the club effectively is obvious …but finally Nigel Doughty is responsible ….he has undoubtedly
    sunk huge amounts of personal cash in …but running a club of this size is beyond his means and anyone else’s unless your name is Sheik ……Doughty has one task and that is to secure adequate financial backing for the club …..we need a fresh solution to this for any real progress to be made …changing the manager as we’ve seen often is
    not enough …we need achange of purpose …a la QPR

  10. Excellent article so true. I see no hope of getting through the play offs with CC, and whilst I’m not one for changing managers every 5 mins it would be best if CC went. I trust the next home match will be an uncomfortable affair for him, assuming he’s still around.

    U Reds.

  11. billy davies in …..as a next roll of the dice then

  12. Let’s face it he has to go, even if by some miracle he got us through the play offs. With his tactical and managerial skills at the helm our tenure in the Championship would be short lived.

    I for one wouldn’t be upset to see Billy Davies come in.

  13. one of the best articles that I have read on this web site.
    The bitter irony in requesting the fans full backing only to to reward the usual phenomenal support with displays that, if we are honesty justify and simply cement our position as mere division 3 fodder is quite sickening. Actually it goes a very long way to understanding the weak link in our club. Mr Calderwood, you are not a football manager, let alone worthy of pacing the turf in Nottingham. Mr Arthurs, just who the fuck do you think you are exactly? you have been way out of your depth for so long i’m going to throw you some fucking armbands so you can swim ashore and leave our club. YOU ARE DISGRACE
    you are letting yourself and the people on Nottingham down, horrendously.

  14. Excellent article fella, even surpassed your normal standard. I have watched Forest religiously for the last 30 years but despite wanting to, cannot bring myself to travel away to watch the Reds because of the lack of football repeatedly churned out. In order to have given us a chance of automatic promotion Billy Davies should have been brought in in December. Therefore, in order to salvage a play off spot he must be brought in now. Whilst Calderwood’s appointment was mere folly, the present inactivity from our ‘top brass’ is unforgiveable.
    The local media are culpable in Forest’s plight because rather than reflect on the mismanagement of the club they prefer to critcise the “fickle”,”intolerant” support. So fickle we yet again fill an away ground… In the words of the mighty manics: “If we tolerate this our children will be next”

  15. Not a chance of beating any team in the top six on that performance !!
    Billy Davis or could we tempt a certain Mr Ferguson up the A1 ?

  16. I am now praying for the following,
    ‘A press release from Nottingham Forest announcing that Colin Calderwood has left the Club’

    Billy Davies should be approached NOW!!

  17. youre right Stevie …how many of our squad could we truly say are top half championship ready ….Wilson? Commons? ….to get out this league we need to
    invest in a squad clearly capable of competing at the next level above ….
    we havent been able to do this since selling Jenas/Dawson/Reid/Harewood etc
    its a litnay of ‘that will do’ , top at christmas was a superb paltform to bring in 3/4
    champoinship ready players ……

  18. “Unforgivable”. That is a quote from a Doncaster coach whom I happen to know and spoke to me immediately after the game. “Spineless” was my reply. As he said, the Donny management and players were amazed at our lack of passion and effort on what was for both teams a must-win game.
    He also told me that the Doncaster players now don’t mind if they get pipped to the post by Carslisle as they will win the play-offs anyway. Last nights win confirmed to them that they have no need to fear anyone.
    I took my kids last night, after all the atmoshere is shit at home and I reckon they are just about old enough to handle an away crowd. They enjoyed the banter, but on the way home told me that most of their mates at school support a ‘big’ club but also have a ‘little’ club too.
    Today they tell me that Forest is their little club and can they follow either Man U or West Ham as well.

    I’m fucking gutted.

  19. Oh how great would that be another manager not wanted by the sheep shaggers that takes the Mighty Reds onto greater things.

    We all have our dreams !! Getting out of this shit division would do for now

  20. matty boy ..interesting view from Donny side ….Calderwood cant get players up for big games …weve seen this last season …….its curtains

  21. Where is Doughty in this difficult time, his silence is deafening, I am sorry but I think the whole club stinks from top to bottom, in a weird way I feel so much hatred towards the club at the minute, how can this be I ask myself? I have supported them as man and boy and it is hurting bigtime to see where we are today, I am sick of moaning but what positives do we have to get excited about?????

