Smoulds has been on the crack pipe again…

In the latest official site bulletin Smoulders has issued an eight win challenge for the remainder of the season.  A 100% record, including the two forthcoming away games at high flying Doncaster Rovers and Carlisle United.  Certainly I would agree with him that this is the only conceivable way for us to scrape automatic promotion, but given that we haven’t yet managed more than two consecutive wins, it seems somewhat fanciful.

It’s very reminiscent of last season when Smoulderwood banged on about catching Bristol when they were pretty much uncatchable.  He’s in a tricky position, I concede – he can hardly come out and say “Yep, that’s us doomed to a playoff finish again!”, it wouldn’t exactly be very positive and would likely yield him criticism from all quarters – having said that, anything he says right now would be criticised I would have thought.

In other news, our fantastic ability to spot injury-prone players to loan has struck again, with loan keeper Dimi Konstantopoulos picking up an injury in training, rupturing his achilles tendon.  This leaves Forest with the options of either not bothering with a substitute ‘keeper, using Richardson or recalling Dale Roberts from loan – given rumours of Smith carrying an injury that needs an op, I suspect one of the latter two will be the route taken.

After January I decided to competely ignore yesterday’s deadline for loaning in players – and it appears I was vindicated in my decision!  Whilst retrospectively I’ve seen the usual rumours and sources had been touting their knowledge about who would and wouldn’t be signing, it transpired that – as per usual – Forest did nothing to strengthen their squad despite looking decidedly lightweight upfront once again.  But it’s to be expected, isn’t it?

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  1. Well siad old Chap!!lol, I blame u not 1 bit, we all knew no-one would come in but even more surprising – no-one went out either on the last day. Oh well, CC can have more of his pipe after May, in fact he can have as much as he likes either way…

  2. What a joke – 8 wins!

    I like this quote in the original story on the official site:

    “I always said that I would have a clearer idea of where we’re at after Easter but in reality I think it will be after these two games against Doncaster and Carlisle”.

    He must be the only one without a clear idea where we’re at… players, fans, Terry the kitman they are all 100% clear that we have no chance of automatic and a decent chance of dropping out of the playoff places altogether if this current form continues.

    Frankly, I think your headline is a little unfair, a crack head would probably be able to offer a more realistic view…

  3. This is almost as bad as Calderwood suggesting that its good that Doncaster are above us because it will help to make Carlisle nervous!! The poor man is clutching at straws!!

  4. ok, Dave shall we put the challenge down!! lol. Exactly, he probably will come up with another clanger like “we can still do it with 6 wins & we expect Carlisle & Darlington to drop points!!!” after dropping more points 2 them. ROTFWL….:P

  5. Blah Blah Blah,
    From day one he’s always talked a good game but it has never been reciprocated on the pitch.
    Why does he continue to dig his own grave coming out with this stuff? He just continues to loose the fans spouting such text book, cliched nonsense.
    The man has no character and his team’s football reflects that.

  6. leave him alone………..he makes a great spliff !!!!

  7. No redash he “talks” like he makes a great spliff. I think you’ll find when you spark it up it’ll turn out to be crap…

  8. Yeah, the trouble is he prefers to put the Rizla’s on the inside, the gear on the outside, and the roach at the end you light…

  9. Are you sure he said ‘eight’ wins? Or was it ‘A’ win………………………….

    I’m not sure about the crack pipe – maybe acid with the crap he’s spouting!

  10. Mmm… 8 wins huh, losing at Donny, currently 1-0, can’t see it… maybe the team have been smoking the crack pipe too, or having some scag to top it all off… Be lucky to be in play offs I reckon…

  11. Calderwood is a fucking disgrace; he really does not have a clue. We never had one shot on target all night. I really do wish he would just fuck off.

  12. look at the subs and stability versus donny. He fucks about with it at half time, again after sixty mins. then again after 70 mins. I work for a total fucking idiot but he is a genius compared to calderwood. he must be a total nightmare to work for.

  13. Well i tried to be diplomatic in the last post here, but fuck ND and his cronies, i don’t care how much this man proclaims to love this club, he is screwing us! Please lets do something and get rid of CC, ND, MA & sort out this debacle!
    I am despondant!

  14. He’s a fucking lunatic…..

  15. 1-0 loss to Donny fucked up Plan A then…..

    Now what???

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