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Given that today we were confounded by a Continental ‘keeper – perhaps the strange timing of signing Dimitrios Konstantopoulos isn’t so strange!  We’ve apparently signed – or are about to – sign the Coventry goalie on loan until the end of the season, with him having dropped out of first team reckoning for the Sky Blues since the arrival of Coleman at the Ricoh Arena.

It’s true that a decent competitior to Smithy has been a longstanding gap in our squad – with the 87 year old (sic) coach Barry Richardson standing in on numerous occasions as substitute goalkeeper, and with a likely torrid run in to the end of the season, culminating in the inevitable stress-fest that is the playoffs, having a backup incase of injury to Smith is a pretty sensible step to take.

It still seems a strange move though, and hints at perhaps contingency planning should we lose Smith in the summer upon failing to go up again.  It’s just typical of Forest though to have lost a striker and gained a reserve goalkeeper in the space of a week – just when we’re struggling to score goals but seem okay at preventing the conceding of them…

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  1. Dont know much about this player apart from he is a game winner if you are playing football scrabble!

  2. Well Egor, I will let you know. First of all, I’m damn proud than better late than never a Greek will wear the glorious Garibaldi! And as far as Dimi is concerned, maybe one should go ask at Hartlepool how he led them to promotion last year almost single-handedly (with more than 20 clean sheets if I remember well) and maybe ask Forest how he denied it to us when the magnificent Charlie and Frank run to make the playoffs came to a halt due to a 3-2 crash at Pools. Thessaloniki-born Konstantopoulos is a damn good goalkeeper, a member of the Greek Under-21 squad before he decided to try his luck abroad, and I just hope we can keep him next season too, so that we can have a good look at what he can do, whether or not Smitty (probably a Player of the Year contender in this season’s Forest) will stay.
    Mind you, Dimi has started 23 games for Coventry this season before Coleman came about and hurled him into the doghouse for no obvious reasons (or maybe because he used to like Schmeichel’s father too much, how could I know). I’m indebted to him, because I have waited long enough for a Greek to play for my beloved Forest. And in my humble opinion, this one is able to stay and fill the shoes of Peter Shilton and Hans van Breukelen with success. He is experienced at 29 and has a lot of productive years in front of him.
    KALOSORISES DIMITRI! (this means “Welcome”, of course).

  3. And if he signs on Tuesday 25 March, he will have done so on the Greek national day! (Anniversary of the revolution against the Turks in 1821). What a happy coincidence! 🙂

  4. Thanks Vassilis! Its great to have people in the know!

    On a more serious note, I think Smith needs competition for the shirt. Whilst I still rate him as a keeper, for me at least, he doesnt dominate his 6 yard box enough.

  5. Dimi is a very good keeper and should be a potential long term signing. It was a basic mistake to have no-one challenging Smith. He has become complacent and let in stupid goals that have seriously impacted upon Forest results and momentum. OK he has had some good games, which is to be expected but the howlers do stand out.

  6. Ela re Vas, a long time ago (me thinks it might be just after the BC era) we almost signed a Cypriot player by the name of, wait for it, Michalis Konstantinou, yes he now plays in Greece for PAO (if I’m not wrong. Vasilli – you can tell me for sure) and Champions league football. I’m sure the attendence @ reserve games will now go up considering the numerous Greek & Greek Cypriots around Nottingham!! lol.

    Back 2 the subject, NFFC you r correcting in pointing out it was a mistake to only have the GK coach left @ the club & all it shows is the mismanagement of the club. I’m all in favour of sending youth players out but not time after time. Throw them on the pitch 2 gain valuable time @ the CG & see if they can cope that way. He’s begining to do that now but it’s a little bit late to do that. The reserves are more than capable of making an impact in the 1st team & look at their opposition too, Wolves, Coventry, they played Man Utd & more then held their match, they’ve cruised to the league title & only drawn 1 game – yes drawn 1 game all season.

    1 more thing, 25 March is also a very special day religiously (at least in Cyprus!!) so what better day to get a little extra help!! -))

  7. Yiannaki, Konstantinou now plays for Olympiakos (although I think he will be leaving in the summer, he’s seldom used and gets injured too frequently).
    I am crying now file (=friend). Dimi tore his Achilles tendon in his very first Forest training session and needs surgery. WHEN WILL A GREEK PLAY FOR FOREST AT LAST? I wonder…
    Since you are so many in Nottingham, send him a proest for efcheleo…. (= to spray him with holy oil to chase the evil spirits away…)

  8. A priest I meant of course…

  9. He needs one – he’s crocked!

  10. Absolutely totaly unbelievable – yep, I have to agree with you Vasiilis, he’s out. I got the clubs mixed up – u’re right he’s with those Reds now. Off subject, which team r u in Greece?. I’m no longer in Nottingham but have many relations still over there who keep me more than in touch with our beloved Forest. They are sharing the same pain too… Get CC &the rest of the misery out of the CG as we will be voting with our feet even more than this year. Disappointed with almost everything….

    Get well soon Dimi, u’ll be back soon… (I hope!!)

  11. P.S. I should have started Ax Panagia Mou!! meaning for the rest of you, Oh my Holy Saint!! or putting it extremly nicely, oh F***!!!

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