    I can’t take anymore shite, us fans pay alot of money to watch this dross week in week out, I am just glad I pick and choose my games now. How can we be so poor every season when we have the largest wage bill, spent the most money yet we struggle every bloody season to get some form together. When was the last time we went on a long unbeaten run? When was the last time we scored against a top 4 side?????

    Get rid of Calderwood now for sure but I think Doughty needs to take a long hard look at himself and put himself in our fans shoes, I am sick of reading on the back of the post that they want the fans to get behind the team, how much more can we get behind them???


  22. I have to admit that I too turned the commentary off with 30 minutes still to go, I just couldn’t stand it any longer. For the Brighton game the season ticket remained in the cupboard & I went out for a walk to the park with the wife & kids. To me Forest do not exist again until we get rid of this idiot. I will not watch any more negative & naive football. It could all be so much better & very easily. Colin just go now, please.

  23. i didnt go last night, i thought about it, would of cost me £100 to get the train from london and i would have had to take the day off work too, thank god i didnt bother or i might just have thrown myself under that train as it pulled into doncaster at 10pm.

    i love watching football, especially travelling across the country with mates to watch the reds play, its expensive, we usually lose but we have a laugh. you always here the “i’m not renewing next year” talk and “i’m not going next week” which i’ve never subscribed too but now i just cant face it.

    My dad got me into this, then he moved away up north and stopped going, i took him to crewe a couple of weeks ago, after the game he asked me not to take him again, it felt awful, just like mattyboy above but in reverse, he told me it wasnt the same club he supported, the football was rubbish, there was no passion and no enjoyment, dont think he realised how hurt i was but its true and i’m sick of it. i cant ever see it getting better and i cant see us winning another game this season, and to top it off, CC, a man i’ve stuck up for, keeps up with the rubbish of 8 must win games. go now colin, before you ruin the last thing this club has got going for it, the loyal fans who cant take much more.

  24. CC has to go now.Even if John Pemberton ,as I’ve said previously, was asked to take over the first team duties from the carlisle match until our fate is decided,we would at least have some hope.The players do not respond to c c and his absence would I’m sure lift the players,C.C should realise that he should RESIGN NOW for the good of our club!!I agree we have carried mark arthur for too long but he won’t resign because nobody else will want him with Forest failure on his c.v.Banners for arthur out might drive home the point ..if he can be embarrased that is.I still hope and pray we can win the playoffs..with a few of our reserve players given their chances such as Bryne,Reid Mcleary etc…..

  25. Great piece NFFC and really all I have to say is my sympathy to the 3000 odd brave souls who wasted their time and their money (again) to watch total garbage.

    Dave’s comments above about his Dad speak volumes for the state of our club now. I have to admit for the first time ever as a season ticket holder for over 40 years, against Brighton, I seriously considered not going. I did, because I couldnt live with myself if I didnt, but wished I hadnt bothered.

    I find myself in a very alien place with Forest right now. I LOVE this club and much as they have thrilled, annoyed and frustrated me over the years, I have never experienced before this despondency I currently feel. I guess, by reading all the comments above….I am not alone.

  26. Undoubtedly, last night’s performance was awful and we’ve had a terrible few months. We are in serious danger of dropping out of the playoffs and, even if we finish in the top six, our chances of winning them are next to none.

    That said, Calderwood leaving is NOT the answer. We cannot afford to go back to square one as we seem to do every 18 months to 2 years these days. No manager can be expected to wave a magic wand and get this club promoted, it takes time and that is what we need to give CC. It’s certainly true that he has made tactical mistakes in the past and has had mixed results in the transfer market but he’s a young manager who will hopefully learn from these mistakes. In any event, if CC leaves, which half-decent manager in their right mind would come to the City Ground? The fans get on your back after 5 minutes without a win and are calling for your head if you’re not 10 points clear by Christmas… – two consecutive top six finishes (hopefully) is not so bad that the manager should be sacked (not in the real world, anyway). Any new manager would be just as disappointing for you, if not more so, after only a matter of weeks.

