Manager will come under pressure at old club..

It will be interesting to see which bunch of supporters holds the most vitriol for Smoulderwood on his return to Sixfields on Friday.  Despite our – from the outside – lofty league placing, a dreadful recent run of form, and a never-particularly-convincing style of play has found the end of most Forest fans’ patience – self included.

Whenever I speak to fans of other clubs not so close to the goings on at the City Ground they look in disbelief as I comment that I’d not be sorry to see the back of him.  It doesn’t do our ‘fickle’ reputation any favours, but personally I don’t feel unjustified in feeling this way anymore having witnessed him spunk away the biggest transfer budget in the league yet fail to deliver on the pitch for his second season running.

His signings, I’d argue, have been very positive – both in terms of the positions he’s tried to fill, and the people he chose to fill them, but that’s strictly a summer enterprise for the manager – come the January transfer window and it appears he loses all sense of rhyme and reason – leaving it too late to add any needed firepower, as well as letting key players leave – and he’s done that twice now!

Certainly the gaffer needs to effect a dramatic turnaround in results to get the fans back on his side, starting with his old club in a few days, and delivering a practically unblemished run ’til the end of the season – that’s pretty much what it will take to deliver automatic promotion in the view of this fan, and anything other than that is not a successful season.

I’m going to have a few days unplanned offlineness so I’ll be quiet over the next few days due to a short-notice trip away – which will at least give me time to think about something other than Forest with no internet access to keep up to date with the rumours and what’s going on, sadly it also means I’ll miss the reserve game on Wednesday and the Evening With John Robertson and Larry Lloyd on Thursday.