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    • Now it's rumoured Paul Faulkner has resigned due to his position being 'untenable' - worrying times #nffc 3 years ago
    • Odd move. Freedman one of few managers with a lower win % than Pearce at this level. Good luck, Dougie. #nffc 3 years ago
    • And so it comes to pass that impatience holds sway once again. A sad day. Will we get it right tomorrow? #nffc 3 years ago
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The secret diary of Terry the kitman.. part five

Terry is full of rage after being shunned and humiliated in his own domain during the Walsall match, and Smoulderwood’s positivity-drive is hitting him hard in the pocket as well.  Woe is the world of our favourite kitman, it seems!

Disclaimer time: this is, of course, entirely a work of fiction – largely for my own amusement.  Any resemblance between the characters portrayed, and any real person or persons – be they an employee of Nottingham Forest or otherwise – are entirely coincidental!


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  1. lol!! Although that swear box isn’t a bad idea as long as it goes to CC’s compensation fund!!

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