    And those of you who would like Doughty to leave – what planet are you on?? The man has single-handedly saved this club from ceasing to exist. It’s only his money that keeps us going. Unless any of you have got a spare £50m in your back pocket, I suggest you stop whinging and support the manager and board. Only then will the fortunes of NFFC start turning (slowly) around.

  27. Given that the players didn’t even muster a shot on target for what was in the managr’s own words a must win game is evidence enough that Calderwood has lost the players. He has certainly lost the fans, so what more is needed to show him the door?!

    Even with Megson and Kinnear I was more inclined to blame the players and was not as sure as I am now that the manager needs to change. Yes, this probably is because as a fan, my already wafer thin patience has run out, but as Dave says, the only positive thing that this once great club has left is its huge and loyal support, so please please please listen to us and sack him now. There were 3000 Forest fans for a league 1 game at Doncaster on a Friday night for crying out loud, for once show them some respect and listen to them!!!!!

    In respect of a new manager, there are plenty of good choices out there, Davies ( but will it be long ball football that most fans will instantly turn against?), Ferguson (has he really done anything yet?), Pemberton (he could have the same impact as Charlie and Frank till the end of the season but has no experience of the top seat), or my personal preference Paul Ince (laballed a mardy c**t in his playing days by Forest fans and undoubtedly would see us as a stepping stone, but he is a born winner, has the ruthless ambition we need and has so far succeeded at everything he has done as a manager including successfully handling the expectancy of taking the highest resourced team in its league to the top and to Wembley as well).

    Surely Ince is our man!!

  28. ARCHWAY TREE, I don’t usually argue with people on this but I’m sorry you have walked ino this one. I think that I am a reasonable and rational man (albeit posing under the guise of ‘WackoJacko’) but how can you not see that Calderwood has consistently failed to learn from his mistakes!! Also, 2 top six finishes in league 1 is ‘that bad’ when you consider the size of the club he has taken over, the level of support it gets, and most signifcantly the size of the budget he has had which dwarfs our competitors in this league. The simple fact is that CC took over a promising side that had peformed amazingly well under the free flowing style of Charlie and Frank and has reduced it to tactically inept and negative play that has for two seasons now failed to deliver the only acceptable goal -AUTOMATIC PROMOTION. What planet are YOU living on when you consider that Nottingham Forest with gates of up to 29,000 and average attendances in its 3rd season of division 3 football of over 15,000 should be happy with scraping a top six finishes behind Carlilse and Doncaster in this dire league(WAKE UP).

    Also, are you seriously suggesting that we should put up with this shit manager because any alternative may not also succeed and we would be even more dissapointed?!?! What kind of spineless approach to club we love would that be?! Besides, I have listed for you 4 alternative managers and I am sure each of them would at least consider this job. Everything is in place for a a new man to take this club forward, we just need some one who is good at his job to do it. If the fans see that the players are playing with pride, with a determination to attack and that things are improving, the fans will get firmly behind the new man.

    I agree with you that Doughty has saved the club from a financial perspective and I do not call for his head (although I do hope he considers alternatives for the club in so far as he is open to rich and right-minded backers coming in and taking over from him should they be interested like at QPR), but he does deserve criticism for his mismanagement of the playing side. His failure to back Paul Hart will never be forgiven and his appointment of poor managers since will remain a constant black mark against his name. Having said this he can do a great deal to begin to redeem himself by sacking Arthur as he is the man employed by Doughty to run the club for him and has only succeeded in doing so shambolically during his tenure.

  29. I bet the “only 5% increase” or “amazing price freeze” letters are already being prepared to be sent to season ticket holders.

    Can’t wait….

    Has he goe yet?

  30. This is the clearest signal that we will be in this division again next year…….

    The playoffs (if we make them) will on current form mean a confrontation with maybe Leeds, Doncaster or Calisle……can you see us coming up with the goods against these teams……Clubs who have invested in new players….have loans….

    Shame on you Forest, you do not deserve the fans you have as a Club or a business…

    I look forward to the day when Calderwood goes, not because we may not get promoted , but more because we play shit football and have no heart…

  31. i think it is time we broke the bank to bring nigel clough in we have obviously given up on this season so get him in now and start building for next year.calderwood should stick to managing schoolkids as he as no idea how to organise his side,so watching 20 kids in 1 big group chase a football around would suit him.

