Jewell finds a way to embarrass Derby County even more!

As well as seemingly on course to guide Derby to the worst ever points total in the Premiership (that said, I’d rather be where they are than where we are in the league), despite the fact that their goal-per-game ratio is apparently on course for being the worst ever at any level in football, despite all that, the News of the World has gotten hold of a real gem.

Paul Jewell, as I’m sure you’ll know, is a chubby middle-aged Scouse scally who happens to manage Derby, who has brought about immeasurable lack of improvement since taking over from Billy Davies.  He’s also fond of painting himself as a staunch family-man with a wife and two kids – so how amusing is it that the previously mentioned rag has gotten hold of a sex tape he made with his mistress?

What a complete fool!  But quite funny, of course, it’s gonna be tough on his wife and kids, but them’s the breaks – it just heaps more ridicule on our not-quite-nearest and certainly not dearest.  Whilst I’m no fan of the News of the World, it has amused me immensely the way they’ve reported it – so I would heartily recommend clicking on this link to read it yourself!

Surely it’s about time the ‘There’s a circus in the town..’ chant was rewritten with a more contemporary cast?