Jewell finds a way to embarrass Derby County even more!

As well as seemingly on course to guide Derby to the worst ever points total in the Premiership (that said, I’d rather be where they are than where we are in the league), despite the fact that their goal-per-game ratio is apparently on course for being the worst ever at any level in football, despite all that, the News of the World has gotten hold of a real gem.

Paul Jewell, as I’m sure you’ll know, is a chubby middle-aged Scouse scally who happens to manage Derby, who has brought about immeasurable lack of improvement since taking over from Billy Davies.  He’s also fond of painting himself as a staunch family-man with a wife and two kids – so how amusing is it that the previously mentioned rag has gotten hold of a sex tape he made with his mistress?

What a complete fool!  But quite funny, of course, it’s gonna be tough on his wife and kids, but them’s the breaks – it just heaps more ridicule on our not-quite-nearest and certainly not dearest.  Whilst I’m no fan of the News of the World, it has amused me immensely the way they’ve reported it – so I would heartily recommend clicking on this link to read it yourself!

Surely it’s about time the ‘There’s a circus in the town..’ chant was rewritten with a more contemporary cast?

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  1. By looking at them pictures, this was at least 5 years ago. It has nothing to do with Derby County at all.

  2. The pics do look old, you’re right – as he’s much more of a chunky fella these days… there’s still plenty of embarrassment by association, though, due to the timing of the leak!

  3. Who gives a toss when these were taken, its bloody hilarious! Any chance to further ridicule our neighbours is welcomed. Nice bloke but just couldn’t make it up regarding the way the rest of their season has gone, absolutely brilliant from the (normally fuckers) news of the world.
    Query – as good as this blog is i do find it strange a derby fan was so quick to respond on a forest site, yet again an indication of how crap their club is me thinks!
    Roll on next season when we embarass them even more! (in some respects wishful but still got the love)

  4. Dream on Ryan you won’t even get promoted. And know I wasn’t looking at your site I found a link on NewsNow

  5. Well lets just get one thing straight around here….NOTTS FOREST are the joke of the east midlands, closely followed by FESTER CITY and MONGSFIELD. leaving Super RAMS and Notts County as the cream of the e. mids.

    Notts Forest goons ought to review your recent managers, if they really want a laugh, the thought of you lot in the 3rd division for many more years to come is such a hoot. Paul Jewells antics 6 years….yes 6 years ago will be forgotten next week and chip wrappers next month. Notts Forest will be a constant joke for years to come.

    YOU RAMS….!!! We are premiere said we are premiere.

  6. Ooh, touched a nerve there! 😆

  7. Nerves of steel sunshine. xx

  8. I guess you’d need ’em at your place this season!

  9. Looks like leicester going down so hopefully we are playing the sheep next year.

  10. It could have only been better if he was shagging a sheep!! Mind you, not really much of a story in that neck of the woods. To that “vegas muppet”; your are premier…premier fodder.

  11. We need 2 get up even if CC manages do to the next to impossible… (ok, maybe I’m exagerating a bit), or the back door as said last season.

    Then we can steal Best & get Lester back, Holt only came on in the 85th min so had little time to make any real impression.

    I don’t know about these loan rumours which are running around about a loan GK, I think if it’ll happen it will only make CC eat his words even more. He said he’ll push youth players through – yep, sending them out on loan everywhere but not in the 1st team. Now he said no GK for now & rumours are we’re after Coventry’s keeper….


    Finally on the video, does it matter when it was taken, he still brings himself & the rams (as he’s their manager) to shame & we Reds are loving it.

    Now when we play the Rams next year(for the BC Cup), we’ll have another piece of ammo 4 us.

  12. hahahahahahahahahhahah derby ares shite

  13. Yeh…BC cup is the only way Notts Forest will be playing the SUPER RAMS…Don’t fool yourselves kids, you aint good enough for the 3rd division so don’t think above your station!!!Saw a bit of the Carlisle game, team crap and support even worse, empty seats everywhere and average age of crowd 11 yrs. GREAT RESULT THO !! We are premiere said we are premiere !!!
    red dogs.???……….3rd division RUBBISH…again

    ha ha ha ha I LOVE IT, I REALLY LOVE IT

  14. we sold out the carlisle game sunshine.

    see you next season 🙂

  15. SOLD OUT is about right for you Dogs….sold down the river by a bunch of directors who keep their money in their pockets. Well i do admit that i only started watching after phone red hot by fellow rams fans who said…”watch sky Red Dogs are a goal down, looks like another great evening for the cream of the e.mids” Guess by then 75% of the little crowd had given up on them, but i bet it didn’t cost them much was it free for kids, cos it looked like a creche to me ?

    Keep up the crap work lads, shame we wont see you for a few more years other than your big game of the season the BC trophy. you need to face up to the facts, we are really a different class to you. There will probably be yet another New Wembley by the time you scrape into the play-offs, thats assuming that you don’t go down to 4th next season. I’d love it….I’d really love it. Your local Derby’s would then be Notts County and Burton Albion……come on you Brewers!!!Ha ha ha ha ha ha …….

  16. Hmm, we’re privately owned – it will be interesting to see what Direby do with their parachute payments in lieu of their rather sketchy finances…

    … but anyway, it’s nice that despite the apparent gulf between us, you just can’t help but keep reading up on us!

    Oh, and the BC trophy isn’t a regular preseason match, thankfully, it’s something that will be ‘attached’ to any cup/league meetings between the clubs ongoing…

  17. Appreciate update on the BC cup, shame tho every pre season would have been fun. I believe that PJ will spend wisely.

    Oh dear no goals again today for you lot.

    Hey don’t flatter yourselves, I don’t read up on Red dogs sites, if you read the full stream here you will notice that somehow the original message made it onto ‘News now….Cream of the E. Mids’

    I won’t infiltrate your site anymore, I’m becoming bored with this now. Maybe see you guys in a few score years or more!!

    Bye. xx

  18. Seeya Johnny. My cousin is a Derby fan. He’s a bitter twat, too.

  19. Fact – Barnsley have beaten more premiership teams this season than Derby have!

    Ha Ha!

  20. Hey Mattyboy you could learn a lot from your cousin. You support that shit and he supports Derby, suggest its you who is the twat.
    Aylesbury you must be a F****T t**t too as you can’t even get the time and date right.

  21. Hey Rammy, now now. Maybe I was harsh. The real reason I reckon he’s a twat is that he married ‘within the family’, if you get my drift. But I thought you’d have guessed that given who he supports.
    Don’t worry chap, if both our respective team continue to play the way they have all season you lot will be ashamed and embarrassed and back where you belong, and our lot will be searching for yet another new manager in the 3rd division. Chin up!

  22. Derby fans always manage to cheer me up when I’m down, they prove life can be alot worse 🙂

  23. Not the first time anyone’s seen a Derby badge on an arsehole.

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