Smoulds has been on the crack pipe again…

In the latest official site bulletin Smoulders has issued an eight win challenge for the remainder of the season.  A 100% record, including the two forthcoming away games at high flying Doncaster Rovers and Carlisle United.  Certainly I would agree with him that this is the only conceivable way for us to scrape automatic promotion, but given that we haven’t yet managed more than two consecutive wins, it seems somewhat fanciful.

It’s very reminiscent of last season when Smoulderwood banged on about catching Bristol when they were pretty much uncatchable.  He’s in a tricky position, I concede – he can hardly come out and say “Yep, that’s us doomed to a playoff finish again!”, it wouldn’t exactly be very positive and would likely yield him criticism from all quarters – having said that, anything he says right now would be criticised I would have thought.

In other news, our fantastic ability to spot injury-prone players to loan has struck again, with loan keeper Dimi Konstantopoulos picking up an injury in training, rupturing his achilles tendon.  This leaves Forest with the options of either not bothering with a substitute ‘keeper, using Richardson or recalling Dale Roberts from loan – given rumours of Smith carrying an injury that needs an op, I suspect one of the latter two will be the route taken.

After January I decided to competely ignore yesterday’s deadline for loaning in players – and it appears I was vindicated in my decision!  Whilst retrospectively I’ve seen the usual rumours and sources had been touting their knowledge about who would and wouldn’t be signing, it transpired that – as per usual – Forest did nothing to strengthen their squad despite looking decidedly lightweight upfront once again.  But it’s to be expected, isn’t it?