Holt’s gone to Blackpool…

… and not, as you may have first thought, to work on the beach alongside the other donkeys – he’s actually gone to play football there ’til the end of the season on loan.

Okay, so the inevitable Blackpool donkey jokes are out the way, it’s been a difficult time for Holt under Smoulderwood.  He attempted to sell him to Brizzle, he dropped him randomly when he was scoring goals, and this season he’s been playing him as a winger – clearly a fairly solid way of either saying “I don’t understand football”, or “I don’t like you very much.”

Grant has compounded this with not particularly inspiring performances when he has made it onto the pitch, and of course the infamous “shop window” comment he made when the possibility of playing Liverpool in the cup was on the media’s lips earlier in the season.  Coupled with rumours of fall-outs with the manager (including some attributing the black eye Smoulds was sporting recently to him), it was inevitable he’d be off sooner or later.

So it’s a bittersweet farewell, really – for the best, certainly, for us and him – as for whatever reason it wasn’t working for him here.  There was a time I thought very highly of him, an ‘old fashioned’ centre-forward with an eye for goal, but we’ve seen little evidence of that recently – whether it be through lack of effort or form, or Smoulders’ baffling tactical deployment of him.

No doubt he’ll slot into a strikers berth at Blackpool and start scoring again, as players generally do upon leaving us – that said, I do think his level is around about where we are now, so he might struggle up in the Championship where Blackpool currently nestle in the middle of the table.  So farewell, Grant – I wish you neither fortune nor malice.

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  1. next time i’m in Blackpool I will look for Mr Holt. I have no doubt he will be running a guesthouse by next season…good riddance, a total disgrace of a player

  2. I was very pro Grolt last season but he’s made of a bit of an ass (sorry!) of himself this one.

    Shame as like you NFFC, I thought he fitted the old fashioned centre forward mould really well but obviously something has gone sadly wrong with his career at the club.

    No knowing the details make it difficult to comment further and, on the face of it, he seems to be the innocent party being asked to play out wide. BUT, there are usually two sides to every story, so unless he does a “Dobie” and shoots off his mouth, I guess this one’s going to remain a mystery. However, one has to assume he’s played his last game in the Garibaldi Red.

    Did I read somewhere there was rumour of a replacement??? I havent a clue of the rules of whether we are now allowed to sign players on loan at this time of the season. Such complex FA legislature is way beyond me….I mean, I still remember when offside meant offside!!!

  3. I believe we can sign “Emergency Loans” until the end of March. It would seem that the definition of Emergency in this case is somewhat different to the usual use of the word!!

  4. The penalty he almost gave away against Carlisle was the final straw. He showed a complete lack of consideration for the rest of the team or the result. He was never exactly going to be a modern day Lee Chapman. Good riddance.

  5. Carlisle are going to make a fight of it but its getting more interesting now.I hope Mcleary gets a chance as a sub on monday.to show what he can do.He’s fired up which seems not to be true of agogo.Maybe he should stay away from his agent until the last game of the season and get back to his goalscoring ways.Come on you Reds!!Better late than never!!!!

  6. The emergency loan system was intended to help the smaller clubs who run short of players at this time of the season. Like Stoke, Norwich, Ipswich etc etc etc. Hmm…!

    Shame that the likes of Holt and Agogo seem to think that they’re bigger and better than Nottingham Forest. Especially Junior, as he was IMO our best hope of a last minute snatched winner in the play-off final against Leeds. As it is, unless he wakes up and realises that unless he starts performing for us again there aren’t many teams that’ll want him. I wrote after the Carlisle game that Holt was having a laugh and joke with their centre-half in the box with 5 mins to go, and that was my final straw wacko.

    Still, we are strong enough and talented enough to win the next 2 games….and then it certainly WILL get interesting!

  7. time will tell but 1 thing is for sure, players don’t come bad over night – Agogo, bench? Tyson? Injury prone, McCleary – untested, Holt – played out of position always. How would you like it if you were in those shoes? So for all those on Holts back that he’s gone, why don’t you turn onto Agogo who’s our top scorer this season & if he doesn’t score any more goals & gets sent out on loan will you lot be doing the same?

    All I do know is 2 game MUST = 6pts or else Play offs are beckoning again.

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