Manager will come under pressure at old club..

It will be interesting to see which bunch of supporters holds the most vitriol for Smoulderwood on his return to Sixfields on Friday.  Despite our – from the outside – lofty league placing, a dreadful recent run of form, and a never-particularly-convincing style of play has found the end of most Forest fans’ patience – self included.

Whenever I speak to fans of other clubs not so close to the goings on at the City Ground they look in disbelief as I comment that I’d not be sorry to see the back of him.  It doesn’t do our ‘fickle’ reputation any favours, but personally I don’t feel unjustified in feeling this way anymore having witnessed him spunk away the biggest transfer budget in the league yet fail to deliver on the pitch for his second season running.

His signings, I’d argue, have been very positive – both in terms of the positions he’s tried to fill, and the people he chose to fill them, but that’s strictly a summer enterprise for the manager – come the January transfer window and it appears he loses all sense of rhyme and reason – leaving it too late to add any needed firepower, as well as letting key players leave – and he’s done that twice now!

Certainly the gaffer needs to effect a dramatic turnaround in results to get the fans back on his side, starting with his old club in a few days, and delivering a practically unblemished run ’til the end of the season – that’s pretty much what it will take to deliver automatic promotion in the view of this fan, and anything other than that is not a successful season.

I’m going to have a few days unplanned offlineness so I’ll be quiet over the next few days due to a short-notice trip away – which will at least give me time to think about something other than Forest with no internet access to keep up to date with the rumours and what’s going on, sadly it also means I’ll miss the reserve game on Wednesday and the Evening With John Robertson and Larry Lloyd on Thursday.

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  1. Have a nice trip, chap. Be sure to keep one eye on Sky Sports News…just in case he sees the light and buggers off before Friday!

  2. …or the annoucement that hell has frozen over

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  4. radgie is a tosser

  5. The cobblers have their tails up after beating Swansea but if Calderwood gets his tactics right we have the quality to beat them on their own ground.

    Good luck to the reserves tonight. I watch the highlights of all their games on Forest world and we do look to have some excellent young players coming through.

    I thought it was odd timing to extend Breckinbauer’s contract by a year. However, he has served us well and despite not being in the team at present, he seems to have a great attitude and it is nice to hear a player say that he is honoured to play for a great club like Nottingham Forest!

  6. Good luck to the Reserves tonight .I hope you are all going to cheer them on and provide some atmosphere for hopefully witnessing Forests first and only trophy of the season.Pass on your comments to John and C.C.!!! I wish I could be there but 10 hours in a plane is too much!!Tell John to go with the 1st team to Northampton anyway.His presence alone could help!!!!!

  7. Here here here!! or should that be Hear hear hear!!! :P. Anyway, all the best to the reserves to wrap up the title 2day (na, they’ll probably sweat it out & go & thrash their opponents anyway – title or no title tonight!! -)) ) Partyyyyyyyyy!!!!

    If only CC could take some notes out of Pembertons book. 10 games CC 2 secure a PO place (I’ve played the predictor game & we’ll miss out on Auto by 2pnts because Doncaster win on the last day of the season as we do -(( ) I hope Leeds don’t get their points back as it means (if I predicted right), that Walsall will be our semi final opponents. Not good….

    As for Radgie, if u’re theory is correct then we’re all doomed…. :P. Otherwise, your a raving lunatic like all of us – lol!!!

    Life goes on….

  8. Radgie, had to read your comments twice! You’re obviously not a one-finger typer!

    Aylesbury, I can’t believe you actually wrote “if calderwood gets his tactics right”. You sound like you believe he might. Get a grip, man!
    As for me I’m changing my whole approach to the rest of the season…different shirt, jacket, turnstile, pre-match pint. Got to be worth a try!

  9. Partyyyyyy!!! Reserves 2-0 up against bottom club Oldham. Mission title accomplished. McClearly on 10 & Reid on 29 the scorers.

  10. 6 – 2

  11. Mattyboy – Good point! I was being overly optomistic because foolishly I am going to the Northampton game and I desperately want him to get it right so I don’t sit there depressed all evening!!!

    Interesting to see in the NEP today that Grolt is having talks with Blackpool with a view to a loan move. Could well be the final nail in CC’s coffin when he starts playing up front and scoring in the next league up!

  12. I bet those of you that went to the reserve match are glad you went now.Are we going to leave c.c. in northampton on saturday and have Pembo prepare the team for donny. What have we got to lose?? Come on Forest Please…My nerves can’t stand another playoffs.Any comments on Macleary and should he be in the squad on friday,,,,,

  13. Reserve goals were very impressive.

    McCleary is class. It’s plain to see he oozes confidence and his goal was sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!

    I truly belive in this lad’s talent. He’s got flair and pace, a rough diamond yes, good enough for this league…Yes. Good enough for 1st team, DEFINITELY (in my humble opinion).

    1st team needs him, I swear I’ll go insane if he doesnt get picked soon!!!

    C’mon you Reds vs Northampton!! I agree with all the negativity written on here that’s aimed at CC and frankly don’t have anything further to add. All I know is, I don’t give a fuck how we do it, but we HAVE to beat bloody Northampton, win the Play-Offs (as I think it’s our only chance) and get out this bullshit league and get some quality in.


  14. Donny lost 2 1 so COME ON FOREST !!!!!!

  15. Well played Forest.After the sending off players up front were allowed to continue to attack.Bring on McCleary instead of Agogo next time…Bring on Brighton !!!!!

  16. “Were allowed to continue”…. There must be something negative for CC even after a win! Can’t believe you guys!
    GO FOREST! Six points now behind Donny and with a game on hand.

  17. And by the way, do Cobblers fans miss Calderwood now, that he’s unbeaten in 4 games against them???

  18. Were allowed to continue the attacking formation was a pleasant surprise and relief based on cc s previous decisions .It was actually a compliment for c c that he made the right decision. Thanks for your coment Vassilis. It was a great win and I’m sure we are all relieved,and of course it puts pressure on carlisle with their manager already complaining about fixture congestion.Lets hope orient do us a favour tomorrow !!!!

  19. Out of curiosity, will Holt be missed? I know he’s not been playing well (mainly to being played out of position) but I think we’re gonna be short on strikers with Holt gone & Hoskins out injured (has he gone back to Watford?).

    I was talking with my cousin last night who thinks I’m wrong in writting us off already. I did 1 of those prediction tables (not the BBC’s) & had us missing out on the last day of the season by 2 points.

    It’s either Walsall or Southend in the play offs (depending on the outcome of Leeds & the leagues meeting).

    I’d love to take auto promotion, don’t get me wrong but reslisticly, we’re depending on other results. The league is so tight, anybody can make a charge but the teams who will have decent away records.

    2 more things, I hope Holt scores at Blackpool 2 show CC a thing or two & on the subject of CC – I’m stating it here as said to my cousin – I will not be backing the manager if he takes us up, he’d be gone by Christmas as I don’t see him as good enough to keep us above a relegation battle. With the squad he’s got, we should have walked this league a long time ago. Look at our reserves, unbeaten & sown the title with 5 gams to spare, our U-18’s a point behind Sunderland & even the Ladies team are top & also unbeaten (I think, definatly top).

    Now, we await Monday’s match and of course today’s as well. Happy Easter to all those celebrating it this weekend. Vasilis & Me aren’t because ours is later.

    Finaly, well done to the resrves (no surprises really). A young Forest side with only Lockwood as the senior member & 6 different scorers. Says a lot doesn’t it…. So much for CC’s policy on our youth players….

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