  32. …and if Leeds get some of their point back we could be out of the playoff places by mid April.

    Cheer up though, lads, we can’t be relegated this season, it’s just not mathematically possible.

  33. its 12pm we are still awaiting some sort of response from our club about the shambolic attempt last night, and for a season of hapless bordem on the pitch. This speaks volumes, they have nothing to say because they dont have a clue. If one head has to go it simply must be Arthurs. Calderwood is a mere puppet for a club with no ambition, and more importantly no regard for it’s incredibly loyal supporters. If you look at our form of late, it suggests a club with no heart, no backbone, certainly not promotion candidates, it’s clear then than the promise of higher level football is not a motivator for our players. THE MANAGEMENT OF THE CLUB IS IN DIRE STRAITS

  34. No, Martin. Dire Straits play in harmony and can maintain a rythm for more than 3 minutes. I concede, though, it looks like we have been paying Arthur and Calderwood “Money For Nothing”.

    More like Snoop Doggy Shit, if you ask me…

  35. Surely there must be some comment from the club! Martin is right they don’t know what to say-it is embarrassing. As for anyone who thinks CC should stay-look at the comments from the fans who went last night ‘ Breckin in midfield@ !! Look at the stats on the official website, shots off target = 3, shots on target= 0. This was ‘a must win game’. We also have latest quote from CC ‘we can still make 2nd place’. Words fail me… he has to go.

  36. WackoJacko – Glad you agree with me re: Doughty, there are all too many Forest fans who call for his head, almost as if there were a queue of multi-millionaires outside the City Ground just waiting to buy the club and sign away tens of millions of pounds every year. There aren’t.

    As for Calderwood, I don’t deny that he has made mistakes nor am I suggesting that he will learn from them. I hope that he does but most importantly, I hope that he will be given the opportunity. The long term future of Forest cannot be best served by sacking our manager every two years. Your view appears to be that the board persistently choose the wrong man and that that is why we have to sack them. My view is that we have made some reasonable choices but that it takes longer than two years to turn a failing club with a culture of losing into a successful team who will go onto greater things. To sack the manager every time we go on a run of bad results may feel like the right decision at the time but, in my view, simply perpetuates the problem.

    As for the ‘size of the club’ – whatever that means, the size of our attendances (presumably the same thing) and the budget the manager has had, all of these mean little when you are scrapping in the third division. We all know that players we can otherwise afford will not come to the City Ground to be abused after their first error and to play for three managers in five years.

    We can disagree over who is the best manager to take Forest forward but we should at least agree that what Forest need is a period of stability – that means more than two years. Personally, I couldn’t bear it if the so-called ‘Guv’nor’ took charge but if Calderwood goes I hope that, as you say, the fans get behind the new man. After the reactions to Kinnear, Megson and now Calderwood, I can’t see it, though.

  37. I was not anti CC before this game. However, I was one of the most vociferous in wanting him out. Everything was wrong, the strip, the formation, the attitude of the players. The only thing that was right was the support. For 80 minutes the team got support they did not merit and more importantly did not respond. A word to CC stick with 442 and let other teams worry about us. This of course presumes that you will around long enough to read this comment

  38. Archway tree I think you must have fell of a christmas tree with those comments everybody and his dog can see the problems at Forest but not you. For two years now from the appointment of CC i have advocated thet he was wrong man and sorry to say i have been proved right,but i dont just blame just him alone i blame those that appointed him. DOUGHTY and the rest of the crew that run our team FOREST what has Doughty done for us mate come on tell me. He has took us to where we are n now in the third division .AND IF HE HAS SPENT MILLIONS DOING IT AND I BET IF YOU LOOKED AT THE BOOKS YOU WILL SEE HE HASENT THEN WHAT DOES THAT PROVE THE GUY DOESNT KNOW WHAT HE IS DOING WHEN IT COMES TO FOOTBALL. So wake up lets get rid of the lot and start again becasue this team is going no where

  39. agree with you terry, Megson could not motivate the team, Calderwood can’t motivate the team, it’s time to cash in what we can. Kris Commons fuck off or start paying, Agogo you cant play in the 3rd div let alone the prem you twat! What good is Tyson if he’s injured 90% of the time?

