Derby go down, are you singing?

As recently as last night you might have heard the old refrain ‘When Derby go down again, again, we’ll sing, we’ll sing’ as the huddled Reds fans tried to amuse themselves in the face of a shambolic performance on the pitch by Forest.

Well, the inevitable has happened in what was dubbed by the Daily Mirror as ‘the worst Premier League game ever’, which actually sounded reasonably entertaining from the internet updates I saw.  After having a chuckle at Paul Jewell’s sex tape antics, I imagine a few Forest fans are raising a consolatory glass of something mind-numbing to the first ever Premier League side to be relegated before March is out.

I can’t say it’s filled me with much joy, to be honest – because, let’s face it, no matter how desperate the Rams’ season has been as they plot a course for the worst points total ever, I imagine there’s some consolation that they not only netted a pile of cash for reaching the top flight, but they will get to trouser a load more in the form of parachute payments over the next couple of seasons.

Sure, a Derby relegation is always something to be pleased about for us – but put in context with our own situation, down to fifth now thanks to Southend winning today, in real danger of not even making the playoffs, it does make you realise that we’re really not in any position to be gloating about anything – which is a bit depressing!

So yeah, it may well be that the metaphorical Ian Moore scored a goal, and they can indeed shove their Hector up their hole, but frankly, I’m not sure I can muster up the enthusiasm now Derby have gone down again – because it doesn’t look like we’ll be playing ’em next year… that’s probably a good thing, considering.

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  1. Who cares a FU** about Derby ?????

  2. Plenty at the game last night who were singing the song above, personally I couldn’t really give a hoot right now…

  3. derby going down made me smile of course it did,but they are and still will be after this season one league above us while colin the useless clown calderwood is picking our team and playing people in stupid posistions.get a grip play 4 4 2 and attack for fucks sake.rant over.

  4. Frankly, my dear nffc, I don’t give a damn about D***y.

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