  40. C C has not learned from his mistakes last season.We can’t believe he didn’t bring strikers in, and I said when agogo was in Africa he will come back with scrambled brains after playing with premier legue players and seeing what they are earning.He hasn’t listened to the fans and neither has doughty.Mark arthur is in his own world of keeping his job in his own comfort zone and knows he wouldn’t get another job if he left Forest.Clowns belong in circuses not football clubs……..Play some of the reserve players at the next match to gain experience and maybe a bit of enthusiasm could improve our performances !!!Thats with John Pemberton in charge of course.We don’t want our positive reserves contaminated by Cc.

  41. late in coming in on these posts but as i have said many times before:
    Doughty is untouchable-its his club
    Arthur is the biggest culprit-he left Notts CC in a mess and look at them now, going forward and upwards. His tenure at this Football club has been shambolic, remember the Southall incident and all the other false promises.
    Calderwood is a lost sole, not up to the job and never has been. he should never have been appointed, Arthur did not do his homework.
    to appoint a second defensive manager was shamefull, i think that CC is tactically worse than Megson, a nicer person than the nasty, rude sorry apology for a man but no good for us
    These people will not resign as basically they are greedy and only in it for themselves, i hope i am wrong and Pemberton is in temporary charge for the Carlisle match
    The club is a disgrace to its supporters and the city
    we are a laughing stock and it hurts

  42. For FU**S sake play the reserves !!!!!!!!

  43. Good posts from all,its a shame that smoulds doesnt look at what the supporters really want.
    All we have ever wanted was a team to be proud of not just one that turns up gets payed and sods off back to there nice little homes.
    We know some try there best but as we all know the team has lost faith in not only the manager(WHO HASNT) BUT THEMSELVES.
    After paying hard earned money like the rest of us to go watch our team it just gets me that he still doesnt have a clue about what to do with the team OR TACTICS.(MUST BE TALKING TO PLEAT STILL FOR TIPS).
    After taking the day of to travel to Donny friday night all the way from Rainy London,Imet up with a few of the lads before going in with the optimisem that we will be shown a good performance,WELL HOW WRONG WAS I EH. no other word can some up smoulds other then a complete Fool.
    Why does he think he can play people in possitions that they actually dont understand, and yes smithy mad a few saves but to be honest he could have saved the goal if he spent less time moving the wrong defenders around and then moaning to the ones who looked liked startled deers and the front of cars head lights.
    No shots on goal,possesion always lost,when we did have it it looked like junior school football.
    Oh and yes there was shouting directed at his lordship but he just ignored anything that came his way and then when the whistle blew ignored the ones that didnt moan and ran down the tunnel,what more can i say other then he was the only one at the end who was running,lol. Alot of people were there cc and you just blanked again.
    Do the best thing any forest fan graves CC ,GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR CLUB.NOW!!

  44. I’m very surprised the word SHIT was posted but go on we need to sell papers right? Another thing. We know we are in it so why not look at other options?

    Frankly I don’t know why people complain so much? All you have to do is stay away, the rest will take care of its self right?

  45. Nobody’s selling anything here, just seemed an appropriate word – taken up by a fair chunk of the fans at Doncaster… aside from that I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make.

    Alas staying away isn’t really an option, now is it?

  46. “Alas staying away isn’t really an option, now is it?”

    But you could right? Buy an Indian, buy a pair of shoes. Treat yourself to a CD and live longer without the stress? (Perhaps).

    Bad word though mate on the airwaves. Keep it tight huh?


  47. What? Have I wandered onto the shopping channel by mistake? I thought this was a FOOTBALL blog?

  48. Fear not, this is a football blog, and speaks in the language football fans use – but while you’re here, can I interest you in this unique set of stainless steel cutlery for the bargain price of £12.99? Only 41 units left!

  49. I’ll have two, and a steam cleaner, please…

  50. I think the word shit was used in order to articulate the situation at our beloved football club, not to sell anything??
    Also, are you suggesting that by not complaining, it will “sort itself out”?
    Surely that’s a recipe for 4th division football? because with these lunatics at the helm of OUR club anything is possible.

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